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The Violet Flame Consciousness Speaking & Flowing Through YOU

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    November 6, 2016 11:32 PM PST




    The Violet Flame Consciousness Speaking & Flowing Through YOU - By Steven Hutchinson




    I Am The Consciousness of The Violet Flame.


    I Am a Being of Purification and Healing.

    I Am The Dissolver of illusion, separation, and mis-qualified energy.

    I see, sense and acknowledge memories of fear, pain, and energies stored anywhere in your Being awaiting transformation.

    I am The Violet Flame, the Source & Power of Loving Guided Transformation and Transmutation working in me now.

    I am the Truth of My Being, and I recognise and express the Truth of the Creator.


    I Am The Violet Flame, lovingly transmuting and transforming every area in me awaiting transformation, allowing for The Truth and natural Flow of The Creator throughout my Whole Being!

    I Am always accompanied by Angelic Love.

    Divine Love flowing through me now is guiding, soothing, and comforting me...and is transforming into the Divine Joy and Bliss I Am now experiencing.

    Through Loving Transformation and the beautiful Vibrations of The Creator - I Am Beauty in Manifestation.

    I recognize the Beauty of The Creator as My Divine Nature.

    I am Beautiful.




    I am the Consciousness, Light and Divine Vibration of the Violet Flame, anchored from the higher realms of the Creator’s universe into all dimensions, and representing the Purification Energy of the Creator. I am the Light of the Creator focused upon transmuting and transforming energies into a truthful alignment and acceptance of the Creator. Let me be as one with you, as we work together to dissolve illusion.




    In order for transmutation and transformation to take place, one is required to be willing to let go of illusion and memories of fear and pain stored anywhere in your being. While the energy, sensations, feelings, vibrations and consciousness transforms within your being, it is the mind and mental body working with the spiritual body and soul which brings forth manifestation and your experience of transformation.




    My purpose as the Violet Flame is to work with your thought forms, your patterns and habits of creation, projections and manifestations, as well as erasing all mental stress caused by confusion and illusion. I work closely with the physical body, dissolving the presence of disharmony, which is a co-creation of the mental, emotional and even spiritual bodies. Thus I work with your manifestation and projection ability, aligning your manifestations to the Creator and the truth of your soul.




    It is time to take responsibility for your physical body, and everything you experience in life. Everything you are experiencing now is evidence of what you chose in the past, as closely as yesterday, last week and last month. With acceptance of everything you have created in your life, (your current reality), you allow yourself to move into a deeper recognition of co-creation with the Creator. And with acceptance, you can allow My Energies of The Violet Flame to more deeply permeate your entire being as we co-create purification within your being. The key is to co-create consciously and aligned to the purpose of your Soul and the Creator, and also allow any needed purification to take place.




    So when you allow for your purification, you make space within your being and reality for the divine & perfect flow of the Creator in you. My Violet Flame Consciousness is seen as the beginning of the divine flow of the Creator, or you could say I pave the way for conscious experience of the divine flow of the Creator. When Saint Germain gifted my consciousness, energy and presence to all, Saint Germain did gifted healing and purification. Although these are the results of my presence, the main gift was to allow the acceptance of the divine flow of the Creator.




    When you recognize the divine flow of the Creator, you are beginning to realize your connectivity to all aspects of the Creator, your equality with all aspects of the Creator, as well as your divine right and ability to receive and express the Creator. Welcoming and accepting the divine flow of the Creator is to acknowledge a reality where you are living your truth, with the Creator eternally within you, around you, and working through you.


    I, the Violet Flame, act as the tool for awakening and allowing your natural awareness of the flow of the Creator in you to be restored. Healing and purification are the results of My Presence and co-creation with you, and yet my true purpose is to open your energy and dissolve all that stands in your way of recognizing the Creator within you. When all illusions within your perspective are erased with their impact or patterning upon your physical body and reality, then you will give space for awakening your intuition and the divine flow of the Creator. Let's affirm now:


    ‘I Am Now Co-Creating healing and purification for my entire being with the Violet Flame of transmutation and transformation. I intend to dissolve all forms of illusion, limiting perspectives, unhelpful attachments to unneeded energies, and all resistance to recognition of the divine flow of the Creator. I recognize myself as being available to co-create beauty, love and abundance with the Creator. I recognize myself as being available to connect with and express eternally the sacred consciousness of the Creator in my every present moment. Violet Flame, I work as one with you now, recognizing you as an aspect of the Creator. I also call to work with me Saint Germaine, the Violet Flame Angels, and the love of the Angelic Kingdom to bring love, peace, ease, and comfort to the transmutation and transformation occurring within my being, perceptive and reality now.

    Imagine your soul as a flame igniting from within your heart space, covering and embracing your entire being. Then imagine yourself surrounded by my energies, the Violet Flame. Let your soul energy and the source of all that I am simultaneously exist. Imagine two flames surrounding you and moving through your entire being co-creating as one. I am working with you on all levels of your being. Know the Angelic Beings of Love surround you sending their loving vibrations into your entire being, and creating a trinity. I Am within this Divine Space Now, experiencing the truth, love and expression of the Creator in manifestation. In this space I Am in Now - all illusion and memories of fear and pain are dissolved, and I Am now experiencing new expansive consciousness.

    You may also wish to use this invocation:

    ‘Violet Flame, please come to me when I am confused or distracted by illusion. Make me aware of your presence and let us together co-create my realized alignment with and as the Creator, thus bringing clarity and knowingness to my being and perspective.

    Thank You Violet Flame and all the Divine Being helping me.

    Thank You God ! And So It Is !