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Stepping Into The Light by Yael & Doug Powell

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    December 26, 2015 12:49 AM PST

    Stepping Into the Light

    Yael and Doug Powell
    a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Yael and Doug Powell
    Thursday, 24 December, 2015 

    Beloved ones, as you come into this time of the year, the time when the light is clear and pure, the time when the dream is moved aside, you can stand in the light and see everywhere in the moment where the heart creates awareness of your freedom. Come, beloved ones, and remember that the glory of the Christ is you.

    This pure Love is what you are. There is nothing that can impede it. As your heart accepts this glorious flow, you remember that you are already one with Me. One with Me, one with Love. You are the Christos, the Christ incarnate.

    But this means only that you are free from the dream of separation. There is nothing that is different, nothing to allow the ego to continually pass judgments anymore.

    As you step into this moment of awakening that is granted to the whole of humankind, beloved ones, take it in and make it your own. That you may choose to never step out of it again, but instead to live as Love.

    Pure light is that which knows itself as coming forth complete and whole. Pure Love is that which moves, and gives, and lives the heart's eternal communion. Pure joy is ever the result.

    Step forth and be My hands, be My heart, be My Love. And you will be free of the dream of a separate ego and know yourself as the heart of God.

    This freedom now belongs to everyone. It doesn't come as a result of some measurable success. It comes because it is the truth of your being and you are ready to claim it.

    So in this time of Love, be the awareness of the Christos, the wonder of the heart of God made manifest as everything. Allow this Love that ever embraces the whole of life, to at last be your identity as you move beyond identification with ego and realize there is one movement of Love, and your heart is it.

    As you step into the opening in the dream, joy becomes your very name. All the ways that you have believed that you are something different than Love disappear and you are home, you are freedom.

    Until now, you have looked upon Jeshua, and others who have lived the Love, as something different than yourself. But now, beloved ones, you remember that this very same Love is you. And all you have to do is claim it.

    In this moment you need only say yes and let the identities of the ego-mind fall away. In this moment now, simply be the Love, the open heart, the acceptance, and rejoice that you are free.

    You cannot measure this freedom or compare and contrast. Beloved ones, you can only feel it in a realm in which the feelings of God are the source of communication and that communion with Me is communion with your deepest nature.

    You have already said "yes" to this time, to this moment of the birth of Christ in this year, to this point in which the pure light is available, as it has never been available before. And the shimmering of this vibration of change sweeps you into its embrace, and you remember that all you need to do is release the dream and you are My outreach forevermore.

    Can you feel the gift of this opening as the identification with the ego-mind falls away? Can you discover how glorious it is to be Love, to let nothing stand in the way of being available to be this Love living the world?

    If there are times when you pick the ego-mind back up, try it on again for awhile, it will become easier and easier to recognize that it doesn't fit. That this is not who you are. Looking at life through the identities of the little mind keeps you constricted and prevents living as Love. You are truly the open heart. And in the open heart there is ecstasy. There is the most astounding joy that you live beyond ideas of change or definitions of individuated personalities. There is only Love.

    Right now you are living it.

    There is a great rush of perfect Love as you open your heart and surrender. As you allow this Love to be living you perfectly, you remember that there is only one story here on earth. It is the story of forgetting that you are the Christ, that you are truly My perfect heart, and the story of your remembrance of the truth.

    When you see the world from the heart's perspective, beloved ones, this is all that is happening, no matter what the storyline, or how far the separation has seemed to come. It is all just the same -- the forgetting of the truth of Love, and the remembrance, the turn.

    Whether the ego-mind has dreamed itself into an imprisoned life, or dreamed itself a murderous contender for anti-love, it only takes one shift -- the shift into the heart, and every story is forgotten, every dream of ego is gone and in its place is perfect Love.

    This shift is now occurring for the whole of humankind. It is one movement of opening the heart, one moment of remembering Love, one turn into our unity, one joyous acceptance of your true identity and the dream of duality is gone. And only Love remains.

    The demonstration has happened many times, by many who have been seen as those presenting perfect Love. But already, the dream of ego is gone. It's just a moment's reckoning.

    Let us celebrate that it is done. The great release is here, beloved ones, and it is Mine. For I Am reaching into the world and offering this perfect Love that opens up the heart, until you feel the flow, until the moment of forgetting is gone.

    You are the heart reclaiming the truth of God.

    Deep within, beloved ones, allow the heart's communion to become all-encompassing. Be the all-consuming "yes." And as you allow Love to live your every moment, the perfection of the awakening of Love will serve all of humankind, as heart after heart remembers that there is only Love here.

    Let this year be the birth of the Christos in you, until all you feel and know is this flow living perfectly here in the world as you.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2013 Circle of Light


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