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Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse by Ailia Mira

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    September 16, 2016 2:13 AM PDT

    Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse by Ailia Mira

    Ailia Mira

    a message from The Council of Radiant Light channeled by Ailia Mira

    Greetings Divine Ones,

    We greet you today and we begin to attune you to the energies of Friday’s Eclipse. This lunar eclipse will open up emotional insights for you, helping you see where you can release and upgrade your emotional structures to correspond more accurately to your vision of heaven on Earth. In this you will see more clearly what you chose to make real and important and have the opportunity to upgrade these choices to align with the next level of your embodiment.

    Changing your relationship to emotional states is something you are naturally empowered to do, but many human beings do not know or claim this. You, dear ones, can choose this as your birthright and we encourage you to do so.

    Human beings have emotions in ways that are so intense, varied and vital. It is very easy to assume that your emotions are real indicators of something. Yet in actuality, your emotions are manifestations of your frequency and what you are experiencing. Sometimes your emotions are triggered automatically and have nothing to do with real knowing, insight, thoughts or conscious choice. As such, learning to see you emotions as manifesting from your energy and your experiences rather then being indicators of truth, is a key to liberation.

    Emotions are accurate expressions of thought-forms you hold and energy states you are in. That is all. To address emotions, you must look to your beliefs, ideas, unconscious vows or patterns and most importantly, your energy state.

    We are not suggesting you start analyzing all of these things, more that you simply grasp that emotions arise from sources beyond feeling states. Feeling states are manifestations of energy states. That is the principle to remember. Realize too, that feeling states that don’t feel good, need not be heeded. You can learn to cut yourself loose from less desirable feeling states - you chose your energy state. You chose what you pay attention. You can build your ability to do this intentionally and consciously. You can chose your focus and set your energy with greater freedom.

    Nothing in life is more powerful than your choice in how you use your attention and focus. Nothing.

    Your attention is your greatest ally. It can help you to amplify what you love and dissolve what gives you no joy and has no signature for you. You can learn to live a life that is continually expanding, stimulating and expressive and yet not feel the lower frequency emotional states for any significant period of time.

    It is rather unrealistic to think that lower frequency emotions won’t arise, so please do not be disturbed when they show up, or use that manifestation to beat yourself up. Instead, when lower frequency emotions show up, be nonchalant about them - meaning, don’t make a big deal out of them. Change your energy state and therefore, manifest a new feeling state.

    Learning to deal with emotions in a very practical way that benefits your joy, is empowerment in embodiment! It is a distinguishing factor between those who feel capable and able to create what they want and those who do not. When you feel good emotionally, you have steady capacity to express, share, experience and create! You have alignment and the ability to let the good experiences in life in! You have fun.

    Learning to relate to your emotions as not reflecting who you are, but manifesting from your state, is challenging for most humans.

    Most humans, because of the ability of the body to have profound sensation, orient to sensation and feeling with a sense of identity. Feeling that these things indicate who they are and that the general tenor of you feeling state, has something to do with your identity. Such as, “She’s kinda moody,” and “He is a happy guy.” Notice how these sentences are objectifying the emotional state as an identity. That’s different than saying, “She’s feeling kind of moody today,” and “I notice he tends to be in a happy mood most of the time.” That attributes feelings as a manifestation, a temporary expression, not an inherent identity.

    Your inherent identity is in a sense, vibrationally uplifted, and so would in a sense equate to positive emotions, yet in your vastness you are not an emotional being in the way you experience emotions as a human. So it’s very different and we want you to get this - you are not your feelings. Don’t be sentimental about you feelings in a way where you get attached to them, or that you equate who you are with them. Most of all, do not feel stuck in your feelings. You are free and can chosoe to be aware of your ability to change the way you feel!

    This conversation opens you up to the Eclipse Energies on Friday; this conversation about emotions. Begin to turn your attention to your emotional state and take notice.

    What feelings come easily to you? What would you say your 5 most common feelings are? Of any frequency? If you write down a list of your 5 most common feeling states you will see where you are living your well established patterns. Then you can decide what serves you in these familiar pathways and which ones need refinement to uplift and alter the less desirable states you experience often. You can simply rewire your inner patterns to generate more beneficial states.

    For example, if anger is one of your 5 most common states, even if it’s the only lower frequency one you experience, then there is an opportunity to enrich your life by repatterining your response around anger.

    You might start with realizing that anger is a common pathway for you. You might look to see why - what is the emotions beneath anger? Am I generally already tired or down when I get angry?

    You might also look deeper. What is really going on that you are feeling and the anger is expressing. Is there a tendency to feel obligated to participate in things that don’t have a signature for you? Do you find it hard to say, “No, thank you,” to things that don’t fit, so you get mad when they don’t fit and you want the outer circumstance to change, since saying “no,” is hard for you?

    The reason lower frequency pathways exist is you’re in a lower vibrational state and/or you get triggered into a lower vibrational state because you’re resisting the present moment.

    In this example about anger because saying “no” is hard, you might resist what following your spirit would mean and then you get angry. The anger is actually manifesting as a way of expressing your outrage that you have to face your discomfort and learn to say no, in order to be true to yourself. It is a feeling that arises from resisting the present moment and being true to your Self.

    The Eclipse on Friday will help you with these kinds of shifts.

    You must bring your mind to this collaboration in order to have insights. Openness and paying attention to your feelings with these ideas in mind will help you to consciously understand and shift your thought processes and ways of relating to life. You can use the energy to help you do this, but for most of you having insight is also very beneficial and can ensure quick and complete changes are possible. So do more then let the energies work within you, co-create with them, on purpose.

    We are making available, support that can attune you to these transformative energies before they come in full force, through this transmission today.

    We invite you to embrace this support and allow yourself to feel amply loved at this time.

    We are the Council of Radiant Light

    - See more at: © 2009-2016, Ailia Mira | Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira. All rights reserved.

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    Hey, Melanie here! 


    Did you know that tomorrow's Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse? 


    And with it, there's a powerful, intuitive, and passionate surge of energy... 

    That's urging us each to step more fully into our authentic soul light!

    And while certain aspects of this energy may be challenging... 

    It's also acting like a springboard. 

    To help you shift out of the past, and out of the old energy... 

    And to boldly step forward into living the empowered live you're meant to. 


    Ready for some help with this?

    September 2016 Full Moon Angel Card Reading

    Hey! Melanie Beckler here with your September 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Angel Card Reading.

    September Full Moon Angel Card ReadingWe are going to tune in to the guidance of Angels using the Ask Angels Oracle Cards to receive the guidance and healing frequency and love of the Angels that can most support us now during the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse.

    To do this… And anytime I do an Angel card reading, I ask that we be surrounded with 100 thousand Angels of healing, love, light, and protection. I now ask that we each be surrounded with divine light and love, and that the guides and angels and ascended masters who can most serve now. Please enter into this present time and space and assist us in tuning in to the information, knowledge, wisdom, and healing that will most serve, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good. Please come in, and connect with me now through this Intuitive Angel Card Reading.

    Next, I shuffle light into the cards, just imagining light around them and asking, “Angels, what do you most want us to know during this energy of the full moon eclipse?”

    As I shuffle, I’m just looking for a card that captures my attention. And there we go. Two cards just jumped out of the deck, when cards jump like this it’s a sign that these are clearly the cards that the Angels wanted to draw our attention to.

    Our first card is “Open your heart with Archangel Michael.” And this card really is so perfect because the energy now is hugely supportive in helping us each to tune in to greater divine love and to flow with that divine love to bring increased creativity and manifestation and new opportunity into our lives.

    And in order to flow with divine love, we of course have to go within and open our heart to the divine love that’s available and present and surrounding us in every moment, but takes consciously choosing to tune into.

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    And a great way to consciously shift your awareness and to open your heart to love is to just close your eyes and focus inward, imagine light all around you, you can even think or say, “Guardian Angels, please help me to open my heart to the divine love and light available to me in this moment.”

    Now, focus your awareness in the center of your chest, in the area of your heart chakra, letting your heart open, letting light flow into this area, imagining your heart chakra glowing a brilliant light, expanding out around you, so that you’re completely surrounded with the light of divine love, so that you see and experience life through lenses of love, looking for the miracles and opportunities in the moment, and letting divine love and light guide you each step of your path.

    As you now continue on your authentic soul path of aligning more fully with the inner light and truth of who you really are as a spiritual being in physical form, the energy now is now encouraging you to shine with more of your truth and more of your authentic soul light.

    And to do this, opening your heart and tuning into divine love is so incredibly powerful because the energy on and around this time is all about expansion. So, it’s expanding your consciousness, expanding your highest self, and bringing more of that higher self and truth into the physical. And this is all made possible by heart opening, by returning to love, and by letting that love and guidance be your guide, so that you can, just as it’s shown in this Angel card, let your energy blossom like a beautiful lotus flower, awakening more fully to your authentic truth.

    The next card I drew, which in a two card reading, just provides additional clarification, validation, or looking at things from a slightly different perspective…

    This card is “Breathe and ground” also with Archangel Michael. So, first and foremost, we know that two Archangel Michael cards popped up which meaning Archangel Michael is with us and willing to help support, protect, and uplift.

    We just have to remember to ask. And the “Breathe and ground” card brings the reminder that the energy is strong now. You may be feeling extra sensitive.

    As a part of tuning in to the incredible love and guidance of your heart, you may experience a little extra sensitivity. So, if you’re feeling emotional or if you’re feeling challenged, let that be okay, let yourself cry, sometimes, tears are the most powerful form of spiritual healing and release of pent-up emotions and feelings you’ve been harboring within.

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    Let your emotion flow freely, and when you do, letting it pass through you like a storm, rather than trying to hold on to emotions, you’re able to move through any challenging emotions and return to the love and presence in the moment.

    Another incredibly powerful tool to leverage at this time is taking the time to simply be. Life is busy, life is often chaotic, right now, Mercury is still retrograde, so you may be having challenges from the past cycle back around to be dealt with, and communication or traveler things maybe a little bit harder, maybe a little bit triggered and challenged, but the opportunity there is to breathe your way through the challenges, to trust that when a challenge appears, on the other side of it is an opportunity.

    So, if you’re feeling challenged, breathe, ground your energy, reconnect with the energy of earth, with the power in the present moment, because when you’re grounded, centered and calm, when your heart is open and you’re shining your authentic light and truth, then all the opportunities of the universe for you, for your unique path and your unique life become available.

    This is also a time of opportunity. This full moon energy is brilliant for getting clear about your future plans. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to create? This as a good time to start seeing the action steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. Breathe your way through challenges, stay grounded and centered. Walking in nature, even swimming in the ocean if you have the opportunity, or just taking a salt bath are a great way to cleanse your energy and reconnect with that clear, vibrant part of yourself that in every moment is connected to the earth below your feet, is connected to the divine and the infinite power of the universe.

    And here you are between, open, willing, receptive, a brilliant spiritual being in physical form. Now is the time to let that light shine, through opening your heart, breathing, grounding and being present.

    Give yourself permission to let go of other people’s ideas of how you should live your life, and rather listen to the inner guidance within. Connect more fully with your inner authentic truth, and let that be your compass, because that, along with the guidance of the Divine and Angels and your spirit guides (that you tune into when your heart is open and you’re grounded and centered and calm), that guidance is what guides you to your highest possible future, to fulfilling your highest potential, living a vibrant, joyful life.

    Greater, vibrant, high vibrational living is possible for you, and this energy is an opportunity to step more fully into it.

    Trust your inner guidance, connect with the brilliant light of love that shines within you, and then move forward.

    Look for the blessings in the world and your life, returning to presence, grounding and returning to love in each and every moment.

    Know that your Angels, that Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angels, and whatever other Archangels you feel drawn to, are with you each step of the way.

    Ask for their help, return to the heart-centered space, let your light shine, and take your next step.

    Have a beautiful full moon, and I’ll see you soon!

    Melanie Beckler