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Anchoring the Love and Light of the Higher Dimensions

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    July 25, 2016 3:07 AM PDT







    In the first video below, Melanie Beckler and the angels lead us in a very short but extremely powerful meditation giving us the basics & experience of anchoring the Love & Light of higher dimensions....and in the second heart warming video, Blossom Goodchild let's different people express in their own way how they are a happy human...encouraging us to celebrate every day as 'A Happy Human!' 


    Enjoy both with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light that are divinely perfect for each person meditating or just watching these videos,







    Anchoring the Love and Light of the Higher Dimensions





    The time period we are currently living through offers an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth, ascension, and tuning into the higher dimensions of existence.

    For those who are ready, incredible love and light of the higher dimensions is now able to be tuned into, experienced, and anchored into reality.

    In this video you will learn a simple process to align with higher dimensional frequency which will ultimately help you to more fully align with your highest potential, your full soul light and your authentic soul purpose.

    In addition, there is incredible support from the angels in tuning into and anchoring higher vibrational frequencies... Just ask!
















    Blossom Goodchild. HAPPY HUMAN DAY!



    Blossom: I invited people to become part of this video to assist in uplifting the Vibration of the planet. I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 odd hours it took me to make!!!!!! ... yet learning all the time.Thank you so much to everyone who chose to take part. HAPPY HUMAN DAY.