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    August 18, 2016 2:17 AM PDT

    TRANSCENDENCE - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

    Today I’m reveling in the Love and Peace that comes with meditation, leaving behind the heaviness of the physical and blending with my friends in the Spirit realms.

    It is very limiting to be in a physical body, this we know and we have felt the restrictions that this places on your spirit. We are able to tune into the frequencies that you desire more easily if you lift your vibrations above the din of Earth and go into the stillness within your heart. There are many that do not find this an easy task and yet we say to you . . . that stillness is available to each and every one of you.

    It is just a matter of concentration! We regulate the rhythm of your heart to correspond with the heart of the universe and beg you to listen as we unite as one. We open up a pathway that has been ridden by many of your ancestors and we fulfill a prophecy, opening up the boundaries that hold you back from reinstatement in our grand new world. We bathe in the omnipresence of the Great Divine, fulfilling our mission on Earth as was promised in a distant past. We know you will bear with us as we march on, raising the banner and cheering with all our might; we have fulfilled our destiny to walk tall and to protect our brothers and sisters who walk with us.

    We are open to suggestions on how we shall complete this mammoth task and we know you and many others will raise your voices to be counted and heard above the rabble . . . the hustle and bustle of your earthly lives. We dispel certain notions of doom and gloom for this is not our way.

    We walk a pathway of hope, of a golden sunset where all will come to fruition. We pick up the pieces left behind by others of your persuasion, setting to right the wrongs of the past, enabling all to achieve that perfect harmony and bliss of the dearly departed. We speak from the heart and know you will do justice to our words for we have come many times before to assist you in these proceedings.

    We march on to that horizon where all is waiting and we give thanks for the small discoveries we make each day that add fuel to the fire, to the flames of redemption. We are known for our encouragement and our sense of purpose, directing you to sunnier climes and this has been our main purpose, to set you straight upon the pathway.

    We have outgrown those nuisances that held sway in the past and we relieve you of undue stresses and strains, embarking on a new course. We administer a new potion of strength and success, opening up the doorway that leads you to Heaven and all you have ever wished for.

    We propel you to a stable courtyard where the horse is ready and waiting for your signal! Our back is broad and our saddle ready, you have only to lift yourself into the seat and take the reins, once this is done the world is your oyster and there will be no stopping you! We have fiercely protected our independence and we raise now the portcullis for you to take those first few steps out into the wider world!

    That’s a lot to take on board at the moment!

    May the pathway you walk be one of strength and courage and may all your truths come to pass with special precedence and dispensation!

    We give thanks to the Great Divine and for all those that have walked before us. We sleep well and remain in your hearts forever young.

    The transmissions continue and I look forward to passing these on to those who continue on this pathway of Light. Thank you for reading these words and sharing my journey. If you have enjoyed reading this book please pass it on to others so they too may share. May your own journeys be blessed as you access that golden portal within your heart, seeking those inner worlds where you will find the most exquisite Love and Peace beyond all earthly measure.

    I have repeated the ‘Healing Meditation’ again at the end for easy reference.



    Walking around my sanctuary I called out to the four directions then to Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth, cleansing with the burning of white sage.

    Great Spirit, I ask for your Love and protection for myself and for this little sanctuary and for all who enter in. May we receive loving guidance from the Great Divine the universal source of all that is, in whatever way is right for us at this time.

    Spirit of the East where the Sun rises - gateway to the sun and the element fire – we ask that you ENLIGHTEN US.

    Spirit of the South where the Sun is at its strongest - gateway to our feelings and emotions and the element water – we ask that you EMPOWER US.

    Spirit of the West where the Sun sets - gateway to the physical and the element earth – we ask that you TRANSFORM US.

    Spirit of the North, where the Sun rests - gateway to the mind and the element air – we ask that you INFORM US.

    Grandfather Sky - masculine forces behind all that is – we ask that you EMPOWER US.

    Grandmother Earth - feminine forces behind all that is – we ask that you NURTURE US.

    Visualise a shimmering ball of Golden Light coming down from above your crown chakra and flooding your very being, cleansing you of all negativity and re-energizing you. Visualise this ‘Golden Light’ literally pouring into your skull, brain and spinal cord - into your blood and bones, into your muscles and organs and every cell of your being, visualising a cleansing and healing process taking place, creating peace and harmony.

    See golden roots growing from your feet and send them deep down into Mother Earth. Push your roots down through the soil and into the layers of rock, down through the pools and lakes and water falls beneath Earth’s crust, down into the crystalline caves.

    Push those roots further and further down into the deepest recesses of Earth, sending Love to other life forms that we do not see and who may feel forgotten! Now reach out those roots all around the globe connecting with other ‘Light’ workers, feel that connection growing in other towns and cities all around the world . . . see that pattern of Love growing stronger.

    (Spend some time in the network of tunnels if you so wish and explore, this too can lead into many wonderful journeys).

    When you are happy, bring your attention back to your roots, bringing them up to your feet and continue with the golden energy climbing up through the trunk of your body as if it were a tree - the tree of life! Bring the golden energy back up through your chakras, flooding each one and creating a rainbow of light.

    Visualise your branches reaching out to the cosmos, reaching out to connect with those Star beings who work to help mankind. As you look down upon the beautiful sphere that is planet Earth, visualise a Golden canopy of Light enveloping her and very gradually see that canopy melting into fine droplets of liquid energy, falling through Earth’s atmosphere.

    See that magic potion of Love falling down through the heavens and into the oceans . . . into the mountain streams . . . into the lakes, rivers and ponds – into every drop of water upon this planet, purifying and healing the waters. See those golden droplets falling onto the land, healing the soil in which our food grows - see a healing taking place in everything that grows, and for the myriad different life forms that inhabit Earth.

    See also that Golden Light entering the hearts of all mankind that they may Love one another and be at peace with their brethren from all walks of life and from all around the world. When you are ready, bring that energy back down once more flooding through your crown chakra and back into your heart.

    Take time to sit within this sacred space and feel the connectedness and bliss within your heart, and if you then want to sit for communication with guides and inspirers, invite those from the Light to join you. Open your heart wide - take in the Love and the healing you so richly deserve. Go within and listen to that still small voice that echoes in your mind - listen and take note.

    When you are ready to come back, feel your feet upon the earth and open your eyes. Give thanks for your communications and breathe in deeply, bringing your cloak of Light around you. Drinking a glass of water too will help you to come fully back into your normal awareness of the world about you.

    I wish you all many happy and safe journeys! Please share this meditation with others to bring about a healing for Mother Earth and all life forms on her.

    Extract from My book, "We Come as One Voice" By Eileen Zizecli Coleman


    Narayana and Divine Grace – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Jesus – Mother Mary

    In deep gratitude to Peter Melchizedek who channelled the following material for the best use for humanity.


    Beloved Children of God, It is a delight to see such a transforming and enlightening amplification of Heart Energy and with this I Am encouraged to follow Beloved Maha Chohan and His Address further bringing Light Attention to the more expansive Nature of His Original Ideas for Radiating Centres around the world. I know that Beloved Mother Mary also wishes to speak with you today and so I will offer just a short Discourse on the preparations necessary for the potential Disciples of the New Radiation Centres.

    “I come to bring to you My Consciousness of Victorious Accomplishment; one which offers each of the potential to copy and emulate. That which I have done and which I manifested through a flesh form similar to the one you presently wear, was not miraculous! It was something which is similarly Ordained for every life stream upon this planet. My endeavour to bring that manifestation of Christ fulfilment before the eyes of men and women, was merely to provide an example by which every man, woman and child might be stirred to make effort toward a like achievement.

    “There lays before each of you the opportunity in developing your flesh body into a God Man or God Woman, made in the image and likeness of the Father Who, in the first place, Created Me just like you. For Every Divine Creation, whether it be Angel, Deva, Seraphim, or human being, there is a Divine Pattern of Perfection for that Creation. You Dear Souls hold that Pattern within you, yet it has over time, a great deal of time, not been allowed to develop due to exhaustible amounts of imbalances and discord. Yet that Divine Pattern is held in place for you by Your I Am Presence, fashioned out of Living Light and within its Heart Centre is placed the Immortal Three Fold Flame of Life. Within that Flame is Intelligence and Consciousness.

    “Through the Mercy and Benevolence of Almighty God, you have had meditation and intervention with the Divine Beings from the Realms of Light throughout this embodiment as well as other embodiments which have gone before you. The Purpose of all your embodiments ultimately is to learn how to control Prime Source Energy which is loaned to you by God from within a human physical embodiment, so as to Qualify it and to send it forth through all of your lower vehicles and then to utilize it and Project God Energy with the constructive Qualities required through the Authority of Myself and Your Own I Am Presence to bring Perfection where imperfection has been! This is the purpose of the New Radiation Centres, to Master these Radiations of Perfection so as to Transmit the Qualities of each of the Virtues and Rays of Those Who shall Over Light these Centres. I told My Disciples 2,000 years ago, as I tell you now, ‘whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, it shall be done unto you.’ Take note Dear Ones, and remember this, while you travel with all your endeavours with the creation of the New Radiation Centres.

    “The Beloved Maha Chohan spoke of Healing Centres as part of this New Venture and how the Beloved Ladies of The Mother’s Divine Love are awaiting every opportunity to Serve in accordance to the Spiritual Laws of Healing, and so I wish to touch very briefly now upon this Healing aspect that specifically aligns to the Elementals and the Electrons They Form. The Causal Body may be likened unto an enlarged Electron. Many of those Electrons, swinging around a central core, form one Atom. Between each Electron there is a great distance, relatively speaking. As the Electrons swing within their Atom, they are either expanding their Light (image depicting this on the left)or they are closed in by an encasement of discord and substance of the astral and psychic Realm (as could be depicted in the right side image), which is like forcing pie shaped wedges between these Points of Light. Now, when your thoughts, your feelings and your etheric memories dwell upon imperfection, you slow down the vibratory action of your Electrons and then the substance of the psychic and astral Realm closes in around them, lowering the entire vibration of your four lower bodies. In this way you become an easy prey to depression, poverty, ill health, to any number of the various negative aspects which mankind at large, mirror and out picture today.

    “In order to quicken the vibratory action of your inner bodies, you must use that Immortal Three Fold Flame within your Heart and you must make Conscious Effort to accelerate the Rate of the Electrons as they move around the Centre of the Atom. This is done through your decree work, through your songs, visualizations and applications, individually or in groups. It is done, also, by a constant vigilance over the type of feelings you allow to rest in your emotional world and the type of thoughts you dwell upon. This vigilance is necessary All Through The Day, not only during the hours while you are in meditation, classes or workshops, at which time you are directed primarily by someone in charge, whose endeavours keep your attention above the consciousness of the mass mind. So the New Radiation Centres will require one’s own effort to maintain such levels of Attainment and no reliance on others, will prove very successful. To start perhaps, but there must come a time very quickly where this shall be one of the Principle requirements of a successful Radiation and Healing Centre.

    “Your physical body is interpenetrated by your etheric body. These are enfolded by your mental body and your emotional body. All of these are made up of Atoms. Those Atoms are composed of a series of Electrons in constant motion, spinning around its tiny centripetal Heart. Now, the quality of the Atoms of every one of your bodies is constantly subject to change, to Purification and Etherealization, or to becoming more unpleasant and heavy to acknowledge as beauty. That is why individuals are sometimes very beautiful when they are young, around eighteen years of age. Their faces then are clear and unlined, their bodies are alive and buoyant, but after they have passed through the discordant experiences of some twenty to forty years, you find that the vital flesh Atoms have been lowered in vibration making the flesh form, less beautiful.

    “Your emotional body is made up of millions of tiny Electrons in constant movement. These form the Atoms. If that motion of the Electrons is in accord with the Rhythm of your God Flame and is in accord with the Constructive Radiation of A Master and His or Her Etheric Temple, that is fine! Then your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings Projected at you, as well as all the discordant energy which you contact. You are then the Master in Control of All Energy wherever you are! In other words, your feelings ride upon the ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit, which requires no effort to sustain itself in that buoyant, Joyful and Happy State. However, if the vibrations of the emotional bodies are allowed to submerge within the lower thought forms, that body beneath the buoyant poised Happiness and Joy of the Master, the form of the Atom changes and you then have a and uncontrolled vehicle, which is part of the mass psychic and astral realm of mankind. In order to Refine and Purify such an emotional body, the aspirant has to keep using the Violet Fire of St Germain through it consistently!

    “Beloved Ones, you wear now consecrated garments of flesh, made up of trillions of Electrons, each and Every One of which has Known at one time with such Perfection in the Inner Realms as the outer mind cannot conceive. These Electrons are but awaiting opportunity to be Invoked to give forth more of Their Light, Speeding up the rapidity of Their Revolutions, as They make up each Atom toward your Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration just as I did! When those Atoms and Electrons are so accelerated They should remain in that State.

    “The Transfigurationof the physical form follows a scientific Law. It merely requires the surrender of the destructive use of one’s free will to the Immortal Three Fold Flame of God within the Heart Core of Your Being. At your Conscious Call, this Flame, These Electrons, Intelligent and All Powerful, will expand Its Light through the four lower bodies and, as the impurities of discord, which have been imposed upon the Electrons, are sublimated by the use of the Violet Fire, the Pure White Light of the Electron is then allowed to Blaze Its Light without impediment or restriction, then meeting the Blazing Light so released from Every Other Electron, the Inner and physical bodies just naturally Radiate Light which at the most appropriate time, with or without warning will explode Its Radiation to fully Ignite the Physical Body with your Ascension Light Body, just as I did!

    “Here is a small example of an Invocation to assist this process. You may like to adapt or Create your own as it suits you. I shall now step back and allow Beloved Mother Mary to offer Her Beauty and Divine Knowledge with you. I Am Your Eternal Brother, Christ Jesus, sitting with you there, upon the Altar of Your Heart, And So It Is!

    “In The Name Of The Almighty Presence Of God I Am That I Am, And Through The Full Power Of The Three Fold Flame Pulsating In My Eternal Heart, In The Name Of The Beloved Maha Chohan, Lord Jesus Christ, And The Divine Marys, I Command Through The Great Central Sun, That What I Say Now Is Heard Directly In The Heart Of The God Intelligence or Divine Consciousness, Within Every Electron Of Precious Life Energy Existing In My 4 Lower Bodies, The Bodies Of Humanity And The Bodies Of Beloved Earth.

    “Blessed Electrons Of The Sacred White Fire Electronic Light Of God, Through The Power Of God I Am, I Command That The Flame Of Purity In The Central Core Of Your Being Now Expand, Expand And Expand Continuously, Speeding Up The Revolutions of Your Divine Radiance And Permanently Through The Accelerated Light That Is Pouring Into Me, You, All Of Humanity And The Earth, By This, My Love For You!

    “Through The Power Of God I Am, I Direct This Crystalline White Flame Of Purity Of God’s Realms And The Violet Fire And Flames Of Beloved St Germain Directly From The Heart Of Our Creator’s Love, Light And Life. Blaze Away And Dissolve And Remove Any Shadow Energies Of Discord And That Are Not Of Divine Love That Are Cloaking These Electrons Within My Physical, Etheric, Mental And Emotional Bodies, Those Of Humanity And Mother Earth. I Command That These Shadows Be Removed In This Eternal Now Of The Christ Consciousness.

    “Intensify This Activity Of The Sacred Flame Of Purity, Etherealize These Shadows And Return Them Back To The Solar Sun Of Helios And Vesta Where They Will Be Re-Polarized Back To God’s Eternal Love Substance. Transmute Every Rate Of Vibration That Is Causing Any Form Of Discord, Pain, Limitation Or Thought, Word Or Action That Is Not Of God’s Eternal Love.

    “I Accept That This Activity Of Light Is God Victoriously Accomplished In This Sacred And Holy Now Instant. And Will Be Intensified, Moment By Moment, To The Maximum That Cosmic Law Will Allow Until My 4 Lower Bodies, The Bodies Of Humanity And Mother Earth Are Returned Back To Their Divine God Radiance Of The Sacred White Fire Electronic Light. In God’s Holy Grace, It Is Done! Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am.”

    Jesus steps aside and Beloved Mother Mary stands to deliver Her Address.

    “And So It Is! I Am Mother Mary and I come to Speak with you all as part of the enfoldment that has taken on a new air of direction and specification. The Elemental Grace Alliance is proving to be an authentic contribution to this new cause of bringing together like minded unascended groups of aspirants that will utilize their intentions to unify that which is now available, yet in another form of expression.

    “Part of My extended interests is that of the New Children and from what is being placed upon this Table of Light now by Beloved Maha Chohan, I would like to add yet another offering that can and potentially will proffer the New Cosmic Children to arrive on Earth. These Radiation Centres, having been Purify and Balanced, could be used to allow these Dear and Blessed Ones to arrive safely in the arms of those who have both the knowledge and the control to Master their Energies as Jesus spoke of earlier. If the locations are large enough and offer the facilities to House such Blessings for Mother Earth, then I would most definitely Advocate and Sponsor My Support on a ‘much’ Grander Scale, together with these Magnificent and tangible potentials of such Radiation Centres. I Am sure that here lies another avenue for opportunities that could warrant some specific Grants of Dispensations from the Karmic Board of Directors, dependant of those who may offer Their Services, both within the Ascended and unascended Realms and the Purity and Pristine Natures of the locations to be acquired and developed. This then could possibly provide an even wider scope for the use of such Radiation Centres.

    “I Am Feeling a Loving Radiation pouring forth from Those Present, as Their approvals to consider these options further, should these Centres actually begin to manifest by you on the ground. Each Radiation Centre could become such an atmosphere of Comforting Essence, that the Radiation of Grace, Purity and Impersonal Divine Love would carry and emanate through every life stream, while at the same time transmuting any discord or impurities of the Sacred Fire of each Temple. Beloved Ones, I wish to use this Dais, especially now that I have shared My Feelings about these new opportunities coming to Light, to further speak of The Electrons. These Dear Ones that are the Creation by conscious application of the Spirit of Grace, Kindness, Tolerance and Understanding by which True World Brother and Sisterhood are expressed. This Spirit of Grace is a Love Substance! It is a Radiation and a Pressure of Energy! Just as the pressures of discord, the spools of anger and those various incompatible qualities enter into the world of another life stream and can cause all matters of distress, so can these Pressures of a Controlled and Constructive Radiation, bring Peace and Healing.

    “The Mastery of Your Own Energies becomes the Path for Your Own Individual Ascension. The Magnetic Centre within the Heart, drawing the Electrons from the I Am Presence, creates a foci of Energy enabling the individual to have thoughts, feelings, etheric memories and physical acts. You are dealing primarily with Source Energy. In fact, you are already ‘Energy Centres, Vibratory Centres’ naturally as part of your God Self already, sending out into the Universe that which is a Blessing to Life or that which adds to the distress of the world.

    “This is why the New Radiation Centres could be an incredible success; because you are already those Centres for Radiating the Love Substance of God. All that will be required of you is to manifest direct Control of such Radiations. You chose, as did every man and woman who is upon the planet today, to use life to experiment with Energy. You chose to learn through trial and error what Energy could do. Now there is even more opportunities to experiment with it, but, now are such atmospheres that will be under the direct Management and Administration of the Masters Etheric Temples.

    “Is this not what you have asked for Peter within your Proposals; to have more direct contact with the Ascended Realms. Here is the opportunity that you have sort to be Granted you. And so, here is the returning circle of that Energy which carries the stamp of Your Own Life Stream, the Electronic Pattern which will bring you either Blessings or distress in the experiences of the world, according to the manifestation of feelings with which those who wish to become manifesting Disciples, Qualify it when you consciously Radiate it forth into Love In Action. This is a wonderful example of this overall process here within the Elemental Grace Alliance!

    “Beloved Ones, We hold out Our Hearts and Our Hands to each of you reading this and now, in My Capacity as a Member of the Karmic Board of Directors, say unto you, We The Administration of this System of Worlds, Desire for some Disciples of the human race to understand just this Simple Principle, ‘That Energy Does Not Act, Except Under The Direction Of Some Self Conscious Intelligence’. If you are going to let the bodies which were fashioned for you by the Great Builders of Form, Direct Your Life, you will have to handle the return of the indiscriminate qualification of the Energies which the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies have catapulted forth into the Universal; in other words to bring it all back into Balance. To do this, You Should Give The Dignity, Authority And Power Of Directing That Energy Back Into The Glorious Three Fold Flame Of God Within Your Heart. Your vehicles were fashioned, Blessed Hearts of Light, as instruments through which you might create as the Godhead Himself Creates, through which you might pour forth into the mental, emotional, etheric and physical Realms, the Perfection of Your Own I Am Presence. These bodies were not created to be independent, indulgent, rebellious, gluttonous vehicles which steal the energy of the God Head and send it forth to distress life!

    “It is the Immortal Three Fold Flame of God which lives within Your Heart. Therein is enthroned Your Divinity, Your Sovereignty, Your Authenticity and Honour, Your Beauty and Your I Am Presence, lifetime after lifetime, patiently choosing to inhabit and sustain your form, hoping for the opportunity of fulfilling itself through the vehicles which the Angel Host, Devas and Elementals, Electrons and Atoms, all hold in Divine Form and Electronic Light Patterns by the very Magnetic Power of Divine Love that keeps your Human Biology from dissolution.

    “When you find that Centrewithin Your Heart, when you enter deep within that Immortal Flame and you can accept the Mastery which is there, then in Majesty, Humility and Honour you can put your house or body in order. Do you know, that you all in varying degrees, are afraid of your own bodies? You are afraid of what you will do under stress and strain, of how your thoughts and feelings will act and of how the etheric memories will surge forth? We tell you this for it is so! Until you have overcome this fear, you are not fully Master in your own home! Can you not give to this Three Fold Flame, this I Am Presence within you, the confidence to control the servants of your household?

    “Can you not release yourself from the tensions which are so evident in your actions or indeed non actions, and allow the Lord of Life, Your Holy Spirit to assume the Mastery of Your Vehicles? Holding your mind up to Your Own I Am Presence, use it to receive Its Divine Ideas, use your emotional body to Radiate forth whatever Constructive Quality is required in your homes or Life Streams, at any given moment, in your group activities, in your nation or in the world. Think seriously then about these Radiating Centres, for here lies a solution and resolution that will most definitely strike Love into the hearts and minds of the fearful!

    “The emotional body was created primarily in a very pliable and elastic form so that it could be expanded until it becomes Planetary in size, if it is a goodconductorof that which mankind needs. All of the world, Beloved Ones, is your schoolroom. There will not be a day pass in which you will not meet energy from the consciousness of individuals who have no idea of Mastery and Control, which will either change your energy into a like turmoil or which you will Sublimate and Transmute, not by will, but by Divine Love!

    “When you are dealing with individuals who require instruction on the Law, when you are dealing with people in pain and distress, in fear or in anger, the very first thing you must have is some capacity is to draw upon the Virtue of Grace and extract from your Causal Body God Qualified Energies which fill the atmosphere of the room and are the Master Control, before you attempt Your Service. When you come to the Service of handling great numbers and who knows, in the days and years ahead, how many life streams may be saved or otherwise, according to the development of this particular activity within you, are you going to be able to connect your emotional world with Mine, your mental world with Lord Maitreya, your physical bodies with Lord Michael? Are you going to be able to Plant your feet firmly upon the rocking surface of the Earth or the rushing tides of the sea as Jesus did, commanding and securing Peace? Are you going to be a Comforting Flame, a Balance, a Protector, a Healing ‘Conductor,or are you going to be swept into the chaos of the uncontrolled?

    “Beloved friends, this is a very serious and important activity. Somehow We must reach your outer mind to a point where the holding of your emotional Balance, the holding of your Peace, the holding of that Spirit of Good Will and Tolerance becomes important enough to you so that you will relinquish the rights of self, and learn to be the outpost of Ourselves The Ascended Realms which you Profess and Decree that you wish to be.

    “If the particular member who has been sponsored by some Member of the Ascended Host is in a condition of distress, the Great Seraphim have to look elsewhere to find some other harmonious life stream, but perhaps one whollyunconsciousof the Ascended Master Sponsorships and therefore not as good a Conductoras the aspirant who has used the purifying Violet Flame for transmuting their imbalances and discords. Through such an unconscious conductor,a thread of benediction flows, whereas a conscious aspirant would be A Great Conduit of Light. Do you see?

    The unconscious conductorshave served us often through the ages and they are Blessed indeed! But it is now time for those willing to go the extra mile to help Us there, living in the physical upon Mother Earth. It is a tragedy indeed for one to have worked for decades with the Violet Fire and, at a Cosmic Moment, be unfit to conduct the Protection which might save a life, group, a community, township, a city! Can you see where I am going with all of this?

    “The Proposals that have been put forward with this Elemental Grace Alliance is calling for Love In Action on All Levels, but no level is more important that the one you stand upon! Therefore, preparation, application and purification are magnificent, because, through the ‘Forcefields’ of your Groups and through Your Individualized I Am Presence Selves, they create a wider and wider Centripetal Radiance of Light. The Radiation and Pressures of the Great Ones, flowing through them shall be the Links to Creatively and Consciously as a Unified Group, one conjoined with the next, that Great Blessings to Mankind and Earth will be Bestowed.

    “Remember My words! Do less if you must, but hold your State of Grace, hold the Harmony, hold the Peace, hold those Feelings of Love and Tolerance so that you may be ready when you are needed to Serve. You are going to deal with great numbers of people in the near future, particularly when you learn to become a Conductorof the Light and are able to employ and utilize Your Divine Gifts and Talents of Your Causal Body. Your Radiation will be different from that of any other person because the creation of Your Causal Body has been an individual accomplishment.

    “Your Causal Body has been built from the day you first received conscious life. All through the ages which you have lived, your Causal Body has grown like a beautiful flame flower, an aureole of living colour. The services you have rendered, whether they have been patriotic, educational, philanthropic, artistic, scientific, or religious, have become your gifts to the Earth. This momentum of good awaits release through your vehicles as a Radiation of Light which can benefit the Earth and Her People.

    “I Am Mother Mary and My Heart and Yours are One within the Divine Expression of Radiating Light! Come Dear Ones, and allow Me and My Loving Ascended Hosts on High Walk with you toward a Greater Understanding of Who You Are! God Bless You All. And So It Is!

    “Come ye forth this day of Liberation and render at least those Services which are the Powers of Instantaneous Healing and sustained Harmony that are the God Gifts of Your Divine Nature. As We close say with Me out loud;

    “I Am the Resurrection and the Life of My Perfect Health!

    I Am the Resurrection and the Life of My Limitless Strength and Energy!

    I Am the Resurrection and the Life of My Limitless Supply of Money and Every Good Thing!

    I Am the Resurrection and the Life of My Divine Plan Fulfilled.”

    If you would like to continue reading, follow the link above and read about the Adam Kadmon Race. In case you fee the Call to GRACE - please contact dear Peter Melchizedek, founder of this group and the website, and ask for his e-book and the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses.