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I Am The Embodiment & Conscious Oneness With My Divine Self

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    July 22, 2016 1:01 AM PDT

    I Am The Embodiment & Conscious Oneness With My Divine Self By Natalie Glasson

    (Partial transcript of video By Steven Hutchinson):

    Archangel Metatron invites you to call upon him & become at one with his energy expression and consciousness as he pours his Love and Light into your being.

    Just follow your breathing...taking slow deep breaths as you breathe in this Divine Love & Light that is helping you now feel deep inner peace...that is helping you now connect in Oneness with AA Metatron & the angelic realm...and that is helping you now connect in Oneness with all that is the Creator.

    As we are now becoming accustomed to the new and higher vibration of the Earth and our beings, Archangel Metatron encourages us to further our process of oneness with ourselves, our Soul, and all that is the Creator.

    Archangel Metatron helps us open now to our Divine Plan for this new phase of ascension, assisting all in understanding how the angelic realm can be of service to ascension with its many beautiful levels. He wishes to share the purpose of ascension and how it differs from before, illuminating areas where greater focus is required.

    As Archangel Metatron shares about the new phase of ascension that we are on, he assists us in recalibrating our energies so that we are completely prepared to create, manifest and experience all that is necessary now in our realities to further our spiritual ascension. Alignment, attunement, connection - these are all areas that require our focus as we recalibrate with ourselves and our truth.

    It is Archangel Metatron's mission to energize and amplify our
    spiritual pathway and ascension process when called upon. Rejuvenating, restoring & developing your perspective, energies, alignment, sensitivity & awareness is essential at this time.

    AA Metatron also assists us in how to deal with the new energies. We are led in meditation to our sacred space inside us, the core & essence of our Being that is grounded in the heart of Gaia. From this Sacred Core of our Being, we allow ourselves to be energized & attuned more fully to our 3rd eye chakra & telepathic center to discover for ourselves what we require and need in this new phase to serve your further growth and expansion.

    The shift in energy vibration has made it necessary for
    many of us to alter the way in which we perceive ourselves and our realities, and let go of many of our beliefs & attachments. When called upon, Archangel Metatron will share with you consciousness, love and wisdom to serve your further illumination & to propel you forward upon your spiritual path.

    Archangel Metatron wishes you to know that you are connected now with each other & our Mother Earth (Gaia) more than ever before, and when called upon, will guide you in
    experiencing this more fully in each and every present moment of your reality.

    When you are in a deep state of peace & tranquility, place your middle finger on your 3rd eye chakra & affirm out loud, "I now understand myself fully on all levels of my Being. I am now ready to accept myself fully on all levels of my Being."

    Lower your hands now & focus now on your breath flowing in & out of your heart chakra. Feel the Divine Energy now expand now with your in-breath & flow up your spine to your 3rd eye chakra, and with your out-breath flow back to your heart chakra...continuing this for a few moments, for you are building a bridge of Love between your 3rd eye & heart chakra so you can come to see with clarity

    Now this time as you inhale through your heart chakra, direct the Divine Energy all the way up through your crown chakra to the Creator...& with your exhalation, feel the Divine Energy coming down from the Creator thru your crown to your heart. Practice this for a few moments, becoming conscious of your Divine Breath with your intimate connection with the Creator.

    Now direct your in-breath from your heart down thru your root chakra to the heart of Gaia, & your out-breath back from Gaia to your heart allowing yourself to become attuned with Gaia & your Divine connection to Gaia .

    Enjoy the rest of this meditation in the video with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light every time you meditate with it,

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