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Guided Meditation For Manifesting Your Soul's Desires & Healing

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    November 15, 2016 6:25 AM PST





     Guided Meditation For Manifestation Your Soul's Desires & Healing By Steven Hutchinson


    Greetings & Namaste everyone...I bow to the Div Presence of the Creator within each of you joining me in this meditation, and I invite each of you to allow Archangel Michael, whom I now call upon, to provide you with invincible protection as you reside in your Sacred Space in which only the Creator's Love & Light can enter. Now, let's close our eyes as and let ourselves be calm & relaxed while sitting in our most comfortable position. Just let our whole being relax now and withdraw your attention from the outside world... and just focus on your breathing.

    Notice the natural cycle of your breath....breathe deeply, and with every deep in-breath we breathe God's Love & Light into our divine heart...and into our Whole Being. And with every deep out-breath, we let go into God's Peace & joy within our heart. Feel this natural rhythm & cycle of the rise & fall of our breath....and let yourself merge with God's Peace & Joy arising in your heart....and allow your deep rhythmic to bring in God's Energy that is now activating your Kundalini at the base of your spine and clearing and awakening all of our chakras & divine energy points and pathways throughout our whole being.

    Each of us are now using this natural Breath of Light & Life to breathe into our Whole Being all of the Rays & Flames & Substance of Light of the Creator that each of us needs for our healing & spiritual upliftment. We are opening now to all that is the Creator within us as we merge with our Beloved I Am Presence, the highest aspect of our Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God....and we allow ourself to open now & become aware of the unique Creator Being that we are.

    And as we continue to breathe deeply & rhythmically, we let our awareness expand & become aware of all the beautiful Beings from on High who are here to help we call forth now all the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, & all other Beings from the Heavenly Host that we accept to add their Divine Energy to ours in this meditation & help each of us experience & receive the highest possible & most Divinely Perfect healing & spiritual upliftment, and manifestation of our Soul's desires.

    With our attention still on our deep rhythmic breaths, we allow our awareness now to expand to our heart & heart chakra...and as we feel ourselves breathing in & out of our heart space now, we allow ourselves to become aware of the presence of our Soul & Soul Light in our heart space... and we feel the Divine Love flowing from our Soul throughout our heart space... and we allow ourselves to feel how this Divine Love from our Soul and the Creator is flowing from our heart space throughout our whole being now with our every breath.

    Now we call upon our Soul & the 'I Am Presence' of all the people we hold dear & love & bring them into our heart space as well. And we allow ourselves to continue our deep rhythmic breathing with all of our loved ones in our hearts...and the Divine Love of our Soul & the Creator is now flowing to each of our loves ones as well... Feel now the Divine Love that is flowing between all of our loved ones & each other as we breathe together ...and feel the Creator's Presence & Peace & Joy awaken more fully within us as well as our loved ones.

     Now we call upon the Soul & 'I Am Presence' of every human being, & allow our Divine Self to merge with the 'I Am Presence' & Soul of every person on earth. And, as we continue to follow our rhythmic breathing, we allow ourselves to continue to experience the Creator's Peace, Joy, and Love as we bring every human being into our heart space now... and we feel ourselves breathing with every human being in our heart space...we feel we are breathing in the Creator's Peace, Love, & Joy together now within all of our hearts...and the Creator's Presence and Peace, Love, & Joy is awakening now within every human being as we breathe together..

    And we affirm together,"I remain merged with and continue to anchor & embody with my every breath the Divine Essence of Mother/Father/God and all aspects of my Divine Self & the Creator's Perfection...I Am in constant Divine Synthesis with my Soul & Soul Group, and with all Divine Beings helping me, & with all my intentions and affirmations.


    I am grateful for the conscious Presence & Guidance of my Divine Self, as well as the conscious Presence & Guidance of my Soul & Soul Group & Mother/Father/God in every moment and in all situations in my life...and I create, maintain & experience the highest vibrational relationship with my Div Self, & Soul & Soul Group and Mother/Father/God. Thank You God. And So It Is ! "


    Now envision that you are standing at the center of  two triangles which make a six pointed star. One triangle is emanating and filling and surrounding you with the Creator's Blue Light,  and the other triangle is emanating and filling & surrounding you with the Creator's Emerald Green Light. We now call upon Archangels Michael, Uriel and Metatron to stand & anchor the 3 points of the Blue Triangle, and we call upon Archangel Raphael, and Ascended Masters Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin to stand & anchor the 3 points of the Emerald Green Triangle.



    So you are standing in the center now of the two overlapping triangles...the Blue one for protection & manifestation... and the Green one for healing & purification. Now visualize or feel & acknowledge a column of the Creator's White Light beaming down the center where you stand in the two overlapping triangles.


    Breathe in this Divine White Light now with your every breath. See & feel this White Light entering your Crown Chakra, and spiraling down throughout all of your chakras & throughout your Whole Being. Then see & feel the White Light spiraling down from the base of your spine to the heart chakra of Mother Earth. This White Light has safely grounded you now on Mother Earth and is bringing together & merging in you the Divine aspects of the Father/God's Energies, with the Divine aspects of the Mother/God's Energies - merging them into Oneness in you. Feel your body & your Whole Being merge into this Divine Oneness.



    So you are still at the center of both triangles, & now we start both triangles spinning around you. Envision, feel or acknowledge that each triangle spins around you, one moving clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. The Emerald Green Healing Triangle is bringing the Creator's healing & purifying energy into your body & your Whole Being, and is healing and purifying your Whole Being as it spins clockwise. The Blue Triangle of the Creator's Empowerment and Protection is spinning counter-clockwise & its Div Power is releasing lower vibrational energies that were trapped in you...and is also repelling from you all energies which are not of the Creator's Love & Light.

    Feel or acknowledge the Creator's Energy from the triangles move through your body. You may feel waves of energy, or heat or coolness, move up and down your body. You may have a tingling sensation, or see or sense the profusion of lights. Breathe deeply as you feel the two triangles spin around you. They each spin at a most divinely perfect rate regulated by your Soul & the Divine Beings helping you. And gradually now, the spin becomes faster. Begin to inhale deep long breaths and exhale naturally, as you say 'Ah' and let everything go with your out-breath. This is all being guided by your Divine Self the the Divine Beings that are present helping let yourself be breathing with a state of acceptance of gratitude.


    As the two triangles spins faster around you, imagine, feel or acknowledge the two triangles transforming now into two Spheres of Light around your body.... one emanating the Creator's Emerald Green Light, and the other emanating the Creator's Blue Light as they spin in opposite directions... and gradually the Spheres expand in size to become Great Globes of Light around your entire body. You absorb the healing energies through the Emerald Green Sphere spinning clockwise....and you release from your body everything not of The Creator's Love & Light through the Blue Sphere spinning counter-clockwise. The Globes spin faster now until your entire body begins to vibrate with & anchor the Divine Healing & Protection Energies of the Blue and Green Lights. Your Whole Being begins to absorb and respond to the energies of healing, power and protection. All that needs to be released from your body & your Whole Being is now transmuted and returned to Pure Light. All that needs to be brought to your body is now retrieved from the Pure Light and anchored in you.


    When the two Spheres reach their optimum spin level, imagine, feel, or acknowledge the Blue Globe merging with the Emerald Green Globe, transforming the entire Double Globes into Pure White Light. At that point everything implodes into Stillness of Infinite Love Light. Then it explodes outward into Infinity & your God Consciousness & Power.


    Then once again the Light turns inward to go back to the center to implode into Infinite Love Light. Now allow yourself to just Be in this Divine Energy for a few moments. Each time you repeat this exercise, a new layer of healing & release and empowerment is administered, & another layer of negativity is released .



    In addition to healing and protection, you can use this grid as a manifestation tool. Keep in your awareness what you wish to manifest while you stand in the center of this grid and spin the two triangles in the way I have described.


    Imagine that you hold the object of your desires in your hands or hold the thought or idea for what you desire to manifest in your mind and visualize the two triangles  spinning around, with the spin gradually reaching full force. The triangles begin to emit Light and become spherical. In an instant they will begin to move into an implosion/explosion. With the explosion, Pure White Light begins to emanate from the core of your being in every direction. The two Spheres begin to expand in size to encompass your entire body.

    Now sit in the Pure Light. Let your mind be absorbed in the acceptance that your desires have been completely fulfilled. Command the Angelic Forces of Light who work with you to illuminate your Personal Grid with this intention. They will then begin building the Grid to illuminate the ultimate reality which will hold this intention. They will retrieve the Original Blueprint for the design and the idea for your intention from the Mind of God. This idea or thought-form which has occurred to you has its origin within the Mind of God. That Original Divine Blueprint holds all possible thoughts and actions which are divinely ordained.

    Command your Angelic Forces of Light and say, “I now command my Guardian Angels of Light to retrieve the Divine Blueprint from the Mind of God and to illuminate my Personal  Grid with it.”


    In this way you align your mind with the Divine Mind and your own Will with the Divine Will. Such a Divine Plan will fully satisfy your personality aspects, your mind and your emotions. It will also satisfy your Soul and the Divine Mission that your Soul has come to fulfill in this lifetime.


    And know that every intention & prayer you create in this manner is greeted with the Infinite Abundance of the Creator, including all the numerous Divine Energies needed to create your the Divine Abundance you experience in your prayer is the Unity of the Creator manifesting through you.


    Let's affirm: "I Am United in Oneness with all aspects of the Creator...and the most Divinely Perfect Sounds & Energy of the Creator continually flow to and from me, harmoniously creating my body & self in the Creator's Perfection. I Am a Golden Being of Divine Fulfillment, forever expressing the Divine Truth, Love, Joy, & Abundance of the Creator that I Am !!!


    Thank You God for manifesting everything in this meditation and in my prayers, and also for Your Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light that are Divinely Perfect for me and for every human being and all life on earth in every moment of this eternal moment of now. And So It Is !

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