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Meditation To Enhance Your Ability To Experience The Creator

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    September 8, 2016 1:51 AM PDT


    Invocation & Meditation To Enhance Your Ability To Experience & Perceive The Creator


    ‘I invite my Soul & my Divine Self to join with the Andromedan beings of love, ascension and peace currently working to help uplift mankind, and I ask the Andromedans to download their healing and activation energy and light into my being. I now create a very strong intention and request for my sensitivity to the Creator to be cleansed of any blockage, self-imposed or not, that may be hindering my ability to experience & perceive the Creator. Please purify my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sensitivity, abilities and powers, so I may easily use them in my everyday life to experience a deeper unification with the Creator.


    Andromedans, please stimulate my ability to experience & perceive The Creator through the activation and empowerment and enhancement of my spiritual senses and abilities, such as intuitive vision, intuitive audio or hearing, intuitive knowing by feeling, intuitive feeling of emotions, intuitive smell, intuitive knowing by touch, intuitive taste, intuitive communication, intuitive embodiment, intuitive knowledge and channeling. May each of my spiritual senses be magnified for my use harmoniously and for the highest good of all.Enhance my ability to live in every moment from a space of love, truth and unity with the Creator,  and recognize the Creator beyond all current limitations.


    Andromedans, please stimulate my ability to experience & perceive The Creator through the activation and empowerment of my ability to recognise the subtlety of the Creator manifesting within my being and reality. Support me in being consciously aware of the subtle changes of transformation, which occur within my physical body and energetic being, so I may accept understanding with clarity and perfection. May my ability to recognise the subtle presence of the Creator within and around me be magnified for my use harmoniously, so I may observe from a space of love, truth and unity with the Creator, recognising the Creator beyond the limitations of the Earth.


    Andromedans, please stimulate my ability to experience & perceive The Creator through the activation and empowerment my ability to sense, recognise and acknowledge my own spiritual evolution, physical and inner plane transformation, divine plan, soul purpose, healing and ascension. May my ability to recognise my constant transformation be magnified for my use harmoniously, so I may observe from a space of love, truth and unity with the Creator, recognising the Creator beyond the limitations of the Earth.


    As I allow myself to easily, effortlessly, expansively and perfectly observe and accept the presence of the Creator within and around me, as well as throughout my full being, I permit myself to recognise this skill as my natural ability.


    Andromedans, I recognise that a pathway to enhancing my intuition, observation and acceptance of the Creator is through my constant focus upon existing as love, as well as choosing to see myself and the Earth through and from a state of love. Therefore, I allow myself to melt into my Heart Chakra of supreme love, and into my Higher Heart Chakra as well. My Higher Heart Chakra holds a pure consciousness of love, which I now choose to accept and embody, receiving loving inspiring consciousness of truth within my mind, perspectives and all aspects of my being.


    Now allow yourself to relax into a state of meditation, and bring your hands to rest on your heart chakra... and allow yourself to observe & experience everything coming into your awareness from your heart you feel the loving vibrations from your Soul & the Creator? Just relax and breathe into whatever comes up and allow any necessary healing to take place.




    Now place your hands on your throat chakra and bring your awareness there. Just observe the energy, colors, sensations emanating from your throat. Observe this source for your divine expression & emanation of the Truth of the Creator...and again just relax and breathe into whatever comes up and allow any necessary healing to take place.




    Now place your left hand on your throat chakra and your right hand on your heart chakra, and breathe deeply and recognize the Creator's Love Present in both. They are both divine beacons of Love. Love is being sent from your heart chakra to your throat chakra...and from your throat chakra to your heart chakra. Feel the divine connection between your heart & throat chakra...and feel them merging in Divine Love.




    Now bring your attention to your Higher Heart. Place your hands there and breathe deeply in and our of your Higher Heart. Feel, sense, and acknowledge your Higher Heart and the divine energy flowing there. Feel the Divine energy that is now flowing through your fingers from the Andromedans into your Higher Heart... feel this Divine Love... feel the pulsations of Light awakening, clearing, and expanding your High Heart. Let yourself observe all that you are...and everything around you from the space of your Higher Heart...and feel all of this Divine Energy flowing from your Higher Heart into every atom, cell, and molecule throughout your whole your Whole Being is attuned now to this loving energy flowing from your Higher Heart...Feel the trust and inspirations coming into your awareness from your Higher Heart, affirming, "My observations & experience of my Soul & the Creator always flow from my Higher Heart into my conscious awareness." And just relax and breathe into whatever comes up and allow any necessary healing to take place.


    With the support of the Andromedans I open myself perfectly to observe my full being transformation now.

    Andromedans, please instigate the necessary shifts to support the manifestation of my intention.

    Thank you.’




    When you've entered into a space of meditation connecting into the knowingness deep within your being, ask yourself the following  questions and write down your answers:


    1.What aspect of yourself is asking to experience a transformation to create further alignment with the Creator in all aspects of your being. Please describe this aspect.


    2.What outcome or embodiment will the transformation create within the aspect’s reality?


    3.How will the transformation effect you physically, or what will it promote? Write down any further information that comes to you about any of these.



    How to Heal Your Inner Child

    Melanie's video: "How To Heal Your Inner Child" -

    How to Heal Your Inner Child



    Hey there! 

    Over the weekend I had some friends in town, who were visiting with their eight year old son... 

    It was the perfect opportunity to continue with the theme of Inner Child Healing we've been talking about this past week, because really, playing with children is a great way to bring healing to the child within. 

    So we played outside, chased lizards, tossed a frisbee, found crystals, did handstands and hunted pokemon...

    Which reminded me that laughter, play, and following our bliss are a huge pieces of the inner child healing puzzle. 

    But it was also a reminder of just how sensitive children really are... Including the children in each of us.

    And so healing past traumas from childhood, and tuning into forgiveness, love, and acceptance is so important too. 

    And on that note... The video I made for you on how to heal your inner child has now been transcribed for you here:

    With love and light, 


    Healing your inner child may seem insignificant or irrelevant, but really it makes a big difference in how you experience life in a level of joy and love you’re able to experience in the present, and also how willing you are to follow your dreams and make positive change happen in your reality.

    So, what is your inner child?

    Your inner child is the part of you that is childlike, filled with imagination, wonder, purity and innocence.

    Let’s take a step back real quick. You’re a multi-dimensional being. The truth is you experience your physical life now in linear time in the present moment, you see things that have happened in the past and you predict or anticipate or maybe even worry about what’s going to happen in the future. But from the higher angelic realms, from the realms of spirit, past, present and future are all simultaneously interwoven.

    The implications of you being a multidimensional being, is that your past childhood experiences are still energetically playing a role in what you now experience in the present. So, painful childhood experiences, and even if you have the most loving parents and the most joyful, blissful childhood, and you were perfectly parented, I guarantee there are still painful memories from being a child.

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    Before you were born into the physical, you were a fully spiritual being. You were fully connected to the oneness of the Divine… And then you were born into the physical, into duality, and into pain. Childhood was tough. You were trying to navigate your childhood, trying to be loved, to get loved from your parents, to survive. And a lot of these traumas from childhood, feeling unloved or getting yelled at or falling and scraping your knee are still energetically stored in your body in the present. And so, that old fear, that old insecurity, that old feeling of wanting to be loved can resurface in the present.

    Therefore, it’s so powerful to do inner child healing, to heal the past wounds of your inner child, so that what rises to the surface in the present moment are the childlike qualities of imagination and intuition and joy and laughter and playfulness.

    Healing your inner child allows your inner child’s light, strengths, energy, and joy to rise to the surface in your life.

    So, how do you heal your inner child? How do you let go of those layers of pain?

    For some people who had incredibly tragic childhoods, inner child work is even more important.

    But really, for everyone, healing your inner child is so powerful.

    The best thing you can do to heal your inner child, is to quite simply, love yourself. Love yourself fully, and love what arises in you. Pay attention to how you’re treating yourself in the present. Are you treating yourself like an unruly little child? Are you internally yelling at yourself and judging yourself for making mistakes? How can you shift that? How can you be more loving?

    When you’re afraid, love the part of you that is afraid. When you’re angry, let it be okay that you’re angry. Honor that inner child part of you that’s angry, that feels stifled, feels attacked, or judged, or unloved and be the one to love yourself through it.

    So, love is first and foremost the key. In addition, let your childlike sense of wonder rise to the surface.

    Let yourself be playful and silly. So many people take life so seriously. Why not let yourself draw with sidewalk talk or skip through the forest or do cartwheels or spin around in circles or just laugh or color or play? These are ways that you can honor your inner child, nurture your childlike joy.

    This playfulness, this lovingness, this joy brings you into greater alignment with the angelic realm, brings you into a positive point of attraction, so that you in joy and love are sending that signal of joy and love out to the universe and drawing more joy and love back in return.

    In addition, forgiveness is incredibly powerful. Can you forgive yourself for mistakes you made when you’re a childhood, an early adult, even recent mistakes you’ve made?

    Can you forgive your parents for the mistakes they made in parenting you? Can you just for a moment see that if you were mistreated, if you were treated with judgment, even if you were abused, that this is not a reflection of you, this is a reflection of the person doing the hurting, that they in some deep level are really just reaching out to be loved or that they felt so unloved that all they knew to pass on was that same lack of love?

    Forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others lightens the weight of childhood burdens, and lightens the weight of past pain.

    All of this allows you to bring greater love into your present. And when you’re in a vibrational state of love, you’re positively magnetizing blessings and positive experiences into your life.

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    You become more in touch with who you really are, authentically free from the judgment that may have been shown to you, that you may now repeat towards yourself. So often, if you had a friend or a family member who judged you as a child, that’s the voice you’ll hear as an adult saying, “No, you can’t. No, you’re not good enough. Just go sit in the corner. No, we don’t want you here.” That judgment repeats. And so, forgive yourself for the past circumstances you encountered, forgive the other person, love the part of you that just wants to be loved.

    Be the one to love yourself now, saying to yourself, to your heart, and to your inner child, “I love you. I’m here for you. You’re okay. We’re going to get through this. Love is the way through.”

    And if you need a little boost, call on your angels to help in releasing past pain, in releasing childhood hurts, and fully bringing your energy and your awareness into the present moment where you can fully embrace love and tune in to all the blessings of life that are yet to be in store.

    So much goodness awaits you. Look at life through lenses of love, let your childlike wonder rise to the surface, let your joy shine through, and know that exactly as you are, you are beautiful, unique, and your light is needed in the world. Let it shine, let yourself love, love what appears, and keep going because you are beautiful and your angels are helping you each step of the way.

    If you want more help healing your inner child, check out my newest session with Archangel Metatron that has some powerful inner child healing that will help you to tap into the strength of your inner child and the gifts in you that are ready to come more to the surface.

    Click Here to Access Healing the Child Within with Archangel Metatron.

    Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll see you soon.

    Much love, many blessings.

    Melanie Beckler