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Messages From The Pleiadians & Christine Day For JuLY 2016

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    July 15, 2016 2:07 PM PDT

    The Pleaidian Emissaries of Light have been here to help mankind when called upon for untold ages, and there short message below is a powerful one, encouraging everyone to claim our Light & Divine Self through our Divine Creator's Breath. I highly encourage everyone to meditate with their two videos below through Christine Day. Enjoy these as well as the prose with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all, Steve.

    Message from the Pleiadians July 2016

    Thursday, July 14, 2016

    Beloved ones we greet you,

    We honor your path, we call you forward to take your place more and more completely now. Taking your place entails your willingness to let go and honor the moment you find your self within. There is nothing greater for you to do than this. Allow the love in, the love exists around you, and each one of you needs to open to receive that which is right in front of you.

    Beloved, you are that aspect of the consciousness of light that exists throughout the Universe. You are a sacred part of the whole and you are being asked to reach out with your conscious awareness and grasp the light aspect that is gathering around you at this time. Breathe in the light and own what is naturally yours. Take ownership of all that is a natural part of you. The sacred design that you are is anchored within your heart. Bring your awareness into your heart and breath the consciousness of light that is exists within you. Claim this moment in the light, let go and Be the light. Let go and be received by the light.

    Blessings, The Pleaidians


    Christine's Message July 2016

    Thursday, July 14, 2016

    This has been an exceptional time on our land in Grand Marais. There has been a lot of activity within the Portals and there seems to be an upswing in intensity and connection to the Stargate that is in our meadow. We’re close to filming our next Broadcast. As I open into the energy I can feel there will be a strong transmission coming from the Portals and the Stargate.

    I am very aware of my new active Blueprint that I received from Mother Mary in Banneux on June 3rd. It feels as though I am moving differently in the world. I am aware of drawing from this Blueprint, and I have never been aware of that process before. Mother Mary said that this Blueprint is to last over the next 8 years, and I am to return to Banneux in 2024. The gift of Mother Mary is lasting and pure, and what perfect timing to receive this Blueprint as I write the book. I am busy writing my third book, ‘The Pleiadian Promise’. It is being published in April, 2017.

    It is difficult to put into words the sacred power and beauty that is being revealed as I bring in the channeled material from the Pleiadians. Mother Mary and the Christ energy are alongside the Galactic community wit the Lemurians - all playing their roles as I work day by day. It is a great honor to be playing my role through the birthing of this book. The energies continue to be transforming, and I send each one of you love and honor your unfolding journeys. I do know we simply need to keep trusting and letting go. Observing our unfolding lives and giving thanks.

    Love, Christine

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    Prose, Poems, & Song To Uplift Your Heart & Mind
    Amber Dawn
    ????Just Can't Stop An Angel????

    I looked at my eyes in the mirror
    Looking close I saw you even clearer
    The love I found deep in your soul
    I just can't stop, it just grows

    I just can't stop knowing about you
    It's like a love that's brand new
    Now I just can't stop seeing
    In your eyes I see me

    I forgot that I always knew
    All of me is all of you
    You are the music that fills my heart
    Finding the truth made my life start

    I just can't stop thanking you
    You fill my heart with gratitude
    How can my heart have room to spare
    The love I found from you is there

    I can't stop, I'll tell everyone
    I forgot I always knew
    Now your truth I share
    You are an angel, and always there??


    Sariah Sistar July 13 at 5:12pm The heart of beauty
    That sees the truth
    Walks alone to the beat of One
    One of many that glide to a calling
    So deep and far it reaches beyond the stars
    To mix with the knowledge of a time to come
    A tune of vibration to carry through the wind
    A longing of deep gratitude for all that has been, is,
    and as yet to follow through
    Carrying the fine ambience of peace love unity for all
    Through the dark times of hibernation
    Through to the openings of light
    To serve as this very instrument
    To serve the troops that have gathered with the goodness in each heart space
    To dance with the fiddle of true residence
    Of peace love harmony and unity
    So they too will hear the tune and call of their own heart as it drums to guide home
    Home is not far away as many may think
    It lies awaiting your return
    Purity innocence oneness
    The search is over
    The players have no hands left to deal
    The game is over and love has reached the highest heights
    The unified vision of precise time as One
    We rise and take flight
    Your sister in divine love of light
    Sariah <3
    The heart of beauty

    Amber Dawn July 13 at 12:53pm ?????????? There You Are! ??????????
    ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????
    Can't you see what I see
    No matter what someone wants you to be
    Changing you is just someone else's need
    You do you so perfectly
    You're perfect just as you are
    If you sing off key
    You can still sing for me
    You do your best at everything
    If someone try's to pull you down
    It's just the only job they've found
    They need you to pay them your kindness
    Your heart can see through their blindness
    Can't you see who you truly are?
    What would the rest do without you here
    Many other angels would have to appear
    Your energy draws those needing love near
    I can't see this world without you today
    Only emptiness would be in your place
    The perfection you are, your loving grace
    Open your eyes, you have a busy day
    If someone ever dares hurt you
    Take this love I'm sending you
    I see perfection in all you do
    Look into your heart, I'm right next to you??


    Find your joy in the small things
    Find your joy in the small things by Daniele Muscetta
    We like it simple at the Sanctuary of Joy

    What do you really need to be happy?
    With all our sophistication, we forget that we need the little things in life the most.

    I enjoy enormously just being close to nature, following the birds flying in the sky, hearing the whisper of the trees, observing little bugs, flowers, the sun-rays. I feel connected to mother earth. I feel I am part of the amazing miracle of creation. I enjoy the silence – or rather the absence of noises from ‘civilization’: cars, radios with crappy music, negative news, commercials, etc…
    It also costs nothing.

    I don’t know what your favorite ‘little thing’, that makes you feel better and nourishes your heart, is: it could be baking cookies with your kids, or flying a kite, or taking a nap, or playing guitar…Either way, today is a perfect day to honor your feelings and do just what makes you be filled with joy. Not what others say you should do, but what you feel is best for your well-being.

    O America We Love You, sung by Celtic Women

    O, America you're calling,

    I can hear you calling me...
    You are calling me to be true to thee,
    True to thee... I will be.

    O, America you're weeping,
    Let me heal your wounded heart.
    I will keep you in my keeping,
    Till there be... a new start.

    And I will answer you, and I will take your hand,
    And lead you... to the sun...
    And I will stand by all that I can do,
    And we will be... as one.

    O, America I hear you,
    From your prairies to the sea,
    From your mountains grand, and all through this land,
    You are beautiful to me.

    O, America you're calling,
    I can hear you calling me...
    You are calling me to be true to thee,
    True to thee... I will be.

    And I will answer you, and I will take your hand,
    And lead you... to the sun...
    And I will stand by you... do all that I can do,
    And we will one.

    O, America you're calling...

    I will ever answer thee.

    Your thoughts create your emotional state of being. Breathe into your heart and change your thoughts through the frequency of love <3

    Linda Good McGillis's photo.

    ??????????Looking Now??????????
    Looking now through eyes I could not know
    Feeling love from within my heart grow
    The life I see was hidden away from me
    My mind controlled but now my eyes can see

    Looking now I see new story lines
    I didn't know the lies before this time
    I can see what truly goes on everywhere
    My mind now cleared the truth was always there

    Old time is gone the past cannot come back
    Already been there and that's enough of that
    Now I hear what is surrounding me
    Truth I know has finally set me free

    Would a child be safe if not for you and me
    Would I know how to protect without harming
    Would a child look up to all that I am
    Can I help a young child’s mind expand

    Wisdom found where none was ever heard
    Books it seems have tricks every other word
    Now I've found what I have always known
    Heaven on earth, I finally feel at home??


    Meditation By Cheaya & Steve Hutchinson
    Connect with your Divine Self & be centered in you
    Gently focus inwardly on all that you are... & on all positive qualities...
    See the expansion of positive thoughts becoming energy...
    becoming realised in the world within you as if one tree becomes a forest
    See that ..... sense & feel that...
    See the seeds of all aspects of your Divine Self flowing into the sacredness of every human being
    Like Stardust... light...floating... falling... expanding. ..
    Catching the breeze that gently floats it to every space far beyond your imaginings
    Touching hearts... touching consciousness. . .
    See yourself at the center... see the Divine Tree that you are in this magnificent forest
    Connected to your Inner Sun...and the inner Sun of the Earth...
    Expanding Light everywhere
    Forests of creation
    Seeds of light upon the ether and the earth
    Speak into the universe
    Send up into the ethers and down into the earth
    Hold that knowingness allow it to sing inside you
    Source empowered
    Source connected
    Source sourced
    Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,

    ????????Heart Centered????????
    GRATITUDE I can express
    For your love I thank you
    I'm grateful for all you do
    I'm happier because of you

    COMPASSION is in your heart
    You listen to what concerns me
    If I should cry, as my heart breaks
    Your shoulder given till I'm okay

    FORGIVENESS I should have for me
    And then for each one I see
    Each wrong can be made right
    I'll forgive you too, if you don't mind

    HUMILITY, you wear it well
    Special yes, but you'll never tell
    No ego ever comes through
    Some might brag, but never you

    COURAGE comes so easily
    You stand in strength next to me
    You never hide, you're always there
    Not just here but anywhere

    To practice these to one and all
    Can cause consciousness to grow
    I want that and I know you do to
    Share your love in all you do??