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The Wisdom Of Love

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    November 3, 2015 6:23 AM PST

    To love is to heal. To heal is to strengthen. To strengthen is to balance. To balance is to reenergize yourself. Love is a universal force that cannot be destroyed, it can only be denied and at best stopped from a target, but not from self which is why its wisdom is a key to knowing a part of who you are that will never give up being yours to love.

    When you love yourself, you give yourself to spirit. Such knowledge is referred to as the wisdom of love because while love energizes you spiritually, it shines thorugh physically as you create a world where you are always at peace. When you love, you make a bond between you and the thing love is bonded to, and if that is you and you allow it to flow from you as it does to you, you become a channel for love to embrace you where ever you go because it shapes the reality around you.

    When you attach your will to love, you make a bond that is protected from ever being destroyed. Such a bond can grow and develop into new things, however it will always be there so long as your consciousness is intact. What this means is, as long as you keep your soul alive, love will always be there. Love is created where ever the will to live exists as a form of a spirit guide that will always be with you. If someone attaches to love, many people often feel they are love struck, just as they would be pussy wipped if they attached themselves to sex, or gambling crazy if they attached themselves to money. Love however, is a multidimensional force that unlike feelings of pleasure or high rewards, cannot travel. You leave the world of pleasure behind when you move on towards the embrace of love because as you change, you make new waves for love to give you as much if not more pleasure as seeking for love did when you had material wealth. This is why and where the wisdom of love comes to show you as a guide to where true happiness in the world can be felt and expressed beyond the material plane as a spirit and as a consciousness, love is always our constant companion and it is said that where ever a companion has a bond, such a bond is respected always.

    Love is the opposite of fear. Fear is what motivates people to seek for love which takes them across many journeys through experience to find it as it searches to find them. Such an undersanding is of principle importance to realize where you awaken to once love is in your embrace. As love is a universal element, its design is specific to everyone who finds it as it creates a link between you and the world around you. Where love exists and when love is active, no harm will come to your spirit. You may face challenges as you remove the fear from your life, however while this is happening, you feel a sense of calm and peace because of your reunion with love has set you free. The wisdom of love is a healing power designed to help you and guide you towards the calling of what your will desires most.

    True sovereign love, also known as unconditional love, is what you feel when you have fully embraced the power of love from within you. It may at first appear subconsciously but as your energy centers of the body align themselves to accept love and repell fear, the bond of love removes the harshness of fear into an experience you can understand and relate to. This opens the portal for empathy which love relates to as a bond with love and fear has emerged. If you believe that fear exists for a reason, love will respect such a bond and show you ways to overcome it. If you do not wish fear to be in your life, love will help you as a guide to move away from it. Regardless, to have unconditional love, your will must channel it to be conscious of where you are in the path of love for it to lead you on towards a spiritual adventure. Not accepting love completely is why fear exists to show you love is worth everything you are. In return, the strength of love increases as the fear of who you are decreases allowing you to detach yourself from conditional acceptance and attach yourself to sovereign intelligence. Love is a force designed to help you become intelligent once you find a place to channel it. As you become a tool for the wisdom of love to activate within you, such knowledge is a guide to others looking for a way to reunite with love. A love of one thing is the same as a love given to something. Such a gift is regarded highly as the force of love which is present in all life forms even if it is not understood, it will help you throughout life to create a place you feel you can love and experience love as you wish. When love is given, it is received by love so that the wisdom of love is always free and available to all who seek for it.

    Some say love is a collective intelligence, while others believe it is simply a chemical response your brain produces. Love as a force cannot be detected by modern science, however it exists as a universal element just as energy does. As love flows freely, it reaches out to anyone through their perception of reality. It may appear as a guide, as a direct relation or as a connection to something you value. Love is a sort of emotional value that cannot have a limit because it is the strongest of all the emotions we live with and that is saying something for love cannot be programmed, it has to come naturally. Love fuels everything we are and helps us survive and be who we wish to be across the universe and beyond. You can give yourself totally to love and it will give back what it receives. Love is the answer to everything we care about as it is the very stuff of life that leads us onwards and upwards to evolve as we desire in spirit as it is in life. I unconditionally love you for who you are and always will.

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    November 3, 2015 6:26 AM PST

    There are times when someone asks, what does it matter? The response usually refers to love as a way of meaning something to the present situation which ever one that might be. And yet the answer is largely due to how you perceive meaning. Love is responsible for showing you the way forward in this way as it uses its wisdom to help you discover and experience love through communicating with its other selves via the reality around us we live in.

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    November 3, 2015 6:27 AM PST

    Kindness is a form of love. If you ahve ever heard of the expression kill your enemies with kindness, it refers to letting go of what they have done to replace it with the love we all deserve as one.

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    November 3, 2015 6:29 AM PST

    Love is like a parent. A rainbow amidst a gentle sun with the power of a black hole turned upsidedown as a way of bringing us together across the universe.

  • November 20, 2015 11:08 AM PST

    Thanks for your  lovely  "consept of interpretation" of love. Strange, - for the first time I whent to wikedipedia to see their various attemt to explain it. There were no suprise, of course !

    I would boldly state, with no other references than what I feel and believe myself, that we are created from " love particles " wich is the " God particle " thus make it an innate ability for anything coming from source, to express love.

    The fine art is to figure out how to best use it - through the widest definition as possible. Which you here attemt to do - successily I have to say.


    Thank you!

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