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Quan Yin ~ Reclaim your Sovereignty by Jenny Schiltz

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    August 24, 2016 3:37 AM PDT

    In the first article below, Jenny Schiltz shares some powerful truths..."You are powerful beyond measure, but it is you who must believe you are so. It is you who can shift all that is taking place in your life by simply focusing on what brings you joy and hold everything in your life in its Divinely Highest Light."

    Saint Germaine gives us some good advice about living our life and a powerful affirmation on manifesting what we want, "I AM' THE PRECIPITATION AND VISIBLE PRESENCE OF WHATEVER I DESIRE, AND NO MAN CAN INTERFERE WITH IT."

    In the third article, we are reminded how children are our future...and are given 2 simple & powerful things to be teaching them for their highest good...

    Enjoy these with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light that are Divinely Perfect for each of You,




    Quan Yin ~ Reclaim your Sovereignty by Jenny Schiltz

    Quan Yin:

    We come to you today to talk about an important subject. It is the understanding of your true power and the changing of your perception. We understand that this process has been difficult and many of you have toiled on for years. What you must know deep within your being is that there is no longer anything holding you back from achieving the peace within yourself that you so desperately crave. It is you who must now change all that you have come to know and believe.

    The awakening process is not an easy one as each of you have had to come to the realization that life was not what it seemed. It is as if you have come out of a fog to realize that all is not what you believed. You looked around at your world and mourned for the people, the animals, and the earth. You were shocked to discover that mankind has gone so far out of balance that money controls all. You were shocked to learn that your food, air and water have been tampered with by the very people that you believed would protect you. You have mourned and raged and even become fearful. You desperately have wanted change and often feel mislead because you are unable to see the change reflected in the outer world. It has left you feeling helpless and miserable. These emotions are part of the process, but ones that must be left behind now.

    It is time for each of you to reclaim your sovereignty, your power, your creation. Each of you are able to hold more light than you ever have before. This is an important distinction because this light from source that illuminates your being is your power. Understand that this light from source is your soul. You are not separate from source, you never have been and it was only the illusion that led you to believe so. This illusion has served you well, your soul was able to participate in learning that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the mulitverse. Many of you have spent countless lifetimes on earth submerged in the veil of forgetfulness, exploring all the aspects of duality and all of what you are and what you are not. You have learned well from these experiences. That time has now come to an end, it is now time to come back home within yourself.

    The work that you have done to clear out the negativity and veils has created space for your light, your soul, to reside ever more fully within you. It is important for you to realize the deep changes that have taken place within you. Now it is time to take full responsibility for the light you now hold. It is now in your reach to completely change the hologram that you have created. You can now shift all things around you by merely shining your light onto whatever is in your view. Instead of railing against what you fell you can not change, instead now see all things in their highest potential light and allow them to change in reaction. The things and people in your life that are unable to rise up to the highest possible light in which you hold them will move from your field until they are ready to do so.

    However, many will rise to the occasion and begin their own transformations. When you freely extend your light to all without judgement or expectation you provide space for miracles to occur. There are many stories of mystics and healers throughout your world that have performed miraculous healings. It is not that these beings healed another, it is that they saw each person as whole and healed and this alone allowed for the miracles to take place. Each of you have this ability. It is simply unconditional love in action. See all as the perfect example of themselves and see how much changes within them and in your reality as a whole.

    Through this process you learned how important your thoughts are on your reality. It is not each individual thought that changes the frequency in which you create your reality, but the predominate emotions created by your thoughts. It is for this reason, that we have talked so much about the need to have joy in your life. The word joy to so many is an unobtainable concept. Yet, we ask you to look at your life and times in which you have laughed, relaxed, been in awe, or even felt simple contentment. This is joy. When you break it down into moments, you will find that you have indeed felt joy many times in your life and in those moments you experienced a shift within. This shift is you moving into a frequency that brings more joyous occasions to you like a magnet.

    You are powerful beyond measure but it is you who must believe you are so. It is you who can shift all that is taking place in your life by simply focusing on what brings you joy. Each of your contributions are needed within the collective. Each of you that stands empowered will help to alter the course for all. It is time to be the master of your own reality.

    With Love and respect,

    Quan Yin


    Conversation with Quan Yin:

    Me: When you were talking about fact that there is nothing standing in our way of walking fully empowered, all I pictured was an elephant held in place by a chain. The chain was used when the elephant was a small baby and was too little to break free. Even though the elephant grew, it didn’t realize that the chain couldn’t hold it anymore and didn’t resist.

    Quan Yin: Yes the elephant was conditioned to believe it was powerless to change its fate. This can be likened to the human who through the veils of forgetfulness was conditioned to believe that they were powerless to change their direct reality. It is this conditioning we are asking all to see through.

    Me: I have a client who goes into a grocery store and sees the fruits and vegetables as whole and perfect, blesses them, and with her intention knows that the will be healthy to those who eat them regardless of organic/nonorganic and gmo/non gmo.

    Quan Yin: That is it exactly. It is understanding that you can alter the frequency of all, your foods, your water, and your air and those around you just by simply holding them in the highest light. The more light you are able to hold within your being, the higher of frequency you will be able to transmute.

    Me: The concept of being joy is a hard one. When I was first awakening I was so anxious, scared, angry and felt powerless. I couldn’t get how people could run around as if nothing was wrong. I even found myself begrudging football fans as being asleep fools. Didn’t they understand that the sky was falling? What I have come to understand now is those football fans were enjoying themselves. They were gathering with friends and celebrating life while it was I who was negative and unhappy. In those moments of fun, it was they who were holding more light.  Watching the Olympics now I can see how much my thoughts have shifted. I see the competitors as people experiencing this life just as they wanted too and in their own way are breaking limits.

    Quan Yin: (laughing) It is quite a change isn’t it? You see you are now able to honor each person’s path, each person’s contribution and are seeing that it is perfect for them. With the ability to experience many lives and realities why wouldn’t you choose to experience all that you can?

    It is important for each person to see what definitions and restrictions they have placed around the term joy. I prefer to think of Joy as the state of being present, open and in awe.

    Me: The vasovagal nerve is being activated for many right now. They are experiencing headaches, neck aches, heart palpitations and stomach aches. I understand that this also correlates to the Well of Dreams Chakra at the back of the head.

    Quan Yin: Your entire brain is being changed by the energies. No longer will you be left of right brained but you will have the ability to access all parts. This also correlates with the Divine masculine and feminine. These too will come into balance within each person. As the chakra at the base of your skull is activated it will allow for greater access to the unseen realms. As this opens, it also may release pent up fears and anxiety may be increased until it is fully balanced and functional.

    Me: What can people do to alleviate this anxiety?

    Quan Yin: Observe what is coming up and see where the cause lies. For some things you will be called to action, to change what brings forth the fearful reaction. For others you will find that they are irrational and have little to do with your present situation. Maintaining present focus and assessing your current situation in each moment will help you to realize that most anxiety is created by projecting into a reality that does not exist yet. This is why breathing is essential to move through anxiety. It allows you to be present in the body and helps alter your perspective.

    In receiving this channeling there was an air of urgency of great importance. I asked her about it and she said that decisions were being made on an individual soul level that would affect the collective consciousness as a whole. I didn’t press her further but prior to publishing I saw an article posted by Sandra Walter that really helped me to understand the urgency. I’ve attached a link so that you can read it as well. style="color: #800080;">I hope that my questions have helped and that this blog finds you well. I truly appreciate all who share this blog and support this work. Sending you all the love and joy we can handle. 


    Copyright 2016, Jenny Schiltz

    If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

    **As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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    The Ascended Master Saint Germain





    [...] Guard yourself in the outer contact constantly, that you do not unknowingly accept the appearance of things or the fear of so-called financiers. GOD GOVERNS YOUR WORLD, YOUR HOME, YOUR BUSINESS, AND THAT IS ALL WITH WHICH YOU ARE CONCERNED. Do not ever fear that you are running amuck with your imagination when you sense and feel the nearness of the full manifestation of the Mighty, Individualized Presence. REJOICE! BELIEVE IN THE MIGHTY PRESENCE THAT HOLDS IN ITS EMBRACE EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU CAN DESIRE OR USE. YOU ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON THE OUTER THINGS. WITH THE JOYOUS ENTERING INTO THIS MIGHTY POWER AND PRESENCE WHICH CONTAINS ALL, DO YOU NOT SEE HOW YOU WOULD BE PROVIDED FOR, IF EVERYTHING WERE CUT LOOSE?


    I want you to feel, joyously accept, and with all your Being know that THE POWER OF PRECIPITATION IS NO MYTH. IT IS REAL. Those who enter into this feeling deep enough will have the precipitation of anything they want. [...]


    [...] Do not give a thought to the world or individuals who do not understand these things. GO RIGHT ON REJOICING IN THE VISIBLE, ACTIVE PRESENCE, PRECIPITATED INTO YOUR LIFE AND USE, OF WHATEVER YOU WISH.




    [...] In every instance in the outer contact of the world of business, whenever there is a negative condition that seems to touch your world in any way, instantly take your firm stand: " 'I AM' THE PRECIPITATION AND VISIBLE PRESENCE OF WHATEVER I DESIRE, AND NO MAN CAN INTERFERE WITH IT."









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    Children Are Our Future By Oh Soul Simple

    In my opinion, the #1 thing we can do for children right off the bat is to teach them how to BELIEVE in themselves.

    You do so with the power of unconditional, infinite Love... and in doing so it will cater to the #2 thing which is to allow them to THINK freely.

    We live in a world where society and culture constantly lies to us and if we allow these lies to become instilled in children then we only perpetuate the troubled world we live in today.

    With the future in mind, we have to ensure that children are provided with proper support by allowing them to use their imaginations, the most powerful tool that they possess.

    In doing so, we set up the foundation for great changes to happen because when empowered, compassionate, and free-thinking children grow up... they will be well-equipped to create a direct impact in the world and thus bringing in new models of living that render old ones obsolete.

    ~Jeremy Fraj~