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Meet & Expand The Parts of You Connected To Source

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    September 15, 2016 3:05 AM PDT




    Meet & Expand The Parts of You Connected To Divine Oneness & Source By Jarrad Hewett




    As the energies of September provide a Powerful gateway into the "unknown" wherein we go further into the expanded self, I'd like to invite you to set a firm intention to meet the parts of you who fully understand and know their oneness, connectedness, uniqueness, value, and importance to and as Source.

    In this intention, we are able to blend in more of who we are at the level of Self-Source, and we allow that energy to open us to miracles, joy, and love - which is a whole different paradigm than healing or releasing. It's that space of spontaneous happiness and joy.

    If resistance comes up, or you feel in some other way, that's okay. Acknowledge the feeling is being created from a space or thought around separation, and allow yourself to direct you back into, or maybe even INTO for the first time, a space of wholeness, where "I am whole, happy, complete, and loves, and that makes me happy. And my happiness is the happiness of The One, which I AM. And it's easy, simple, and consistent, as I AM the flow of love and joy in every moment."

    That quote is a wonderfully expansive statement for you to feel as the embodied direction of all energy - meaning, you are the energy you have been directing, and this direction allows you to meet and know that energy in a new way.

    A few months ago, I shared a "challenge" of sorts, where I mentioned ways of unplugging from energies and beliefs you may not realize are running your reactive show. I mentioned unplugging from social media, the inter net, and television... not reading the news or entertainment or sports... picking a day or evening to turn off your phone, and to just be. The next few days and weeks would be an amazing space to begin implementing some you time, in whatever way allows you to "unplug."

    In doing so, you give yourself a chance to really begin to act in place of react, and to create willfully, consciously, and lovingly, in place of avoidance, attachment, or abandonment.

    I wanted to use this moment to remind you of your true Light - wherever you are, and however you feel, and to remind you that with regard to anything you choose to release, just call upon your I AM Presence, the True Light of The One, and direct ALL energy, ALL fear, ALL limiting beliefs, All Lower frequencies, etc, be lovingly taken into The Light for healing.

    I mentioned above the "Unknown." What that represents, is simply parts of us, or the collective, which doesn't know in it's heart of hearts, that it is SOURCE. That energy creates fear :) That's one reason I sent out fear clear the other day. So, if that's you, or you're feeling that in any way, just remember to breathe. Breathe and call upon YOUR I AM Presence, knowing "only God in action", and Direct All Energy into the Light.

    Across the planet, change is moving and making itself known :) 


    I know that sounds like over simplification. So often we forget that what we focus on, we create. We get caught up in fixing, saving, wanting, and we forget that we ARE SOURCE.

    So, as Source, what do you choose? Who do you say you are? Commit to the actions, thoughts, and feelings which are in alignment with who you say you are :)  

    You are sovereign in your space. You don't have to take on anyone else's "stuff," and in kind, by being sovereign and consciously aligning yourself in all ways, your own energy doesn't run "willy-nilly" or chord or attaching to anything or anyone else :)

    It is FREEDOM.

    It is pure direction and Light in Action.

    We say this a lot, "I AM THAT I AM," but what does that truly mean to you?

    Does it mean you are source choosing itself, loving itself, and expressing?

    Does it mean there is nothing to add or take away?

    Or is it a desire to be something greater, based in an experience of lack which you desire to change?

    Is it born from the heart or from a hurt?

    Really feel into and direct the energy of the one with the following:

    I Direct, Acknowledge and Claim on behalf of myself and ALL Energies: I direct all of me to be on board with who I AM and my open heart of love - now made manifest in the world. I allow all that I AM to permeate my beingness, so that my heart leads the way - shining bright for every single atom and beyond, all that I AM, to ignite with pure spirit, pure love, pure passion, pure joy, and pure knowingness of all that is. I take full responsibility for the creation of all that I AM, and I release and direct into the light of Source for healing any and all fear and limitation, as well as chords/cords, contracts or agreements.



    I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to know that I AM the creation of me, and I choose to create myself with and through love, Joy, peace, simplicity, and Pure Divine Inspiration and flow.

    I choose to stand firm in the knowing that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy I may have been carrying, creating, or giving my power away to - including but not limited to the energies of sabotage, anger, rage, destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form is released and transmuted, and I choose anew. I choose love. I invoke the formula - including all of the rays flames and lights and direct that I am Divine Love and the creation of me and my world as Divine Love in its highest and most loving and abundant form - free from my own perception of what that is. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears, collectives, contracts, cords/chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is. For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke Divine Love and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do. I Am That I Am, and I hereby claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world. I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am.

    I acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it's easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently."

    And from there, we move into another arena, with a bit more of a condensed and simplified statement, but one just as powerful.

    A while ago, I was doing some work with a student. We started off with creation, and what came up was her belief that someone had to die so she could be saved and taken care of, BUT everyone lies, dies, lets her down, so she's never safe in creation... It's like drowning with an incompetent life guard on duty, knowing CPR yourself, but drowning while everyone else can't save you.

    Then, we started looking at addendums and two more arose:

    "I can't create again," and (I did it once, and no matter what, I just can't get "back" to love or to my career or to my joy and bliss)

    "I have to kill myself to create" (this is when we make it hard, we get sick, we always feel wiped out, unsupported, alone, etc).

    All of this lead to looking at  not being able to connect while embodied or addendums around connection to and as Source.

    What arose was a deep seated belief in consciousness wherein we view the world as the titanic - a sinking ship. And there is the belief, "what I love, kills me (or betrays me, or leaves me)," and the fear of that loss is so great, it overshadows us, and we ultimately grow to basically hate what we cannot have, which in this case is steady, stable love and creation - "because someone has to die to take care of me, and even then, I don't trust them because they don't know,"

    or "I cannot create it again," or "I may create it, but I'll kill myself/wear myself out/deplete myself doing it."

    All of this leads to opening our hearts. The highest thing that came up was "stable," because it's very hard to jump to freedom and joy if no matter where you go, creation itself is "unstable." So, we invoked the formula around all of that.

    Next, what came about was this statement, and it fits so beautifully with all the work we've been doing around freedom and fear etc in the past few weeks:

    "I am stable, creative, free, peaceful, and joyful in the creation of me as an open heart, full of love and joy. And so it is."

    This is a wonderful opportunity to re-set your entire field and begin to move consciously into a new direction of Unity and Love and Plenty.

    Thank you for creating the space to feel and read this message, and for being you. Because you are the change.

    In love,

    Jarrad Hewett

    Video: "Activating Templates Of Oneness & Unity & Multi Level Heart Alignment" -


    Prayer For Healing & Rejuvenation of the Body & Freeing the Mind & Emotions By Steven Hutchinson

    Get in a quiet, peaceful, state of mind before you start the healing by closing your eyes & bringing your attention to your breathing....Affirm to yourself, "My every breath is a breath of the Creator,"..... letting go of all thoughts & concerns - just feel your breath go in and out as you take deep breaths...letting your stomach expand first breathing in, letting your breath flow out softly as you exhale.


    Now affirm, " I now call upon my Divine Self and Archangel Raphael & the healing angels, (and any other Divine guides you would like using), to guide me & help me in this healing to restore perfect health in my Whole Being, healing everything that is not functioning perfectly."


    Bring your attention to your heart and affirm, "I Am One with my Divine Self... I Am One With my Soul....I Am One with Mother/Father/God's Perfection manifesting throughout my whole being now."


    "I now lovingly call forth from the Heart of Mother/Father/God all of the Divine healing, rejuvenating, & creative Love & Light Energy needed to create a totally healthy physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual body. I feel myself breathing in this Divine Energy into my heart with my every inhalation, and I first direct this Divine Emery to flow with every exhalation to all areas where I am feeling pain or discomfort." 


    So you are first breathing this Divine Energy into your heart, then letting it flow from your heart to all the areas needed in a circular pattern....and you continue this conscious breathing letting your entire physical body fill with this Divine Energy....then with each exhalation direct this Divine Energy to fill your emotional body.....then your mental body.....then your spiritual body....taking as much time with your circular breathing in each of these bodies as you feel Divinely guided to, letting God's Divine Energy heal each of these bodies....letting your Divine Self with your Soul manifest God's Divine Perfection in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies now. Thank You God for manifesting this healing as affirmed or better....I Am ever so grateful! I Am ever so grateful! I Am ever so grateful! And So It Is!


    When the healing session feels complete, ask Archangel Raphael to ground you on Mother Earth.....and just repeat the session daily as needed.


    Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light that are Divinely Perfect for each of you doing this prayer,


    Video: "Heal Your Physical Body & Uplift Your Soul’s Journey and the Universe by Natalie Glasson" -

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