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The Promise of Ascension...And...

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    July 23, 2016 1:13 PM PDT
    The Promise of Ascension...And...Part 2 - Intentions for Ascension by Master Kuthumi Through Natalie Glasson
    Below are two enlightening articles on what ascension is and its promise...and in the second article you will find some great affirmations to help you with your ascension and ascension symptoms if you are experiencing any. Enjoy both with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to each of you, Steve
    The Promise of Ascension - Message from the Council of Radiant Light
    Channeled by Ailia Mira
    We Greet You in Love,
    Tremendous change is occurring in your lives and in the lives of others on your planet. We wish today to remind you of the promise of ascension. 
    First, we will begin by offering some soothing views to help you shift into a state of peace.
    We wish to acknowledge that we know many of you are struggling of late, and we continue to offer you encouragement and reassurance that all is well. We know that you may feel challenged and we wish to affirm that what you are experiencing is not a step backward. What is taking place now, and always is a furthering of your divine embodiment
    What you are experiencing in the world, and all that is taking place in the world, right now, is also, not a step backward. All around you is progress. The visible expression and transformation of energy. All around you are creations in which the true vast Oneness is infusing and organizing matter, refining and recreating.
    Ascension is ripe with promise and this promise is abundantly available within you. You can tap it, know it and live from it. 
    The challenges you are experiencing in your life, are expressions of the expansion you are summoning as the frequencies of what you are calling forth begins to alter your energy.
    As the expansion begins to energetically manifest as frequency, you must be brought into accord with that vaster version of you and this has to happen energetically. This expansion is not just an idea, or an intention, it is a recreation of your presence at in increasingly higher frequencies.
    The manifestation of your higher frequencies is palpable and creating very real change. 
    As you change, the changes may be integrated through an experience that feels rather joyous and graceful or the experience could feel more like a challenge. Neither are cause for concern and this is important to know. See if you can feel into the truth of that within you now. We know you can, and this is important - for it is reliable and it is a different way of relating to life than the past.
    Sometimes your frequency shifts can trigger worry, fear or even just discomfort. The reason for this is that the frequencies are creating real change and when you have existing energy structures that are limiting, distorted, etcetera then the higher frequencies create dramatic change to your state, and this is felt.
    This fundamental refining can also trigger fears and negative expectations. After all - for most humans in most times, change was feared. So then, you might then respond in fear, and when that happens you may find yourself overwhelmed. Perhaps even panicked over what was NOT supposed to happen to you.
    You may doubt yourself and wonder, "WHY is this happening when I am ascending?!"
    We want to reassure you that when you experience less graceful changes this is not a step backward. It is again, a furthering of your embodiment. You can experience more challenging shifts because higher frequency is shaking loose your attachment to what you thought your life would be and you've may have a transactional belief around what is shifting.  
    For example, when you believe you cannot survive or are not safe without certain aspects of your life staying the same, then when those aspects are being elevated, liberated, will find the transformation has more potential to feel overwhelming and difficult. 
    Changes and shifts can be lived from an awareness that is of the old paradigms of consciousness - through fear, worry, anxiety and a sense of disempowerment - or the shift can be an experienced as beneficial co-creation. You can choose to experience your own unfolding from higher knowing and intentionally co-create with all that you are. The later is an emerging experience, it is not habitual for everyone, nor in all situations. You can consciously choose to participate in a more evolved, elevated state of consciousness and this will alter your feelings, choices and actions as you experience transforming energies.
    As you live from your higher levels you stop trying to control the changes in your life. Instead, you might feel as if you are keenly aware of new rhythms. You might find that you sense and can tune to the changing dynamics of your own flow and know what's next and when to act and when to wait. You can be in knowing and live with more clarity. To relate to change like this is only possible, really, if you trust in your life and all that you are. You can only empower your higher frequencies if you orient to them as who you truly are, letting life here on earth flow and change, with your stability and knowing coming from within.
    We invite you to know that all that you are is in love with you and is energetically transforming your consciousness and opening up your life in ways that benefit you; this is the promise of ascension.
    With this kind of perspective as your view, you can relate to your own change as beneficial transformation. Living like this you empowers you to handle your life as challenges occur, and to be creative, confident and curious within changing experiences.
    When you choose to align with higher frequencies within you, you are choosing to step into what is opening up. You are allowing what is transforming, and recognizing it as arising from a higher frequency that is you, reshaping your energy and your view. You are grounded in the reliability of the eternalness of YOU and the Oneness that is. You are dancing in and through the openings trusting you will be blessed and be expanded in capacity and light.
    We affirm you and celebrate you!
    You are becoming more accustomed in your body to your own expanded frequencies and to co-creating with all that you are. The vastness you are is reshaping and opening up your life in a new way. You are informing your physical form with the being that you are in your vastness!
    The vastness you are works with your human energy system and your human energy system progresses in accord with all that you are and your consciousness can resist and fear this, or embrace and dance with this.
    You can live knowing all is well and all is moving into the awareness and expression of conscious Oneness.
    It may help to recognize that big changes may sometimes seem to unplug you from your guides and your felt connection with your vastness and the unseen world. When you are upgrading your energy and your potentials, your energetic interface is also changing. So if this happens, remember that this too is natural and temporary. Know that you are surrounded in love and with divine beings collaborating with you. and supporting you, even if for a time you cannot feel this is the same way. Realize you may then tune into these vast non-physical fields in new ways. Let yourself discover how it is to connect when your own frequency is rising. New experiences await you and this is part of the fun.
    You see beloved friends, we encourage you to choose to be at peace with what is occurring and to orient to your true identity which is eternal. 
    You get to choose.

    Why not choose to experience the decension and integration of your vaster light, through conscious participation and with a sense of empowerment?
    All that is occurring in your shifts will take you into new experiences because the changes are real and there are opportunities opening as your energy refines. This is natural.
    Once you emerge from each level of transformation, you will discover your consciousness is different. You will find that different ideas occur to you, and you make different choices in some parts of your life. These changes happen because the old patterns are not available anymore because your frequency is now different. Your access as consciousness is changed.
    What manifests in your experience when you participate from higher consciousness rather then choosing and acting out of fear, will be furthering your accelerated expansion and light, and this rising energy can give you feelings of elation and joy. 
    The promise of ascension is the expression of your vaster wholeness.You can confidently relate to changes in your life and the world - challenging or welcome -- orienting to the truth of your being and co-creating with a deep sense of knowing that what is taking place is auspicious.
    Ascension is assured.  The more you line up with all that you are, the more that becomes apparent to you.

    We are the Council of Radiant Light

    Part 2 Intentions for Ascension


    by Master KuthumiPart 2 Intentions for Ascension by Master Kuthumi

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson  22nd July 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

    A Golden Pathway to the Divine

    As understanding blossoms from your being with divine timing, and your contentment in easily sharing with others enhances, so vibrations and experiences of peace awaken from within your being. This energy of peace will impact numerous areas and aspects of your being, fueling your ascension process and golden pathway magnificently.

    Thus the result is the presence of change, transformation and evolution. Many souls are fearful or resist change and yet it is their greatest desire. It is important to allow the vibration of peace within you to enthuse and synthesis with the changes and transformations you experience.

    Such words as transformation are connected to spiritual insights and experiences. However, when experiencing your ascension pathway, it is within your physical body, physical reality, and earthly circumstances that you notice alternations, differences and shifts. It is often change at a physical level which is the most feared and resisted. It is not so much the transformations into your divine being but the unknown impact it will have upon your Earthly being and reality which causes concern and creates struggle.

    Simply recognise the natural and ever-present vibration of peace within your being and emanate it to any fears or resistance you hold concerning change. Let your fears unravel and dissolve until you discover yourself in a space of being at peace with the course of alteration whether it is known or unknown. If you find yourself stating upon connecting with my insights that you are perfectly comfortable with change of all forms, I Master Kuthumi, encourage you to think again and take time to explore. Often that which is our greatest resistance in our ascension process is also what we are blind to.

    ‘I am at peace with the course of alteration.’

    With your acceptance of change, you will experience contentment as your inner wisdom, guidance and intuition also transforms, changes and alters. It is natural for your understanding of yourself to transform, the quicker you vibrate, and the more expansive your consciousness and conscious awareness becomes, therefore the more expansive your self-exploration.

    This is why it is appropriate to follow the most recent inner guidance shared with you through your being or another. Even if you aligned and resonated with the insight it is your present connection with yourself and the insights born from your current vibration which are of most importance. By this I mean, if in the past you awakened a dream or desire for yourself upon the Earth which is aligned with and magnifies your spiritual pathway and has not manifested, check whether it is still relevant. This way you are not holding onto insights from the past that could be having a negative or blocking impact upon your current stage of ascension.

    It is also important to realise whether you use change as a source of distraction to lead your focus away from your spiritual pathway or not. With numerous changes developing from within your being it is essential to remain centered, accepting only what carries you forth in harmony, balance and alignment with your inner essence of truth. This may mean that greater contemplation and attunement to your insights will be needed to ensure your essence is centered within all you are, do and experience.

    ‘I allow my intuition to guide me rather than the changes manifesting in my reality.’

    Ascension is eternal, but the way in which you ascend changes and develops & constantly alters the reality you experience. Your purpose and intention at this time are to expand your understanding of ascension, offering a greater sense of security and foundation to your ascension pathway as well as deepening and refining your ascension experience upon the Earth. You may not feel as if you have been walking upon a precious and divine golden pathway, especially if at this moment you are searching for a direction to focus your spiritual intentions and desires to evolve. However, you have been walking a pathway which can only be described as golden since your very creation as a magnificent soul. Ascension is the label for your golden pathway with its transitions of understanding that you endeavor to explore.

    Everything on the Earth and within your being is experiencing advanced stages of energy, consciousness and perspective transitions. This means that everything within and around you is altering dramatically with each breath you inhale. Never before has your breathe been so valued. It has always fueled your physical body; now it is creating a stable nurturing for the essence of your truth. Inhale deeply and exhale with a firm intention within your mind that your breath is now assisting a profound cosmic awakening within you which has been long awaited and will reinstate your spiritual powers.

    Change has been long feared by many on the Earth, yet it is the core of the ascension process. There is a need to make peace with the course of alteration realising that you do not have to ride the waves of accelerating consciousness alone. You will always be guided from the physical realms of the Earth and the spiritual energetic realms of the inner planes.

    I inhale the Creator, I exhale the Creator; I am the Creator.

    A Golden Pathway to the Divine Part 2

    We have now entered into the energetic vibration of the Era of Love and the Earth’s embodiment of Venus energies; this in itself is a great achievement for humanity and all upon the inner planes. The focused, energetic quickening of many upon the Earth has caused ascension to accelerate in speed dramatically. It is your focus in past lifetimes and your current lifetime which has brought the current stage of ascension into fruition.

    Your soul has been waiting to bathe in love, so allow yourself to enjoy the love flowing into the Earth now from Venus and awakening from within your being. Let every moment remind you of the love of your being and enhance the presence of love within your being.

    Let love be your focus not because it will aid your ascension, because it is something your soul has longed to experience and rejoice in. Let yourself perceive your ascension process as a fun, enjoyable and pleasurable experience as in doing so you will observe gratitude radiating from your being, your energy vibration quickening, and your light quotient advancing.

    ‘I enjoy the presence of the Creator’s love within and around me.’

    Another intention which supports your ascension pathway is to be content in your experience of your solid material reality. Sometimes awakening and realisation of self as a spiritual being creates an experience of how slow, solid and material the Earthly reality can be.  Your experience of both the slower vibrations of the Earth and the quick light vibrations of the inner planes of your soul can cause you to reject the Earthly reality. The transition between one reality and the other can become confusing and too much to experience.

    It is your purpose to create a bridge of light between your physical reality and your spiritual being. This will launch a further transformation within aiding your ascension & create the merge which is necessary for ascension, the synthesis of the Earthly aspect with the highest vibrational essence of Self you are willing to recognise within you.

    Every moment of your existence as a human you are a spiritual creator...a connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body. Often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed. Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that moments of awakening repeat in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced and embodied throughout your entire being and life.

    When you recognise and visualise the bridge of light between your physical reality and spiritual being, and allow yourself to view both realities as one beyond separation - you create this as an experience. The experience is enhanced dramatically by your peace with and feeling of being truly content with your physical reality upon the Earth. Realise that everything is the perfection of the Creator, including your physical reality and spiritual ascension. Your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expressing, experiencing and manifesting the Creator.

    I experience feelings of contentment for my life, the reality I live is the perfection of the Creator.

    Whatever you choose as your intentions for your ascension and however you acknowledge your ascension, know that you are traveling upon a golden pathway as a golden being, blessed, loved and supported in every moment. Your ascension is a joyous journey of self and Creator exploration which will awaken fulfilment within you whatever your focus, intention or purpose. Your spiritual growth flows eternally. As you discover peace and love within your being, so you embody the abundant light of the Creator, perpetually raising your light vibration. It is your numerous experiences of exploration within, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe, create and steer your ascension process.

    ‘I embody the essence of my ascension now.’

    I, Master Kuthumi am present to support you in every stage of your ascension process. When your ascension pathway is unclear call upon me to bring forth clarity, understanding and deeper connection with the essence of truth within you.

    In eternal love,

    Master Kuthumi

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