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Inspiration for the Week - Removing Obstacles from Your Life

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    November 10, 2016 1:50 AM PST

    Inspiration for the Week - Removing Obstacles from Your Life By Shanta Gabriel

    Shanta Gabriel

    a message fromShanta Gabriel

    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:


    Pray to Remove All Obstacles to Communion with Your God Source

    I have been blessed with a wonderful friend who also happens to be a Swami I have known for 35 years. One of the creative attributes of our association is that she dispenses helpful spiritual guidance along with her business acumen and her friendly interactions with me. 

    Recently when I was struggling with overwhelm, she reminded me that I was acting as though I was the only one working in my business life, when in truth I have a Senior Partner — with a capital S!


    My Senior Partner, who is of course the Omnipotent Presence- All That Is, who is aligned with the highest good of my Soul. All I need to do is remember I am not alone, turn over all that I am working on and allow this Divine Presence to step in to assist me.

    In times of great overwhelm, it’s easy to forget the spiritual basics! So I paid attention to her gentle reminder and placed all the myriad needs on my altar. I then asked for Divine Order and Balance to be present in those situations, before placing all my work expression into the Divine Hands of my Senior Partner. What a difference it made! The overwhelming burdens I had been feeling were gracefully uplifted and the project that I was working on unfolded in miraculous ways. 

    I know that miracles are the ordinary unfolding of a prayer-centered life, but still I am always a little in awe when small prayerful actions change my experience in practical ways so gracefully. This is truly what I want to experience in every area of my life. I continue to ask the Source of Divine Light to work with me in my spiritual, mental, and emotional life. And this recent demonstration reminded me that my Senior Partner will always assist me with the spiritual entrepreneurship that is my work in the world. I need only to remember and ask with greater intention. 

    My work is the gift I have been given in order to serve God in beautiful ways. Because it is the outworking of my prayers for my Soul's mission, it is especially important that I remember to include the Divine in all aspects of my life. 

    Divine Presence: 

    Thank you for lifting the burden of overwhelm that comes from thinking I am doing any of this work in the world alone. Thank you for bringing me the creative solutions, helpful ideas, and revelations I need to expand into greater levels of loving expression in my work. I am grateful for the beautiful people who can support me as well as those who can benefit from my Soul's gifts.

    Thank you for removing all obstacles to clear communication with my Higher Self and my guidance system. Once more I dedicate all that I am doing to creating more Peace and Love within me and within the hearts of all beings; I ask that all of humanity may be blessed to bring their Soul's gifts forward to serve the world in beautiful ways. Thank you God. And so it is. 

    The Gabriel Messages Book #42

    Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light. 

    Dear One,

    When you pray to remove all obstacles, you are expressing your desire for full communion with God. You are asking for all that is in the way of your connection with the Divine Presence to be removed, so that you can consciously feel your alignment with love.   

    God is your partner in life. Prayer is the key to remind you of this partnership. Prayer is a deep and powerful action bringing you into the right frame of mind so your life will work for you in happier ways. Prayer is a tool for opening your heart. It brings love into every situation. Love is the greatest healing energy that exists in the world, so it serves you well to bring love into your life in a conscious way through prayer.   

    True communion with Spirit is a state of enlightenment. It is fully loving, courageous, free, and filled with joy. It is the happy state of knowing that the Divine Presence is always there to turn to so you never feel alone.   

    When you achieve the conscious awareness of your oneness with God, you will look at life from a state of joy, not fear. You will feel a sense of peace within you. In this state of Divine communion, your true freedom exists.   

    Pray with your heart, open your mind and be willing for miraculous changes to take place in your life. You were meant to be happy and at peace. You deserve all that is good. Know that you are a beloved child of the Source of all Light.    

    It is possible to live in love and full communion with God. The Angels are assisting you to make this deep connection at all times. You can call upon their grace to make joy your ever-present reality. 

    To have more harmony within yourself today, remember this simple suggestion from Archangel Gabriel:

      Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.

    Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.


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    Why Do We Feel Peace? By Joe Gerard

    Are you aware of the tranquility that you feel watching the flow of the stream?" (2015 copyrighted. All rights reserved)

    Do we know why we feel tranquil?

    1) When we watch a stream flow, we never complain that we wish the stream is faster or wider and slower. We accept the stream as it is. We go to the woods and enjoy the trees and we do not complain that we wish a particular tree is small and other one should be big. We accept the wood as it is. When we accept anything as it is without any complains, we become one. Also, the mind will not be busy sorting out the problems with the trees, stream, etc. This is applicable to all part of our lives too.

    When we accept people as they come, our problems will be minimized. When we accept the stream as it is, we become the stream. When we accept the woods as it is, we become the wood. We are the small trees, tall trees, wide stream, raging stream, the stream with full of fish, etc. How many of us complain about ourselves? When we accept anything as it is, we just become happy.

    2) We do not think much or busy with our thoughts when we accept anything wholeheartedly. Either we do not think or no thoughts at all. Our struggles come when we are continuously thinking. That is the reason we do meditation, either to slow down the thoughts or no thoughts at all. When we are watching the stream, we consciously keep our mind shut. So we feel tranquil.

    Too much of thinking is trouble. Too many thoughts are disastrous. Think about it. Do you really think that our thoughts are useful that much?. Our awareness is. Please learn the difference. You will win over your life. Why are we chasing our thoughts as if every thought of ours is important? (2015 copyrighted. Library of Congress control number; 2015920633. This is directly taken from the 462 page book that was selected to be included in The Hay House 2016, "The Best Gifts for Living an Inspired Life".)

    Video: "LET'S EXPERIENCE PEACE WITHIN OUR MINDS AND HELP BRING PEACE ON EARTH BY NATALIE GLASSON" -<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Living In Harmony With Ourselves & Others By David Dolberg

    I note many posts that encourage us to love one another, which of course is a positive sign in this world of ever increasing darkness and callous nature. It's a reminder that not all is lost, though the struggle is real to hold onto a humanity that seems to be slipping from our collective grasp.

    What exactly does it mean to love one another? Is it merely a kind gesture, a tolerance of what is, or perhaps more? I would postulate that to love one another is to create a harmony with those around us. It isn't merely to tolerate them while disliking them quietly behind closed eyes and closed doors, but rather to make peace with them. The people you see around you aren't your enemies, to be feared or hated, but rather those from whom we can learn. When we truly make effort to love one another, we will find ourselves in harmony.

    It has been said to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and therein lies a similar principle. To love yourself is to be in harmony with yourself, that is to say, living without self-contempt, self-loathing or self-condemnation. How can we hope to face the world with love when we cannot even face the mirror's reflection with it?

    To love is to live in harmony, to foster peace, kindness, and forgiveness. To love isn't to walk blindly into a hostile world, but rather to look past the glaring eyes, let go of a perceived need to pass judgment, walk past those who would be hurtful, and persist in being an example of what things we hope to find in and receive from others, in harmony.