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Important Questions About Humanity

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    November 29, 2015 10:05 PM PST

    What are we fighting for in this world? It seems to me the freedom of injustice is increasing as if the world is falling apart at the seams. Every time something changes, our will becomes less effective at stopping what isn't apparently meant to be.

    You may be familiar with the platform known as Ning. For all intensive purposes, it's shutting its doors for good on December 15 2015 because they aren't receiving enough money to keep it going. We all know money can buy anything material in this world, but it is up to us, humans, to make sure we don't set the price too high for things to be able to let people afford it, use it and make a purpose from it.

    Throughout its history, humans have always wanted to raise limitations to make more out of what they already have. In cases of injustice, this means other humans. This causes civil wars, it has a reputation of absolute unrellenting negativity upon the planet and it is often agenda based. Everyone is out for themselves when they work for injustice, this is no surprise. Just because a company wants more, they sacrifice everyone they can until they decide to destroy everything because they didn't get what they wanted. Humans attraction for such behavior has increased a lot recently, starting with the fight for survival in Asia, the European refusal to care about Asia let alone get involved, the American denial anything is going on that shouldn't be, and it all starts with the rise of injustice.

    Humanity has a saying in a popular religious book detailing that where the bible references mass increase in injustice, god will always win in the end. But there is no god. There is no need to feel jealousy. The more love you pour out, the more hatred others pour out because we are all connected here in some way. It is not worth giving up on, but to note as a possible solution to the problem, we are going to have to choose at some point between who we are and what we work for. Our very identity is being stripped from us by the people we have elected to help us, and indeed the same is happening to them. A complete conflict of interest is occurring on this planet, it is powered by injustice.

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    November 29, 2015 10:17 PM PST

    What can we do about it? We can travel three paths.

    The first path is the easiest. Let it go. Let it die, let it become history, let it end.

    The second path is the hardest. Let it not end, fight for its return, its survival, stand up to save it. Make it come back to us if you can.

    The third path is the most unseen. Become it. See the need and be it. Feel the success as you work towards it. Be the uniting force others who are divided seek for. Stop at nothing to achieve and maintain who and what you are, how will find its place. Do not let the why become what you have lost, but what you continue to support so it may continue and find the when. The where will always be with us.

    So how can this be achieved? By recognizing ways we can have the same thing by making it happen, rebuilding it from our combined resources, knowledge and as we seek for it, we gain towards it once more. Rebirth is not painful, for an idea, for a being, for a possibility. Our future has all the hope, love, strength and healing in the world once we embrace, accept and understand that we are the answer as one, as many.