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Integrating Your Crystalline Lightbody By Shelly Dressel

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    September 20, 2016 3:23 AM PDT

    Integrating Your Crystalline Lightbody By Shelly Dressel

    You may ask, what is your Lightbody Energy?  What is your crystalline energy body?  This is the foundation for all the change happening upon and within the earth. When we say the energy of the earth is changing, it literally is changing!  For me, when I speak of lightbody energy, I’m speaking of the crystalline energies that are now more prevalent upon the earth.

    In the higher dimensions we vibrate at a faster rate.  The crystalline energy that is integrating at this time is the foundation for this higher vibration.  When we speak of the 5th dimension and higher, it’s based upon the lightbody or the crystalline.  When you think about duality; it’s solidly within the 3rd dimension.  Therefore as you integrate the lightbody energy, you are releasing duality.

    During this channel you ‘met’ yourself as your lightbody energy while in the All That Is.  This is very powerful because when you perceive as if you are looking outside of yourself you see things differently. We then integrated this crystalline energy by merging with it and blending from a cellular level outward.  The Goddess then continued the integration into our physical reality.  If you practice this or allow it into your reality, you will feel good, manifest with greater ease and transition more readily.

    Nama Sika Venia Benya,   I AM the One I AM the Whole

    I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out sending you my love, my light, my energy, and as always thanking you for joining me in this time together;  joining me to experience these energies.  I would not be able to do my part, which is bringing in more of the universal light, if you were not there to be able to receive.  So it makes a big difference, it is something I truly appreciate.

    As we spend this time together, I have the intention that everything that flows through you, not only helps you in your own personal life, but also moves out from you to everyone that you encounter.  You are making a difference.  You don’t need to save the world.  You don’t need to fix everybody.   You need only be open to your own self or your own personal growth, and with that you are making a difference.

    There is so much taking place upon the earth.  This summer has been particularly intense as far as moving forward in the new energies of the higher vibrations.  You have been hearing about the various portals that have been opening up.  You have been hearing about the ways in which time space reality is being shifted.  You have been hearing the ways in which you yourself can create changes in your life through your own alignment; not only in you the human, but you the divinity. And then moving through your divinity into all those many, many other lifetimes that you have had.

    Nobody upon the earth comes here without having an arsenal or without having a big bag of energy and potentials, and opportunities for the life upon the earth.  You have these experiences. , some of them have been other lifetimes upon the earth, many of you do have multiple lifetimes upon the earth.  Some of them have been lifetimes when you have been out within the universe.

    Some of them have been experiences in which you are just pure conscious light energy without any sort of a body, without any sort of physicality.  You are simply the essence of your divinity expressed as light and expressed as its own energy.

    As you live your life upon the earth there are times when you may get caught up in your everyday living.  So remember that you are more than the human being in this lifetime.  There are times when you may feel hopeless.  You may feel overwhelmed with your daily existence, but remember you are not alone.  Remember that there are opportunities available to you.  It may not be clear.  It may not be evident, or in your face so to speak, but there are opportunities.  I am here to flow the energy and light of love into and around you so that you know that I see you, I know you, and I acknowledge that you are currently experiencing.

    I invite you to take a moment where you breathe deeply.  You breathe in through your nose and you come all the way down within yourself; you send that energy down into the earth.  As you breathe down into the earth take a moment to allow your consciousness to focus so that you open up to Gaia.  You feel not only the energies of the physical earth, but you also feel the energy of the consciousness, the soul of the earth itself.  As you feel that energy allow your own vibration to sink so that you vibrate in alignment and in balance with Gaia.

    There is a heartbeat of the earth.  Allow your heart to synchronize with that.  As you feel that energy let it flow with you, coming back up through all your energy bodies.  It comes back up into your heart, anchoring in your heart in this now moment.  I then invite you to send a beam of light, it moves through your upper energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head until you align with your higher self.

    As you connect with your higher self, you may feel your self expanding.  You may feel that greater awareness for who you are.  As you look around you may see some of the opportunities that have been available to you here within this space.  If there is anything that no longer serves you, ~whew~ clear it out.  Let it go.

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    Allow your consciousness to stream even further.  It follows through that cord of energy that anchors down inside you, streams through all your energies bodies, and it goes all the way in to your divinity.  As you feel yourself connecting to your divinity open your consciousness.  Allow it to expand with ease so that you may take in more of who you are.

    I sense that some of you have a perception of different colors or light.  I sense that some of you see distinct images that represent your other lifetimes.  But the overriding feeling that people have is that sense of home.  This is your source energy.  This is where you were created; therefore allow it to wash over you, allow it to merge with you so that you know who you are.

    I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace not only you the person, but you with all your divinity so that I may amplify your perception as our energies merge together there is a shift that takes you into the All That Is.  Allow yourself to feel that energy.  As you feel yourself expand, the All That Is is a vibration and a state of consciousness that assists you with being able to create what you seek to manifest.  This is a place of creation.

    I have a sense of feeling that there’s something either hindering perception or something that is within this place at this moment and I’m just going to run through a ball of energy, ~whew~ clear it out.  We will run through the other direction, ~whew~.  Clear it out.

    As this happens look around again I believe what took place was that there is a certain level within the All That Is with which you work on a continuing basis.  This evening my intention is that you work with the crystalline energies or the light body energies, which is therefore at a different vibration from where you usually work.  So as we arrive I could see the crystalline was here and you were here and you were not aligning with one another.

    This is an example of what is happening to you in your everyday life.  If you feel disconnected, if you feel as if you are missing something, if you feel that the person that you are communicating with is not really hearing you or you are not hearing them. Then take a moment to send a ball of light through, one direction or another, to just clear out the space around you and then your natural vibration will find its instinctive balance.

    You, as your divinity, are always in balance.  If you have something that you are processing that feels very heavy, then there is an intrinsic place within you that will seek to find the balance with whatever may be going on.  It is that it is.  You need not try to figure it out or analyze it.

    In your everyday life it tends to be more so that you are looking at life from your human reality, which may sometimes dip you down into the forth or third dimension. And then there is your higher self or your divine essence that is vibrating at the fifth dimension and saying wait a second and come up here and join me.  Therefore if you feel that disconnection you can just take in a dep breath rebalance yourself and instinctively you will find that balance within you.

    I find myself just laughing as I experienced humanity, because there are so many that are stubborn and say ‘No if I’m still in my ego I won’t be balanced’.   Whether you are in your ego, or in your divine, or your divinity; you will be balanced.  Of course if your intention is to find that state of balance, or to find that state of awareness, then you are not open to clear out or release things that keep you from it and then indeed you will remain out of balance.   But I put forth the intention that no matter what is happening in your everyday life you are open to balance.  You are open to receive.  You are open to feel the divine energy that moves through you.

    Okay, as I speak these words I could see so many of you saying ‘Oh I don’t have to make it happen.  Oh it is going to do it on its own’.  It is almost as if people are feeling a relief that you are letting go a burden that you have been caring around.  Your divinity is never a burden so if you are letting go a burden it is stuck energy within your ego.

    It is my intention this evening that we work with your Lightbody energy.  For those of you who have been with me through the many years of these meditations you might remember the first time or two that we worked with the Lightbody energies and how it felt foreign to you, and in some cases you could barely perceive their energy.  Look around before I go further and open your consciousness.  Become aware of the crystalline energies that are here for you.

    The Lightbody energy, as it is used in this time space reality upon the earth, represents the crystalline vibration.  It represents you as you live from the fifth dimension and higher.  The crystalline vibration flows throughout your solar system and your universe, but the greater transformation is receiving influxes from what we call the Omniverse, meaning those portals or those pathways that receive energy from an even greater expanse than your own solar system.

    There are some planets within your galaxy that have very high crystalline content.  There are other planets that have much lower vibrations and therefore very minimal of no crystalline vibration.  It is not affected by gravity.  The crystalline vibration or your Lightbody vibration is going to be here in and around you, whether you specifically look for it or not.

    About five years ago or more there was very little of the crystalline energy into the earth.  Let me rephrase that.  There have always been massive amounts of crystalline vibration in the earth and in the solar system and beyond, but because of the vibration of the earth humanity’s perception of the crystalline energy was very limited.  So the perception is that it has dramatically increased over the last five years.

    That is true.  There is a great deal that has always been within the earth that is now activated and is releasing.  So too as more and more of this vibration emanates from within the earth and in your atmosphere, and within your collective consciousness, it creates a balance that allows for even more to come into the earth.

    This is a great deal about, let me rephrase that.  Whenever I speak of the portals or the energies, or the Lightbody that are coming in at these various times, especially those four quarters of the year — the equinox and the solstice, but also these are the portals; there is a time of transference of energy from out in the universe to the earth. What I would say to you is that as you open up in your everyday reality to the consciousness and awareness of the Lightbody or the crystalline, you will begin to find that time shifts.  Many people feel things go faster.

    You may find that as you seek great change in your life opportunities for change come immediately.  You seek to manifest something and you put it out there and it comes now.  So there is much less of that, here is what I want and wait days, months or years later is when it comes in.

    With that increase in intention and receive it’s especially important for you be aware of what is happening within and around you, therefore allowing this greater sense of the Lightbody energy to permeate your reality is what will help you with that.

    I know I have been speaking a lot, but as I have been speaking there has been lots of energy coming into this space.

    Each one of you has a Lightbody energy that is associated with your divinity.  Most likely it has already found you, but if you feel that you have not yet connected with your Lightbody source then go within and have that intention to meet.  When you allow your consciousness to return to the All That Is you will find you will be sitting with your lightbody energy.

    I invite you to get quiet for a moment, go within.  Feel the balance within yourself.  You realize that your consciousness is affected by your many experiences during this lifetime.  Be open to acknowledge and understand what that will be.

    As you look at your crystalline essence of who you are have a sense of opening up your heart center and you are open to receive a heart to heart alignment.  As you feel that you will also feel your third eye opening up and an alignment being created.  In fact within your consciousness you feel it moving through from all levels of who you are.  As you perceive the energy of your Lightbody have the intention that you open up even further so that there is a sense of receiving messages.

    Your Lightbody vibration is at a higher dimension than perhaps what your everyday reality is, therefore as you are communicating with this part of you — this isn’t someone else, this is you communicating directly back into your source or your soul of your consciousness.  Ask, why do I continue to struggle with ________________ and you can fill in the blank.

    Sometimes simply having the intention of communicating with that aspect of you that is the Lightbody will dissolve whatever glitch you may have been experiencing within your life.  As you sit here with your Lightbody energy ask the question.  As you ask this question you may or may not hear the answer in a conscious way, but it is actually flowing through you and giving you a response.

    As you communicate back and forth with that energy ask to know what my intention in the weeks and months to come.  What do I need to know that will most help me in my life?

    As you sit in this energy of your own crystalline vibration or your Lightbody vibration; you will find that it continues to heighten all of your senses. When you ask a question such as that it may be that the answer comes as everything you already knew, or it may be that the answer comes from a new perspective or a new direction.

    I invite you to have a sense of standing up.  As you do so your Lightbody energy also stands in front of you.  It may be that you have more of a sense of a figure or it may be that it may be simply an energy, perhaps it is filled with a particular color or all the colors of the rainbow.  It is indeed your perception.  There is no right or wrong.

    I invite you to open your consciousness completely so that you and your Lightbody energy may merge.  There is a sense of that energy coming in.  Everything from the crystalline and above is associated with your heart center so that you may first feel it in your heart.  As this energy blends with you it merges with all of your energy bodies.   In the back of your head is your Lightbody center and many people may feel pressure or buildup of energy in that place so allow yourself to open it up.

    As you integrate this Lightbody vibration allow it to clear away old energies.  You may find that if you have had energy stuck in your joints, or your muscles or your bones it gets cleared away.  As this crystalline energy merges throughout your body you will feel everything within you adjusting.  As this energy integrates with all of who you are you may feel different in your everyday reality.  Be in the flow.  Be in the motion.  Allow everything to move through you.

    If you feel a headache, if you feel pressure, if you feel uncomfortable then realize that you can create a movement with that energy.  Whatever comes in and gets stuck is when you feel the discomfort, so let it move through you.  You are transformed.

    This will much more fully assist you with living in the energies of the fifth dimension or higher.  This will much more fully assist you when you get pulled back or pulled down into the lower vibrational energy.  Therefore be open to receive into your everyday life.

    I invite you to come back as a group.  Come back into this space again of the All That Is.  Look around and you can see how the whole place is transformed as each one of you has so much more fully integrated your lightbody.  As you look at the group you no longer see in most of you the physical silhouette of the human instead you see only the vibration or the essence of that pure crystalline light.

    As you gather within this space see coming up within the group the hologram that represents the earth.  As this hologram comes up within you I invite each one of you to send from your consciousness and your heart into the hologram the vibration and the energy of all this crystalline integration.

    As you look at the hologram it begins to sparkle it is as if it sends out rays of energy and light.  You might also notice the intrinsic balance that goes along with this crystalline vibration.  As the hologram becomes infused with light, you release your connection.

    That hologram moves from the All That Is down through the pathways that is a bridge of energy so to speak, which is the crystalline vibration as it moves into the earth.  And as the hologram gets to a certain point there is the aspect of the energy goes out to the universe and there is an aspect that moves into the earth.  As this hologram, as it comes through the magnetic grid become aware of how it clears out the collective consciousness.

    Look around at all the changes that have taken place.  As this crystalline vibration merges through the collective consciousness you will see things being released so that there is even more space of the crystalline vibration.  As it moves through the crystalline consciousness it then goes down into the earth.

    As it links with Gaia you remember the alignment that you have created with her at the beginning of this channel.  So allow your consciousness to go with that crystalline hologram, merge within the earth with Gaia and then it comes up through the many layers of the earth.  It comes up within each one of you as the human.

    In your physical reality, allow for the integration of this crystalline vibration to move through. It starts at a cellular structure, it moves through your blood stream, your bones, your muscles, your ligaments; every part of your physical reality.  From there it expands out even further into your emotional bodies, your mental, your spiritual, and then your Lightbody.

    Become aware of how your Lightbody is integrated with all of who you are.  You can feel that flow that is anchoring you to the earth.  You can feel that flow that is still linked with the universe.

    So too that vibration of the Lightbody energy is coming up through the grass, through the water; it comes up through the trees, the flowers, the river.  It is clearing out from within the earth all the way through to where the collective consciousness is so that even more of the crystalline energy can be integrated into everybody’s life.

    There is always freewill upon the earth.  Therefore some people will be unaware of this new potential.  Others may choose consciously not to link with it.  So you therefore have that choice every day as you wake up.  Have that conscious intention to activate and have alive within you that consciousness of that expansion of your Lightbody.

    As you’re creating your intention for the day have that intention that you put out that you will be in alignment with that which is your highest and best potential in any given moment.

    You may shift your focus once more back to the All That Is because you left a bit of your consciousness there.  Look again at the earth.  Look again at yourself as you are upon the earth.  Open to understand or perceive the changes as they are.  So much is happening.

    You allow your consciousness to the All That Is to flow back.  It moves through your divinity. It flows down that cord of light that links you into your higher self.  You then allow your consciousness to stream back down into you the human.  As all of your consciousness is now back within you open up your energy field that you may more consciously integrate, not only the Lightbody that was infused the earth, but the Lightbody that came directly from the All That Is.  You are the way in which it merges into humanity.  Be open, accept and allow.

    So beloved family as you move into the next days upon the earth be aware that whether you think about it or not your Lightbody energy is going to be integrating throughout all of who you are.

    You may feel as if you don’t know your body anymore.  You may feel as if your emotions are kind of wonky.  You may feel as if your thoughts or your beliefs are being challenged.

    So no matter what comes up for you take a moment to just gently be open and clear out whatever may be frustrating or feel awkward or uncomfortable.  Consciously bring in your Lightbody energy and then come back around again and see if you don’t feel better, if your emotions stabilized, and then as you’re looking at your potentials around you, you see more potentials available to you.

    Your ability to integrate the Lightbody energy is what will then create the ability to consciously link with the crystalline vibration of the earth and therefore the earth will come in and support you in your everyday life through this crystalline vibration.  You are not separate from your divinity.  You are not separate from these universal light energies therefore the more that is integrated within you that allows you to find that balance the greater it assists you in your everyday life.

    Beloved I’m so very excited to have this time with you and be a part in this amazing transformation taking place upon the earth.  Believe in yourself.  Trust in what is happening and be open to accept, be open to allow for your own Lightbody energy to integrate within you, creating new rhythms and patterns of how you express yourself.

    Know that I am always with you and within you.


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    Lifting in Infinite Love channeled by Melanie Beckler

    Greetings from the Council of Light, at this time, let yourself find a comfortable position to relax and shift your awareness inside.

    Your personal team of guides and angels now assist you in drawing all of your energy into this present moment, bringing all your energy inside of your physical body here and now.

    You may see this energy as a golden spiral of light around you… As energy that you’ve sent outside of yourself in the form of thoughts, left tied up in past situations, or drained by cord connections to other people returns to you now.

    All energy that is yours, all of your light, your power, you authentic truth, your spirit, now returns to you in this present point in time, cleansed and purified.

    Feel your vibration raise as you shift your awareness within and are now supported by your angels in reintegrating your power, truth, and light.

    And now, still focused inside of yourself, focus on the area of your heart, letting the light you find therein, grow and expand.

    We now stream a pillar of light consciousness, divine love and frequency all around you. See, or simply feel this column of light that is now surrounding your mind, spirit, your emotions, your body, and all that you are.

    This column of light serves by flushing out stuck or stagnant energy, cleansing out that which no longer serves you, neutralizing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts within your field, so that in this moment, you can simply connect and experience Divine presence.

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    Experience yourself lifting in the infinite love, and light that are pouring down from above and all around you.

    Let this light pour down, in through the top of your head, filling your body, your every cell, every system of your body, and your entire energy, with divine love, light, and presence, with the energy of prime source, with light.

    Let yourself be illuminated and let your vibration lift, as you now begin to shine brighter and brighter.

    All your chakras are cleansed and elevated in vibration, united as one crystalline column of light along your spine.

    You are now transformed, carbon into diamond light. Your physical being merged with this light and spirit, transformed into crystalline light, empowering you as a fully consciousness being.

    As you draw more and more of this divine light and presence in, with every breath you take you are filling yourself with light. And as you exhale, sense the light flowing throughout your being.

    So inhale light, and as you exhale, let the light expand through every facet of yourself. See yourself growing brighter, more vibrant, and more illuminated with each and every breath, bringing in source presence, light, and love, in this moment, here and now.

    Notice now that your heart is vibrantly glowing, drawing in more and more love, expanding your awareness and expanding your love vibration.

    Breathe and relax, for when you relax, you let more and more of this light and presence in, so you can rise above the levels of consciousness where you have felt there to be ceilings, so you can rise into your highest truth.

    You are energetically expanding, consciously opening and embracing source presence, infinite love, radiant light now pouring into every cell. This is illuminating your direct link with source, that you have in every moment, and through stillness, through presence, through simply opening your heart and tuning in to source light, you are able to effortlessly expand yourself, and elevate your consciousness.

    Through this, aligning with your highest potentials. Through this connection with infinite love, new creative ideas are realized, new opportunities are manifest, new positive potentials for your life experience are birthed, through simply lifting and shining in oneness and harmony with source light.

    Feel your oneness with this light of Prime Source, this light of God that flows throughout and is connected with everything.

    Feel this vastness expand in the moment, to shine as, to experience the fullness of, to lift in and to be illuminated by divine source, infinite love, radiant, crystalline light… That you are one with. And that through connecting with in this way, you can then share this infinite love by focusing on a loved one, a place on the planet, a situation unfolding, imagining light pouring into that place in time, that person, that location… Cleansing, elevating the light, restoring the connection with divine presence, higher spirit, source light and love.

    And through these awakened lights, all switching on around the planet, through love blanketing a collective consciousness that is shifting. A collective consciousness that is going through growing pains, that is latching on to the old paradigm at times, and in certain places…

    In this moment, that state of consciousness is soothed, loved, with the light of source, the vibration of peace, the illuminated crystalline energy of the new paradigm that you radiate, and that when you do so consciously, can ripple out to positively touch, inspire, awaken, turn on, nurture, and light up all.

    We support you in this, but you truly have all that you need. Your potential is vast, your power accessible, your consciousness expanding.

    Step into the light of your highest self, the truth that you are one with source and with all, ready to fully embody this in this moment, in every moment. Shift into living as the spiritual light being in physical form that you authentically are, in the present moment. This makes a tremendous difference in your personal experience and in the vast realm of all.

    You are able to do this through simply lifting in the light, bringing source light in, shining, being present, and standing in this full power of all that you are.

    And we welcome this part of you, your fully ascended self into the halls of ascended masters. We’re in this higher vibrational state and we welcome you to lift into it also.

    You are able to not only use this power and truth for your personal soul mastery, but as a living example of the radiant possibility for all beings on your ascending planet in this exciting time.

    And you are merged with this, your ultimate truth, here and now, which means in every moment, you can reconnect with this light and energy. Remember how you got here, calling your energy back to you, drawing in the light of source and the divine, letting light illuminate your heart and radiate out beyond you.

    Bring in the source light and let this, your highest soul light empowered through infinite love vibrantly glow.

    We honor, celebrate, and uplift you.

    We are one, and you are immensely loved and encouraged.

    Continue and know that your light, your unique soul frequency is so needed now.

    You are exactly who you are meant to be, to bring your highest soul love and light into the present moment. And this is exactly what you, what the earth, what the realm of all has, been waiting for, and it is always possible right here in this very moment now.

    Draw in the light, shine as the love, as the creative spirit, as the light being, one with source and one with all, that you are.

    Shine, glow, lift, and return to this space in connection with love. We are here to help when called upon, in any moment. And so, it is…

    ~The Council of Light… Channeled by Melanie Beckler


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