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    September 24, 2016 2:00 PM PDT

    Calling the Future into Now ~ Activating your Higher Consciousness ... And ... Lady Nada: The Vastness of your Divine Love Essence ~ by Fran Zepeda ... And ... Finding Balance With AA Orion By Melanie Beckler

    Living Union

    Calling the Future into Now ~ Activating Your Higher Consciousness

    Please take some deep breaths. This is an Activation of Light Codes. Cosmic Codes. That will awaken deep within you the Higher Self You and the experiences that are part of the EXPANDED consciousness - the aspect of YOU existing already in those dimensions.

    This will Activate them in your Blueprint. Now. The processing and integration will begin immediately. Read slowly, read many times.

    All exists in the Present Moment. Before you incarnated Your Destiny was created. Your consciousness attuned to one way of being, call it 3D call it whatever you want, is the playing out of certain experiences that exist in that dimension.

    When you are fully Attuned to 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Higher, call it your Higher Self, God Self, or whatever you like. You experience those experiences which are your Destiny, created before you incarnated.

    This may appear in what you refer to as the future. What it is really is the ASPECT of consciousness of YOU that exists in that dimension already.

    So, as you expand in consciousness, your EXPERIENCES change.

    The clearing and healing are making the space in consciousness that allows the NEW YOU (which includes the new experiences of life, relationships, money, etc.) to emerge as your new reality.

    The Life you desire, if it is not something you are experiencing NOW, is awaiting your arrival, your acceptance, the clearing, the healing (through love) and the expansion of your consciousness SO that it SHOWS UP. Merges in the NOW (the expanded consciousness you) which then is the newly embodied LIFE you have waited for.

    It was waiting for YOU to expand into it.

    It always existed.

    The YOU in 3D and the you in 5th dimensional consciousness, are versions of consciousness that you exist in through experiences. that INCLUDE the experience of those dimensions. These all were created before you incarnated.

    There are no mistakes.

    In 3D consciousness we want to create something that is not here. To fulfill a desire. That is more of 3D consciousness. And also exists as the experiences of you in 3D.

    The you in 5th Dimensional Consciousness is the expanded you, that experiences the destiny of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

    IT IS YOUR making space (in consciousness for its expansion)  through the clearings, healing and love) that is the graduation so to speak, of 3D into the welcoming new life of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. And beyond.

    The Life of your dreams, and the desires you have for it, is the recognition of the expanded you in 5th Dimensional Consciousness that deep within your blueprint you KNOW exists.

    Your desire is the KNOWING it already exists. It is part of your initiation and letting go of 3D that HELPS you to MERGE with the NEW reality of YOU in 5th Dimensional Consciousness already.

    I Acknowledge, all the many dimensions of me, and the experiences associated with those dimensions, were created by my Soul before incarnating into form on Planet Earth.

    ALL that I “Desire” is the acknowledgment (and SIGN) that my future expanded 5th Dimensional Self (and the experiences and destiny in that dimension)  is MERGING with me and arriving in the NOW.

    The Future and expanded me, Merges in my Present reality.

    This is why I have DESIRED IT. It is a process of consciousness expansion I already agreed to.

    With that merging arrives the Destiny already set for me, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.(what I have deeply desired)

    As I shift into this, the clearing process becomes part of MY recognition and gratitude to all that the 3D aspect of me, has learned and experienced, that has brought me to NOW.

    That is, to the process of expansion that ALIGNS with the 5th Dimensional ME, that this as my DESTINY, was always FOR.

    My expansion and Ascension into the 5th Dimensional consciousness (which competes 3D consciousness) has taught me that I can live a greater more expanded fulfilled and Loving life.

    I accept that  I already exist in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

    I am ready for my ego to be fully integrated into my Higher Consciousness. And that this expansion through integration is the opening that gives the ROOM and Space for my HIGHER Self me, to live fully in my FORM.

    My cells and DNA receive these Light Codes now.

    I am integrating all aspects of the FUTURE ME existing in 5th Dimensional Consciousness with my cellular consciousness now. As I receive these Light Codes. 

    I AM Fully aligning with my Destiny in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

    I am ready for my Magnificence as my 5th Dimensional Self to shine through ME.

    This is Activated in my Blueprint NOW.

    All the Light Codes fully activated, I breathe and RECEIVE.

    I breathe this in and I am grateful for this integration.

    I am grateful for all that has brought me to NOW.

    I am Fully Aligned.

    I am aligning with the FUTURE expanded CONSCIOUSNESS me that lives in 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

    The Destiny I live as my Higher Self is fully activated in the present moment.

    I am Aligning with my New Reality. My Expanded Higher Self reality.

    I live as the LIGHT of my Highest Self.

    I live as my most miraculous Destiny now. I integrate this fully.

    Fully grateful for all the experiences that have brought me to here.

    I AM Light.

    I Am fulfilled.

    I Am Expanded.

    I Am aligned with my Higher 5th Dimensional Self.

    I receive this activation. Activating My Future Destiny (most magnificent self) INTO all of my Cells and DNA.

    Into NOW.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    And so it is. All Grace and Divine Love, in the perfection and Glory of All That is, Now.

    Eternal Love and Bliss! "Activating Templates Of Oneness & Unity & Multi Level Heart Alignment" - width="560" height="315" src="">

    Message from Lady Nada: The Vastness of your Divine Love

    Essence ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda


    Let us speak today of your soul embodiment and reality as you see it. You are beginning to understand that your reality is a composite of your earthly experiences and emotions. However, these have just been a bridge to your greater understanding of your True Self.

    Seeing what you have been through as a stepping stone to your higher consciousness way of being is the purpose of your sojourn here on earth.  Seeing your experiences and emotions in a detached way and as a helper/friend to raising your consciousness changes the fabric of your reality, where your soul and higher consciousness are really at the helm of your being and experience.

    What is put before you to experience is a function of your growth; it is what is the best way to weave the aspects of your Self to a more full and complete fabric of higher consciousness and divinity.

    And beloveds, you are so adept at this. Sometimes you forget that you are not your experiences, that you are not your emotions, that you are not your physical body separate from all else. These all are just a part of your true being that allows your True Being to flourish and exist on a higher realm.

    And this is your truth. With this you can see everything from a lighter, higher perspective. It is all as it is, designed for your greater growth. You, as a physical being and ego, and your higher self are combining to orchestrate and build your true self to fruition and higher exaltation.

    You are much more able with this perspective to find joy in the moment, to find fulfillment in the moment, knowing that you are in consort with your soul. You are one with it and it is at the helm of all your experiences now.

    And you even can feel lighter in this knowing, that you have arrived at a place of lightness and joy that is not tainted so much by your emotions and physical experiences. They are more your friend now and they can dissolve into wisps of light energy as your soul awareness anchors more within your physical body and you realize this Beautiful Divinity that you are.

    You can glide through life with more ease and joy, and what used to seem like an obstacle is not so much an impediment because your higher consciousness knows the reason for it and thus the creative solution for it. And it becomes your guide and impetus for higher frequency and full embodiment of your divinity.

    With all this new perspective, your body feels lighter, and more clear, and aware of a limitless existence where all is possible and all is probable and all is infinitely glorious in its beautiful expression of this vast love energy that you are feeling now … this beautiful Love Energy that you ARE now. You are integrating it with ever-increasing speed, and it serves to validate and enforce your knowing that you are a Beautiful Light Being, glowing with abundant Divine Love and possibilities, limitless possibilities.

    You are vast in your expression of Love now. It is you because it has always been you. You have just paved a way and allowed it to become front and center of your life. See yourself now as a walking Glow of Love Energy, extending out as far as your mind can imagine, then allow your soul to show you it can go further, without limit, without end. That is how you are to look at yourselves now: Vast expressions of Love which has no limit.

    And you cannot help but know that this is your true reality. All the experiences and emotions you are experiencing are but a small speck in the reality of your Vast Love Essence, which is You, Now. Believe it, dear ones. And with that, all the impediments and obstacles become but a speck that you can dissolve with ease with this vast Love Essence Energy that is you.

    Your new perspective allows you to detach and thank all the experiences and emotions for allowing you to become more of who you truly are, with each realization of the truth and meaning of the experience as it shows itself to you, to enhance your Love Essence to greater degrees, for love conquers all, beloveds —  Know this on a deep level. It can shift something and everything immediately.

    And feel the buoyance and lightness this discovery can bring you. That nothing can stand in your way of becoming, of being, the pure Soul and embodiment of your Soul within this physical body, replete with all the knowledge and strength of Creator, of Source, the more you let it build within you and the more you welcome the beautiful glowing golden Love energy entering your world to refine and make this so.

    So feel the joy of this, beloveds. You have come so far…. you are well on your way to complete Divine Embodiment the more you allow yourself to see yourself from this perspective, a vast expression of Divine Love affecting every cell in your body, and every atom of energy throughout your world and the universes, so that it becomes so vast that you feel yourself safely nestled in the center of Pure Divine Love Energy that makes up your world and the multiverse.

    You are but a gem making this happen for all, while you allow it to happen for yourself. See yourself as the center of this glowing love energy that affects all, including you, and you are well on your way to seeing your true reality, which colors all experiences and emotions to a brightness and glowing divinity that is always at the core.

    And with this you can perceive the Oneness of All That Is, the glorious expression of Divine Love inherent in all, and in unity with all, forever and always.

    I extend my love to you now dear ones, and want you to know how far you have come in this journey of yours, of ascension. You have reached places that no one could have imagined thousands of years ago, yet, your soul has always known that you were capable of it, of reaching places in the unknown that once you only dreamed of.


    All my love,

    Lady Nada


    For recent channeling from Sananda, Lady Nada’s twin flame, please click Here

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    channeled message


    Have you been noticing the changing of seasons in action? 


    The September 22 Equinox is quickly approaching now... 


    And while Equinoxes are always powerful time of balance...  


    This year the energy especially significant! 


    Because we've now collectively tuned into new levels of light and into the higher dimensions... 


    And whether you notice it yet or not, we've all been energetically upgraded...


    So the new levels of light this Equinox are building upon where we are now. 


    And as I mentioned yesterday, the energy is "lightening up"...


    Making this time so incredibly powerful for stepping into the New Earth. 


    Stepping into the new paradigm of living in balance and in alignment with your authentic truth. 


    With the pure, vibrant soul light you authentically are. 


    Part of making this transition is becoming more aware... 


    Aware of your authentic truth and aware of the angelic support available to you...


    Aware of your own intuitive compass that is seeking to guide you in the direction of your highest calling and best possible future. 


    Tomorrow, I'm going to be releasing something really exciting to help you boost your intuition... 


    So you can connect with your angels in a new and powerful way... 


    But right now... 

    I'm sharing with you a powerful free angel message with Orion... 

    About finding balance in the new paradigm. 

    This is the perfect "Pre-Equinox" message...



    Finding Balance With AA Orion By Melanie Beckler

    Dearest one, indeed, I, Archangel Orion, am present with you now in frequency and in spirit. Know that you are safe and you are protected and you are supported now in letting go of the realm of mind and entering into the love that is always present and which expands and elevates in frequency when tuned into. Tune into the love, for love will guide you in the new energy, in this now. Have you noticed that much in your world has changed? Indeed now, everything is anew and so the old ways of relating to each other and to your earth must be reviewed and reevaluated. The security and stability which you used to rely upon has shifted.

    To find balance in the new paradigm, in this now, to find the balance, your process is threefold.

    First it is essential to unite with the divine and with divine love. Now, this is not something that is outside of you. Uniting with divine love means to notice and be aware of the divinity flowing throughout all and your part in it. Daily returning to this knowing through practices of mindfulness, through meditation, stillness, taking time to simply be. It is through quieting your mind and dropping into your heart that you are able to experience fully the divine nature of all, to understand the divine intelligence that makes up all, to honor all divinity and to realize your part in it. You are one with the divine love that is present throughout all form and throughout all energy, indeed. Mindfulness, through quieting your mind, opening your heart and entering into the realm of love. This is an essential component of finding balance in the now, in the new connected paradigm in which you live.

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    From your connection through quiet mind and open heart, divine inspiration is available to you. Divine knowing of your next steps, of your path, of actions which will inspire positive change in your life and in the world.

    Quiet your mind, open your heart, and drop into, tune into inspiration from the divine and then take action, act upon the guidance you receive, act upon the nudges of your soul and of your angels. These nudges of divine love seek to carry you forward on your path of awakening and of finding balance in divine love and in taking inspired action in this new paradigm. Action is essential to accomplish your divine purpose. Inspired action is essential to finding fulfillment, divine love, and balance in your life.Through mindfulness, being aware, still, calm, present, tuning into the void, tuning into love, tuning into the divine, and from this, knowing what actions will serve, and taking inspired action.

    A third facet of balance in this new energy is taking time to play, taking time to enjoy, taking time to allow your inner child, your inner playfulness to rise to the surface. To accomplish this facet of balance, awareness is required. For you must be aware of what brings you joy, aware of what you are passionate about and what is fun, what forms of play you enjoy that are in line with increasing your vibration, with continuing on your path. Taking action simply for joy, this is a form of creativity. Playing and honoring your inner child, letting your inner child be healed in this now with the freedom to enjoy the moment fully, and forward through a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, through inspired action upon the guidance you receive in your meditation, and through balancing yourself out with fun and play and enjoyment, you achieve balance in the earth paradigm of the present.

    Balance in the new paradigm of love and earth, for with this balance, you are leaving behind stagnant ways of being. You are leaving behind past obligations and duties and stepping into living the path inspired by love, inspired by your heart, and most importantly inspired by awareness and presence in the now.

    The now is where it’s at. As you release the past, pain, and pleasure, as you release the old and enter into the still of the present moment, feel the calm awareness of the divinity running throughout all, and your part in it, your oneness with earth, with the sky, animals all creatures and beings. See & feel your oneness with all and the divinity of all through the still of your mind. Feel through your activated heart and awakened spirit, for inspiration is yours. The knowing and wisdom of the universe is effortlessly tuned into through your open heart and you will be guided by quieting your mind and listening to the voice of love you find therein.

    You will know your next step on your path. Inspired small steps forward will lead towards large advancement and momentum and balancing this all out, completing the link of balance with time for pure enjoyment, pleasure, fun, play, playfulness of your heart and soul, allowing your inner child to express and enjoy will enlighten your vibration even more, will lift you even more, and will empower each other step along your process, will enable your time of meditation to flow more effortlessly when you honor your desire to play, to enjoy, to be free. Freedom, balance, love.

    I wish to touch a bit more on inspired action, for simply being balanced and taking no action is not really balance, for you are a creative being, you are a divine seed present in physical form to create. And so as you do not give yourself permission to create, as you repress the action that you are inspired to take, blockages are formed, stagnation sets in. But when you take action, even unknowing where it will lead or where you are ultimately headed, but taking action inspired by your connection with love and with your heart, your creativity is nurtured and grows. Your spirit receives healing, fulfillment is closely aligned with this three fold divine balance, which you are able to begin tuning into immediately today.

    Be aware, be present, quiet your mind, and tune into the divinity of all. Dive into it and feel your oneness therein. From this connection with divine love, through your open heart, through tuning into the still, silent, calm of the void, clarity can be found, certainty will be aligned, knowing of what is next comes into focus and then take inspired action which will propel you forward on your path of awakening and your path of returning fully to divine love, to the ability to remain in love in every moment regardless of the outside world around you.

    And then play, honor your playfulness and know that playfulness and enjoyment elevate your frequency, elevate your spirit, assist you in staying in joy and love more effortlessly. Be aware, connect with divine love, know your next steps, take inspired action, recover with play and with joy and balance in the new paradigm, in the now, can be achieved and attained. Much growth, much progress, much forward movement in the direction of your ultimate divine blueprint, your purpose is aligned. Let go of old ways of being and enter into living inspired, balanced love.

    I’m Orion and you are deeply loved. I leave now, but first infuse you with love’s blessing, with frequency, and with light. Let your energy lift and ground this now into your experience to share with all, to benefit you, to benefit all, for all is one. All is connected and all is divine. Be aware of this and this awareness will serve you greatly. I am complete for now and you are so dearly loved. Many blessings of frequency, of hope, of love, and of divine balance. And so it is. And so it is. ~Orion, channeled by Melanie

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