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Ambassadors of Light By Ann Albers

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    December 5, 2016 9:51 PM PST

    Advent Calendar

    Ambassadors of Light By Anne Albers

    Ann Albers

    My dear friends, we love you so very much,

    It is a beautiful time upon your planet earth to be alive! It is a time of great movement and change. Where there once was stagnation, now there are no longer any shades of gray. You are all being asked, what it is you want to embody –  fear or love? Will you worship false idols, give your power to outer circumstances or other human beings, or will you put your unwavering faith in the Creator and Source of life that cares about every hair on your head and knows every one of your true wants and needs.

    Will you embrace bigotry, hatred, divisiveness and judgment, or will you instead, surrender to the love inside of you that is longing to surface. Can you attempt to see the truth inside of everyone – the Divine spark that is attempting to surface? Will you join others in their pain and darkness or will you speak up on behalf of love?

    It is time upon the earth to take a stand – not for political parties, ideologies, not for or against anyone or anything, but simply a stand for truth, love, kindness, compassion... for all that is the deepest and most beautiful within you.

    Beyond race, religion, creed, gender, belief, socio-economic status... beyond your actions, your circumstances, your appearance, your income... beyond the good you've done or the mistakes you made... You are light. You are Love. You are at one with all of creation, swimming in a sea of light! You are embodiments of the One love in all its glorious forms!

    If God were the musical scale, each of you is a symphony of energies! If God were a pantry, each one of you is a delicious soup! If God were the spectrum of light.. you are colors of the rainbow! You are precious unique manifestations of an energy field so vast, loving, intelligent and beautiful that it cannot be put into words. Each of you lives within one another as surely as the entire ocean lives within each wave. Weak or strong, each ripple is felt in the entirety of the ocean itself.Each wave makes a difference. So do you.

    Choose love dear ones – a Divine love that acknowledges the light within all things, no matter how bright or how dimly they bring it to the surface. Be the ones who love rather than hate, seek to unify rather than separate, seek to understand rather than to be understood. As you enter this season of light, remember... you can be an ambassador of light in your beautiful world.

    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    -- The Angels

    Message From Ann

    I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am human. And beyond that, "I AM" – a living breathing field of love that takes shape as Ann, as you,as the oceans, the mountains, the Hilary's, and the Trumps. Each of us is not separate but rather many different forms all made of the same light. In much the same way each wave upon the ocean is both an individual wave AND the ocean made manifest, we are individual and yet we contain within us currents of all other beings that have ever lived and ever will. We have an Inner Christ, and an Inner Hitler. We have love that is so deep it hurts when blocked, and we have judgment so deep it could easily kill off another's ideology... or even our own feelings. Each of us, without exception is capable of all.

    So here we are in the US after a presidential election that was so polarized and divided that many spun into fear, depression, anger, and even hatred. We've got a president elect that some hope will fix the country and some fear.

    Rather than hoping for, or fearing what one man can do, the angels say it is far better to realize that we, as a collective human race, are the ones "in Power." 

    We vote vibrationally with our energy field in every breath.

    We vote for love or we vote for hate. We vote for fear or we vote for faith. We vote for unity in the diversity or we vote for divisiveness and separation... in every breath. In each moment, collectively, we create the next. We ripple the field with our every thought, word, and deed.

    Each time we criticize ourselves or another we bring our inner "judge" or "dictator" to the surface, and broadcast the energy that empowers judgment and bullying. Each time we love ourselves or another with compassion, we bring our inner "Christ" to the surface and broadcast the energy that empowers unconditional love.

    This discussion is not about a man, not about a political party, not about a right vs. wrong, good vs. evil but rather simply about love or fear, spiritual truth or illusions of separation. It is time to realize how powerful we really are. The ones we love in public iconify all that we love in ourselves. The ones we can't stand iconify things we may not yet have owned or made peace with inside of us... if only in the smallest ways.

    I am choosing not to hate the haters, not to be prejudicial against the prejudice, not to separate myself from those who would see to separate humanity and pit one against another. I am choosing to love, to pray for the union of souls, the upliftment of humanity. I am choosing to be kind to people who are difficult, and to be kind to myself with greater fervor and commitment than ever before. I am choosing not to judge others and not to judge myself, but simply to discern who and what belongs in my life.

    I am choosing to love relentlessly. 

    The world is in need. One man is simply an iconic representation of all that has been broiling beneath the surface of humanity - both the passion for change and the illusions of separation. It is time we look at these superficial separations – both externally and internally –  and decide if we are going to join the vibrations of fear and judgment, or instead stand in a more beautiful vibration of love.

    Here are a few tips to help you stay in love while watching things on the news that could otherwise inspire fear, hatred, and judgment...

    1. Remember God is still God

    No matter who is in "office" no one and nothing has more power over your life, well being, and finances than what you choose to give them. Literally. God is still God. The universe operates by the laws of vibration. Have faith in the Divine and the Divine can pour countless blessings into your life no matter what the economy does, no matter what programs stay or go, no matter who is in "power." The Dalai Lama, when asked why he didn't hate the Chinese once said, "I gave them my country and many of my people. Why should I give them my mind?"

    When you begin to fear the state of the world, finances, etc... remember, the Creator's love remains constant just as the ocean remains constant beneath the surface. Put your faith in the Infinite and you will be "in the world but not of it." Take time in stillness to reconnect with peace each day, if only for a song, or a few breaths. It matters.

    2. Don't hate the haters / Don't judge the judgmental

    This one can be tough! We don't like people who are mean, bigoted, etc. We don't want to be around them. We don't like to listen to them. However the angels say that the angry only "make you" angry if you have anger in you!

    Remember the scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader was trying to bring Luke to the dark side? He taunted him, attacked him and then goaded him to "use your anger," telling him anger would make him powerful. This is the lure of the "dark side"... although in truth there is only light and misunderstanding.

    When you are tempted to anger or judgment, remind yourself... I don't have to like the words or actions, but I can send light to the soul. I can love the light within that person no matter how buried. I can be more effective in changing them if I pray for their upliftment, send light, or ask for truth to be seen. There is no point in judging or hating, other than to make us feel powerful and right when we feel powerless. We are not powerless. We have the capacity to direct the love that created Universes. Love Relentlessly.

    3. Listen to other peoples' perspectives, but hold tight to your own

    This is a challenge. Listen with respect to others' perspectives even if you would not normally respect them. Ask why they feel that way. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. A funny thing happens. Suddenly people start to care about your perspectives too.

    I have had many people in my life who don't really care about anything other than sharing their own opinions. Some of them I could walk away from. Others' I've worked with and couldn't. The angels taught me to think of them with curiosity... "Why do you feel that way? Why do you think that way?" This leads to far deeper and more interesting discussions than trying to convince anyone I'm "right." I am right... for me! You are right... for you! If we could honor our own perspectives but listen with respect and seek to understand our world would be a better place.

    We can make this world a beautiful place by embracing only those energies we want to see. As Ghandi said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.”

    I love you all... may you feel the peace of truth within you.


    Thought for the Day:

    You are innocent in God's eyes - as wonderful and wonderfilled as a child. Allow yourself to see the magic all around you this season - the lights, the food, the festivities. Most of all, allow yourself to see the world with innocence - as a place in which everyone is doing their absolute best in each moment. You are too. The angels say that when you see the world through eyes of wonder, your life will be wonderful.


    Prayer for the Day


    God help me experience my own innocence. Help me truly accept the fact that I do the best I can in each moment. Help me see your glorious creation with the wonder-filled eyes of a child.


    Song for the Day: Gloria Estefan's "Christmas Through Your Eyes"

    How beautiful it would be if we could see, not only Christmas, but every day through the eyes of a child. 

    Click Here to Listen on Youtube!

    Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,


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    Energy & LIght By Evi Anastasiadi

    Energy changes with intention, instantaneously and powerfully. Changing your electromagnetic field of energy is not difficult, nor does it take years of study or practice. It is immediate. You can understand this by simply changing your thoughts and noticing the instant shift in the energy within and around you. Through practice, you can better manage, moment to moment, the energy that surrounds you.

    When seeing your own being, as pure loving potential, vibrantly alive and as a reflection into every Being you encounter, know that this same essence has the same heart, filled with aches and pains, joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures as you. Emanate from your heart space the love that you know yourself to be. Infect those around you with loving insertive and reactive behaviors.

    Remember you have access to your heart field which extends 8 feet in the shape of a torus (donut) around you. Imagine this field interacting with others, communicating joy, love, empathy, peace, and togetherness as it mingles the heart spaces become resonant. It does not matter if you cannot see it. Science has proven it’s existence, so now it is up to you to remember and know this truth. Know it is there, feel it, and send loving kindness through it, watch the reactions of those within your bubble as they also feel it. Know that what you are directing your heart field toward with intention is actually occurring.

    This is our creative energy field, whatever we are feeling or habitually thinking about is sent out through this torus field of energy, and either attracts or repels according to what is being sent. This also happens in prayer at a level beyond space and time, and so touches those you focus upon. We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings.

    bodymagneticfieldAny negative interchange affects the Wei Qi by literally creating holes within the matrix of the individual’s external energetic fields. When left unattended, these holes leave the body vulnerable to penetration, and disease begins to take root in the body. Strong emotions, in the form of toxic energy, become trapped within the body’s tissues when we hold back or do not integrate our feelings. These unprocessed emotions block the natural flow of Qi, thus creating stagnant pools of toxic energy within the body. The body has an energy field that is composed of energetic lines called meridians and channels. Energetic blockages in these channels cause imbalances in the energy field, which can lead to dis-ease. A free flow of energy is needed in the body and energy system for good health and well-being. These layers of energy (“Auras” or “energy bodies”) refer to the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical energies that make up all human beings.

    There is a unity to everything, from the largest forms to the smallest. The spiral spinning of a galaxy is the same form embodied in the twist of light that comprises the most minuscule particles of matter. And the spiral is a two-dimensional slice of the three dimensional form of all matter, which is a torus encompassing the central point of emission. All matter, on the smallest and largest scales, constantly emits from a central singularity and flows out, swirling about the central point in an ellipsoid current which is dragged around and drawn back inward to the central point again, into which it returns to start the cycle ever more. The shape of a tree, and an apple, and a cyclone emulate this outward flowing—the tree flows up from the roots through the trunk and out through the branches. The apple flows up through the core and out at the top where the stem protrudes. The energy that establishes the human form circulates in the same twisting toroid around the spine. And every particle, quark and lepton and gluon that conspires to generate these forms is created by light—pure energy—that twists around a point in various manners, which gives the particles their flavors, their various spins and attractive powers.

    The only way the universe has of storing in-form-ation is by keeping the pressure dancing in a flow around a focal point. You remember what gets burned in. We are saying that something physically happens in the plumbing of all things when we simply place our attention into any “thing.” But why is this?


    Source, being the Creator of the finite, is necessarily infinite, meaning that Source is necessarily everywhere at all times. Source is omnipresent. If Source is infinite, then YOU are also infinite, since Source is ultimately the infinite self that is present within you and all of creation. Infinite Source is all that is, meaning you, Source is reading this right now. You are the Creator, the universe, the stars, the poor, the hungry, the rich, the animals, the mountains, the cosmos. Imagine we were able to fully embody this mental comprehension into perfect spiritual realization that we are One with the Limitless Light. Imagine we awakened to our full potential and began to explore the Divine Truth that exists within us. Imagine we knew the Kingdom of Spirit was embodied within us always, and that we were unified with Source in the most real and tangible way.

    Remember, seeing anything is to establish relationship with it. If everything is relative then when I see a blue book, what I make by my looking there is relationship. Establishing relationship makes ratio. If you get into physics, you learn that in an absolute sense, we don’t have scale, only ratio. We could be moving away from each other right now at the speed of light, because only our relative position is ever perceived.

    How does the Pyramid Energy works, how you can protect yourself

     from radiation, electromagnetic pollution and  how you can raise your vibration Here

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