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From Disruption to Clarity By Shanta Gabriel

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    October 31, 2016 3:11 AM PDT

    From Disruption to Clarity By Shanta Gabriel

    This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to expand our perception about what we are experiencing in our lives.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


    A Disruption of Energy Serves to Bring More Clarity. Bless it.


    Most of the time I have received this card with more irritation than gratitude. Usually this message comes at a time when something I consider disturbing has occurred. It almost always makes me smile.

    I wish I could say that I welcome this card and gracefully begin to bless the situation around me that caused my upheaval. Often I may grumble a bit, even though the mere reading of the card has already caused me to surrender and shift from my position. It is just so TRUE. I cannot argue with the premise that certain situations can act as a wake-up call to spur me back into alignment with my most divine self.

    There is a certain element of freedom in the awareness that my blessing the situation will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. To bless means to "confer energy upon." When we bless something, it brings more Divine Light and Love into the circumstance. It also gives us the opportunity to ask for a Creative Solution if it seems so dire that we can't see our way through it. The Divine always offers a solution inherent in every problem, as long as we raise our frequency to match our desire.

    Our prayers act as a beacon to call to us the energy that we want to experience. Those who have had near-death experiences report seeing brilliant streamers of light shooting off the earth as people pray. They were even shown the angels waiting to fulfill those prayers. That is one of the jobs Angels were given to do by the Divine Presence. This is very reassuring information for me.

    So when discordant situations arise in my life, I am committing to remember to bless the situation NOW, thus bringing some beautiful light into it. I also want to be grateful for the clarity that comes to me when I am shown what I do not want. It is abundantly clear that I become VERY aware during the disruption  what I would prefer to experience. That is a gift.

    My next step may be to write down my intentions for what I really want in my life and send blessing energy to this clear awareness. At that point I can invite the Universe to come and open the way to graceful and easy fulfillment of my prayer.

    And it is very beneficial to remember to give thanks in advance, knowing that all my needs are being met as long as I am a vibrational match for what I truly desire in my life. I can trust this process because I have seen it work so often. Only now it is even more exciting, because the change that comes when I bless the uncomfortable situation is often amazingly quick. There must have been an angel just waiting for me to ask...

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for bringing more clarity into my life. Please soothe my nervous system, healing any waves this wake-up call presented, with a flow of beautiful Golden Light through my being. Let my heart be filled with Compassion for myself and all others as we evolve together in expanded consciousness and anchor new frequencies of Love, Freedom and Harmony on the Earth. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    October 30, 2016

    The Gabriel Messages Book #41


    A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it.

    Dear One,

    Just as a storm can clear the air with its cleansing rain, a disruption of energy also serves to bring clarity.

    This disruption is a blessing that may come disguised as that which you do not want in your world. Sometimes knowing what you don't want is the quickest way to knowing what you do want for yourself in all situations. Clarity of mind is necessary in order to bring about that which you would like to see manifested in every area of your life.

    Daily life is the cosmic educational system. Every disruption of energy has something to teach. You are here to learn and to grow from your experiences. It's important to remember that it is possible to learn from Joy as well as pain.  This is your choice.

    A disruption of the status quo creates change. Though change is often uncomfortable, it is intended to bring you continually closer to God. This is your larger life goal, and it's helpful to remember this "bigger picture" when changes occur. It is often the energy from a disruptive circumstance that can propel you to your greater good. Changes are upsetting because you do not know what is coming into your life and this may cause you to feel fearful. But please remember that whatever comes to you can be a significant opportunity for spiritual growth and that you have Angels to walk with you through these changing times.

    You can ask for what you want. Claim the greater good that will come from the disruption that has occurred. Ask for the perfect outworking for all concerned in any situation. When you desire that which is for the highest good of all, you set in motion the forces of the universe to support you. All that you need is miraculously provided when you are in alignment with your inner being.

    So when upsets happen, bless them. Write them down, place your hand over the writing and imagine brilliant, divine light, which is God's healing energy, working through the situation. Claim Divine Order and know that God and the Angels are available to assist in a perfect outpouring for your highest good.

    Remember your message from the Angels today:

    A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it.

    Shanta Gabriel

    for Archangel Gabriel

    October 30, 2016


    Activating & Healing Mother Earth’s Grid With Crystal Seeding By Tej

           We are of Mother Earth and she is of us 

    HEAL Mother earth and all that is of her with Forgiveness and Compassion.

    Bring awareness and expand the mind consciousness of all. WALK with your HEART intelligence, CHOOSE to be KIND, COMPASSIONATE, DO NOT HARM, STOP SUPPORTING {direct or indirect} exploitation, violence and murder of Plant and Animal kingdom and Humans! LET all your CHOICES, ACTIONS and PURCHASES foster and be of Peace and Balance on Mother Earth and all that is of her.



    Brief on seeding

    Many of us healers work with crystals and power stones.

    We energize them with our love and light healing, prayers, mantra chants etc. We can also use these crystals/stones to energize them with powerful intentions and seed them in any elements (earth, water, fire, air & space) any that, one feels guided to e.g on mountains, in rivers, forests, our gardens, inside tree trunks any special power place/point etc..

    We use the word seeding since it's an action, an intention that we 'seed' inside the earth or waters or mountains etc.. that it will root, grow, spread and create a light grid in the mind consciousness of all that is via our Mother Earth’s crystalline grids. With our power filled love & light intention(s) our beloved Mother and all that is of HER will HEAL. 


    Start date 06Nov16;

    1. Get a crystal of your choice, can be any size/shape, clean it with water and salt. [If you can’t get a crystal you can use a stone/pebble]

    2. In your comfort time/place you hold the crystal with all your love.

    3. In the crystal visualize/intend the image of Mother Earth with everything in her eg people, animals, rivers, mountains, forests, yourself, family, friends, people or situations you want to heal etc…

    4. With all your Heart, Love, Light, Faith, Compassion, Will & Power say (3 times);

    Dear Mother Earth and all that is of her

    I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I Love you, and I Thank you   

    Ho oponopono, Ho oponopono, Ho oponopono

    and continue energizing your crystal with healing/prayers/mantra japa/light .... whatever that you resonate with for as long as you can.

    Do this every day at least once or as many times as you can up to 14Nov16.


    Seeding on the 14Nov16 with the full moon power energy

    On the 14Nov16, go to your favorite place/time to seed the crystal.

    1. Repeat Step 4.

    2. Seed the crystal while envisioning Mother earths grid lighting up with your crystal intention.

    3. See/intend the full moon spiritual energy enhancing your seeding.

    4. Pledge to Mother Earth; - 

    Connect and Envision! All over the earth there will be one of us, seeding on the 14Nov16.

    What a powerful light grid Mother Earth will BE!

    If you wish to join for this Seva (service), kindly send us your -

    Name, City/Country and the place you seeded.

    It will great if you can share a brief on your experience and some pictures/video clip of your seeding too. Thankyou!

    Kindly send us a mail with the above information on any one of the email address below by 20Nov16.

    Thank you with LOVE AND LIGHT. 

    Dear light grid members,

    Beginning 6th Nov up to the full moon on 14Nov16, together with Vaishali and Fhanreet {my friends and fellow healers}, we are initiating a seeding seva (service) for Mother Earth and all that is of her.

    This seva is partly one of the initiative taken in gratitude for Lotus Healing Seva Group’s {LHSG} 11th anniversary of selfless service. To read more on LHSG please check

    With so much ongoing all over the earth, so much abuse, pain and suffering to our environment, to animals, plants, to humans etc. we aim with this seeding into Mother Earth’s grid to bring awareness, to allow the energy of forgiveness and compassion to come forth and flow into the mind consciousness of all that there is, to flow into Mother earth's grid!

    Asking for forgiveness and bringing compassion in any situation helps to heal and bring about positive energy.

    Ho Ľoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

    We AIM to see the entire Earth’s grid lighting up with one of us seeding somewhere in the world on the 14Nov!


    Love and light