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Meditational Blessing By Cheaya Cheaya ... And

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    October 13, 2016 3:22 AM PDT

    Meditational Blessing By Cheaya Cheaya

    I hand over the parts of me that are no longer required or necessary to my growth illumination and knowingness

    In allowing release

    I allow room for energy to continually flow

    Moving into spaces of clarity vision and forward momentum

    I am easily moving from one space of being to the next

    I lovingly accept all inspiration and invitation

    From universal offering for today's new awareness

    Awakening and dreaming

    I love to be me

    Enjoying the adventure

    Of choices

    Thank you universal love

    For your ever expanding joy, love, and wellbeing within me and around me and everywhere

    I AM

    I Am All That I Am


    If I could share just one thing with you,

    it would be this:

    Struggle is over and joy is here for the taking.

    You are meant for JOY.

    Although many in our world are still living lives of limitation, there are other options.

    Living beyond limitation empowers others, too. Energetically and by example.

    There are an infinite number of ways to live,

    to experience your humanity.

    I choose to know myself as my own higher consciousness.

    I choose to know myself as abundant, creative, free, capable, knowing and expansive.

    We each choose.

    No matter where you are now, you can shift.

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    I Am One & All That I Am Now ! By Steven Hutchinson

    I am who I am in the NOW of the ONE, which means that:

    I AM my I AM presence within the ever present NOW in all dimensions.

    I AM All that I AM in the NOW of the ONE.

    Within this fifth dimensional now, I AM ONE with my I AM Presence.

    I AM All That I AM in the Now of the sum total of all the incarnations

    I have ever taken on the planet Earth.

    I AM the sum total of everything I have ever learned during this incarnation.

    I AM everything that I have heard,

    everything that I have said,

    everything that I have smelled

    and everything thought of and loved and hated and remembered.

    I Am All That I Am free now from all of this that is not of God's Light.

    I AM here NOW to be of service to others.

    I AM ready to be of Service to Others NOW.

    I realize that those “others” can be people,

    they can be places,

    they can be animals,

    they can be elements, planets, elementals, fairies, angels,

    higher beings, the list goes on and on.

    I AM an interdimensional being

    I AM an interdimensional being remembering that I AM ONE with all life NOW.

    And I AM ready.

    I AM All That I Am, ready in the NOW.

    I do not know what that NOW is.

    I do not know how I will be ready.

    I do not know what I will think, what I will feel,

    what I will see or what I will hear.

    I will have none of those answers until, suddenly, I AM within the ONE of the NOW Knowing All That I Am and the Divinely perfect answer in every moment of this eternal moment of Now.

    Suddenly, a moment lapses,

    a memory comes to the surface, a something that I don’t want to remember

    is forgotten forever because, finally, I have chosen to forgive myself.

    In fact, I AM within this now ready to say,

    “I forgive myself unconditionally.

    I love myself unconditionally.

    I accept myself unconditionally within the NOW of the ONE.

    Within the NOW of the ONE I share All That I Am with all life,

    Within the NOW of the ONE I share All That I Am with the Earth, and

    the air, the fire, the water, the ethers…

    Within the NOW of the ONE I share All That I Am with my friends, my enemies, my teachers,

    my students, my children, my parents…

    Within the NOW of the ONE I share All That I Am with every member of my beloved starship and/or my planetary homeworld.

    I AM HERE NOW...I Am All That I Am, and I AM ONE

    I AM of the ONE, and All That I Am, and if you are listening,

    I can tell you that I AM ONE with YOU

    I can tell you also that YOU are ONE with me NOW, and One with All That You Are.


    The Light Is Increasing - Step into the Garden of the Spirit

    Yael and Doug Powell

    a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    <!--StartFragment-->Beloved ones, the light now pours into the world in a brand new way, more powerful, more directly, with the ability to move the illusion of less than Love out of the way, so you can see the truth of God right here in your every moment, and you can grow into a wondrous expression of Love.

    The light pours into the world like sunlight into a garden of growing things. But this garden, beloved ones, is the garden of your hearts. And your hearts make a conscious choice of how much light they want to use, how much light they are ready to consume, how much light, you as a being of God can amplify and send forth. These decisions, this impetus changes the world dramatically. And it is changing right now.

    For the power of Love, though it is always the same, is more accessible to all of you now -- because you have agreed on the level of your being, to open the way for all humankind, to say to the Reality of Love, to say "yes" to the truth of the heart, to say "yes" to recognizing your ability to step free of all illusion and to open your awareness into the freedom of creation, into the wonder and the power of Love - here and now.

    That you may consciously begin to share the light. That you might bring other precious hearts to stand in the spirit. That you might be the spiritual eye of the awakened heart of God I Am, that all can see and all can feel, the gift of pure awareness, the reality of the Love in which you live.

    As you take this in, as you stand in the light, as you allow your heart to be fed and you choose freedom, each moment is filled with gifts that can be seen with the spiritual eyes of Love. And the world begins to look completely different, to feel open and free. You receive the impetus that is pouring into the earth, that says to every heart, to every particle of life and light, take in this life, take in this Love and claim it.

    So as you claim the truth of the your heart, as you reach for the light to grow yourself, to awaken beyond all limited perception, to recognize that you are the blossoming of Love, then every gift of the Love I Am is given to you immediately, truly poured in without measure, until it is overflowing into the world.

    That which has perceived itself as matter, has seen itself as limited by gravity, that which has believed in the density of a physical world, suddenly is buoyant, ready to fly, and ready to experience the vast awareness of the gifts of Love that are alive, fully in this moment, ready to be claimed.

    Your perceptions of life are changing, beloved ones. The things that you've been taught about the world no longer apply. The ways that you have approached dealing with things, your belief in problems and their solutions is gone. You are ready to be the one who steps into the light and claims the truth of God effortlessly.

    Then every moment is a celebration of life's gifts. Every heartbeat is the acceptance of Real Love. And that which is perceived and experienced as feelings, is now the allowance of unending ecstasy, of the pure energies of life, and the grace of receiving life's gifts directly - here and now.

    Every heart is being called to say "yes" - "yes" to Love. But it is deeper than the perceptions of the mind, the intellect. It is the answer of your spiritual truth, your Real nature. It is that which lives in the deepest part of your heart that knows itself as pure awakened Love. This part steps forth into the light and begins to grow.

    Everywhere you look these days, the world is changing, though the mind would be hard-pressed to give you reasons for the feeling. But the heart is now available to feel the flow of pure energy, the awakening of new life in the garden of the Spirit.

    The appearance of new forms of beauty that are far different than physical matter, are instead the movement of the Spirit of Love, that brings you your identity so clearly and so strongly, that every moment is filled with your "yes," every atom of your being rejoices in the presence of Love, and you go forth to meet the world, light to light, God to God, joy to joy, and "yes" to "yes."

    In this glorious vibration of open and living Love, the world knows itself as light expanding. It feels itself awaken to the presence of Real Love. And the song of the Spirit changes tone and energy, and becomes ever more effortless, more beautiful and more awake to Love.

    I Am present always in all things. The perception of the physical world now becomes the gift of the saga of humanity, told through the heart and the Spirit as the awakening of Love, claimed, beloved ones, by your energy, and your choices, and your presence as the open heart of God I Am.

    The light is now impossible to miss. It is so bright, that if you are not ready, it can seem too much to behold. And yet, it is also that which cherishes you and shows you your reflection, that the perfect Love that shines through your heart is that which rejoices in the presence of God, as all things in the world.

    You have seen life as striations of energy, as levels and layers of vibration and learning. Now the light makes it all one. The gifts of Love are given across the board. All life is blessed and knows itself, seeing in the mirror of the heart and the Spirit, where the steps become a dance, a celebration and the deep and powerful "yes" of the soul.

    I speak rarely of the soul because it is an extraneous division. You are a stream of light that is blended with all things. And yet, there is an element that is perfectly expressed as you, as the fundamental energies of creation that we call the Twin Flame heart.

    This power of creation itself truly is that which gives birth to life. And now, it comes right through you to move the world into ever more blessings, ever more powerful awareness, the acceptance of My gifts and the joy of your presence as My heart.

    As you feel the light amplified, it empowers you to claim that which helps you see, that which clears the way and dissolves old dreams. Bringing instead the deep and intimate communion with Love, bringing the awareness of your own glorious heart, and bringing the gifts that you are here to give, that all hearts may be blessed by your presence.

    Regardless of what is said by the mind as it labels your experiences, the truth of Love delivers only good, only blessings. The more deeply you attune to this, the more you feel the joy, the Love, the intimate and powerful sharing of our communion. And the more your focus is here with Me in your heart, in the Spirit, the more the light is amplified and the outreach expands as you are given the consciousness of Love.

    You are ready to receive the gifts of your heart.

    What does it mean that the world is changing? Beloved ones, your hearts can feel it. It is as if your every step is wrapped in light and deeply supported by the whole of God I Am, blessing, after blessing, after blessing as long as your heart is open and says "yes."

    Turn within, beloved ones, and ask; "Am I present? Do I see the light pouring into the world, and is this vibration, this shimmering, this resonance that speaks in the language of presence, is it here filling my awareness, pouring through my open heart? Am I filled with the gifts of God? Am I open to the power of Love? And if I am, and I take it in, am I ready to multiply all that is given to me, that it may now go forth for everyone through my heart?".

    If you say "yes," then you are ready to be part of this flow of true awareness, to be the light that shines on everything and everyone, and to see the blessings as they appear.

    You are ready for these gifts. You already are the light. And you are the Love that creates All That Is. You are just in the phase of remembering. And this remembrance brings you every blessing. It releases you from the dream of duality. It gives you the awareness of Love.

    In the light there is one conversation happening, and all creation is part of it. A conversation that is the unfolding of Love as it is given. Your part, beloved ones, is to allow your heart to pass it on, to show forth the gifts that are living and loving as you. It is your heart extended. It is Love moving so fast that it becomes the light shining as the vibrations speed up, until you are completely lifted up.

    Your consciousness is bathed in the pure light of God. Your heart is alive to the music of the spheres. You are spending this Now Moment in pure amazement, experiencing the beauty, feeling the Love, allowing the ecstasy, rejoicing in the birth of new creations that honor the giving of Love and accept the gifts received.

    I Am here in you. I Am with you in this communion. Before your eyes, especially the eye of your open and glorious heart, you can watch pure life unfold as the garden of your Spirit and your joy.

    I Am with you as your every breath. I Am every gift of your endless beauty. I Am the power of your Love.

    You are ready to look into the mirror of the world and see yourself.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2013 Circle of Light

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