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Our Time Is NOW! by Patricia Cota-Robles

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    August 11, 2016 1:11 AM PDT
    In the first article below, Patricia Cota-Robles comes through for us again with some powerfully uplifting affirmations as well as a great invocation that, when used, will help us all grow spiritually & contribute to the spiritual upliftment & healing of every human being...and as Patricia says, it is now time for us to be the Instruments of God we have been preparing to BE for literally lifetimes, and we already have within us everything we need to be God Victorious.
    And in the second article, Melanie Beckler gives us a beautiful short mediation with a simple technique to fill ourselves with Love & Light and extend it to every human being & throughout Gaia.
    Enjoy Both with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light Divinely Perfect for each of you,
    Our Time Is NOW! by Patricia Cota-Robles...And...How To Send Love & Light By Melanie Beckler
    Our Time Is NOW!
    by Patricia Cota-Robles   /> August 9, 2016

    We have completed the final stages of preparation and now it is time for us to BE the Instruments of God we have been preparing to BE for literally lifetimes. KNOW that we each have within us everything we need to be God Victorious for this essential facet of the unfolding Divine Plan which will occur during the 30th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 13-20, 2016. We will ALL be in our right and perfect place during those sacred days. Regardless of what you are experiencing in the outer world know that your I AM Presence is in command and has taken full dominion of this critical facet of your Divine Mission. Through your I AM Presence you have all of the skill, strength, courage, wisdom, ability and willingness that you will need to succeed during this monumental time. Listen to your Heart and pay attention to your inner guidance. The profound Truth of your Being is that THE LIGHT OF GOD IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS AND YOU ARE THAT LIGHT! Stay centered and know ALL IS WELL.

    Affirm from the deepest recesses of your Heart Flame:


     I AM An Instrument of God

    I AM the Light of the World.
    I AM the Open Door that no one can shut.
    I AM ready, willing and able to God Victoriously accomplish my part of this Divine Plan regardless of any adversity that may be manifesting in my life or in the outer world.
     I AM weaving my gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, courage, compassion and Love into the tapestry of the Divine Plan that is unfolding through the opening of the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection in Alaska,August 13-20, 2016.
     I AM responding to my Heart’s Call.  I AM God in Action.

     I AM Consecrating my thoughts, words, feelings and actions to be the greatest force of Light and assistance I can be at this time on Planet Earth.
    I AM making a positive difference every day in the lives of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Beloved Mother Earth.
    Through the focus of my attention, I AM expressing the
    following Divine Truths daily and hourly:
     I AM One with ALL Life.
     I AM Divine Love.
    I AM Infinite Abundance.
     I AM the Harmony of my true Being.
    I AM Vibrantly Healthy and Eternally Youthful.
    I AM a Peace Commanding Presence.
     The actions I take everyday are improving my family, my job, my community, my city, my country and the World.
    I have a Healing Touch.
    I AM able to commune with the Angelic Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom.
    I AM Transfiguring this planet into the Infinite Perfection of the New Earth.
    And so it is, Beloved I AM.

    It is not by chance that the Olympic Games will be taking place during the opening of the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection. The Olympic Games have always provided Lightworkers with a powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the World. That is due to the fact that during this global event between five and six billion people, at one time or another, turn their attention to the games. Humanity’s unified focus of attention creates a Collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Company of Heaven and every person’s I AM Presence can empower the Divine Intent of the Olympics and expand the Light of God through every other Activity of Light taking place during that time.
    The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games is for the Family of Humanity to set aside our differences and to come together in Peace as we attain our highest level of excellence. This is true regardless of what chaos is manifesting in the outer world or what negativity is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light. All we have to do is purify that energy and command it into the Light. Here is an Invocation that will help you accomplish just that.


    In the name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, within me and within the hearts of ALL Humanity, I invoke the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to be with me throughout this sacred and holy time
     Beloved Ones, come forth NOW!  (pause)
    I AM One with ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light. Through my sincere Heart Call, they have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence raise and sustain every man, woman and child on Earth in Divine Consciousness. Through this elevated level of Consciousness—Transfiguring Divine Love, the Oneness of ALL Life and Reverence for every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation—are becoming the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.
    Beloved Legions of Light, I ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity during the Olympic Games and throughout the month of August in 2016. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.
    Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every electron of precious Life energy released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth will be used to open to full breadth the Portal of God’s First CAUSE of Perfection in Alaska. Once that is accomplished, the NEW and previously unknown patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God will flow into the mental and emotional strata of Earth and filter into the conscious minds and open hearts of those who are Awake and who are willing to bring those patterns into tangible manifestation for the highest good of all concerned.
    I accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now. I also accept that through Humanity’s I AM Presence this Activity of Light is being permanently sustained and increased daily and hourly the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow, with every breath I take.

    And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

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    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717


    This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.
    ©2016 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.


    How to Send Love and Light

    By Melanie Beckler

    Let’s send some love and light out into the world! Are you ready?

    Sending love and light is a powerful light-worker technique that you can do at any time. You can do this to surround a loved one who is feeling challenged, you can send love and light to areas in the world that are experiencing hardship, or to surround people like politicians or leaders in the world who may be needing a little nudge towards the light and a vibration increase.

    You can also surround yourself with love and light, which is actually a foundational piece in sending it.

    Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

    To send love and light, you first need to fill yourself with love and light.

    To do this now, consciously focus on your breathing as you relax and focus within.

    Focus in the area that is the center of your chest, your heart chakra area, imagining your heart beginning to glow with light of the Divine, and then, just place the intention:

    “I now ask that my guides, angels, and the Divine, please surround me with love and light, please fill me with love and light.”

    As you set this intention, imagine light glowing brilliantly all around you, filling your heart, filling your entire spinal column, and activating all of your chakras together as one glowing white light.

    As light flows within and around you, let yourself vibrate higher, let your light shine brighter, with incredible light, bringing all of your awareness and energy into this moment.

    Let yourself be filly present in the moment, not thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. Not focused on someone else energy or anywhere else in the world. Right now, just focus on your breath, on your breathing, on vibrating higher and filling yourself up with light.

    It may help to imagine you’re standing in a waterfall of light, an orb of light, or that light steams are flowing in all around you… However you do this is fine.

    Breathe in the light. Fill up with light. Let your light shine.

    Now, focus on a person or on a geographical location you would like to send love and light to.

    Imagine this place or person completely surrounded with angels and with light.

    Imagine light in beams, flowing into their present point in time, dispersing darkness and negativity and illuminating them on every level with light of the Divine.

    Ask your angels and guides, “Angels, thank you for surrounding “this person, or location” with light and with love.”

    Continue visualizing light glowing all around them, totally illuminating their mind, body, and spirit.

    And now that you’re completely filled and illuminated with light as well, you can also imagine light flowing out from your hands and from your heart.

    Because again, you’re filled with light, so now you can flow it onward.

    And so, as you breathe in, feel light flowing in through your crown and along your spinal column.

    You’re vibrantly shining with light.

    Now when you exhale, send the light out through your hands, through your heart, and with your intention, “For the highest and greatest good, according to divine will, I send you immense love and light in the way that will most serve, guided by angels, according to Divine will, for the highest and greatest good. And so, it is…”

    Simple right?

    If you followed along you just successfully sent love and light! If you just read… Go back and try this now!

    This is powerful light work. Thank you for your willingness to fill yourself up with light, to create a powerful ripple of love and light around you by bringing it into your life.

    And thank you for your willingness to send love and light to those you care about, and to all who are in need of it… It makes a huge difference, one person, and one moment at a time.

    Sending you light and love now,

    Melanie Beckler

    Open Your Heart

    Open Your Heart!
    Your heart is the sacred portal allowing you to access the higher realms.

    And in this or any moment, you're able to tune directly into Source, Divine Love, and Light by simply shifting your awareness within.
    Take a deep breath, focus within, and focus all of your awareness on the area of your heart chakra in the center of your chest.
    Let light, love, and your Divine Presence fill this space.
    As you do, it is as if you are being surrounded by a hug of peace, and a hug of calm, quiet stillness.
    This energy in and of itself will heal and will realign you with your purpose. This is the space by which you are able to receive direct guidance from the Divine. This is where the full power of Love becomes available to you.
    Open and enter into this sacred portal of love.
    Love is here, love is All.
    You are One with everything.
    Remember this, and know that opening your heart activates your authentic self, the you that is physical but is also connected to and remembers your connection to All That Is.
    Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,