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Flip Your Complaints - Lose Your Limits !

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    January 16, 2017 5:45 AM PST
    Photo of the week

    Ann Albers: Being open to the adventure of life on a recent hike led to this glorious view!

      Good things often come in threes these days...I hope everyone enjoys these three posts and meditations that have helped  uplift me. Unbounded Blessings of Love & Abundance to all, Steve




    Messages From The Angels - Flip Your Complaints - Lose Your Limits ! By Ann Albers ... And ... Soul Transitions By Nancy Leilah Ward ... And ... Healing Ancient Soul Wounds By Nora Yolles-Young


    Messages from the Angels





    Messages From The Angels - Flip Your Complaints - Lose Your Limits ! By Ann Albers


    Message from the Angels:




    My dear friends, we love you so very much,


    Celebrate! It is a new year! It is time for a fresh start! While in our reality we realize this is just an arbitrary marker in and endless series of ever-present moments, we are happy to see humanity resolving, all at once, to do better, feel better, live better, and love better!


    In order to feel more at peace in the year ahead, remember this one simple truth, namely that nothing outside of you is ever more powerful than the love that lives within you.


    Within you dear ones, is the love and light of God. Within you is the power to create universes, to shift your entire life simply by shifting your energy, to love in the face of anger, sadness, darkness, and fear, and thereby to transform it!


    Would a wave fear another wave if it knew the power of the ocean lay within and beneath it? How can you fear anything dear ones when you embrace one simple truth. The Love that creates universes lives within you and wants to rise up through your words, your deeds, your hopes, dreams, and desires! The Love that creates universes is infinite. It knows no limits. It knows all possibilities. It knows that you are embraced within its all encompassing Presence and so is everyone else. It wants peace. It wants harmony. It wants you to have an extraordinarily joyful life!


    So how do you put this into practice?

    When you are afraid, breathe and ask to feel our love.

    When you are angry, search for the love trying to emerge beneath the anger.

    When you are sad ask for comfort.

    When you have something to say, share your heart kindly.

    When you are ill treated, speak up kindly or walk away.

    When you want more, dream more! Believe in more. Ask for help creating more!


    Your children know no limits in their imagination. They know no reason not to love. They know enough to walk away from that which doesn't feel good. They ask for comfort, accept their passing moods. They embrace the fact that they are perfect exactly as they are. So this year, dear ones... Be as a child and enter the kingdom of heaven.


    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    -- The Angels

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    Message from Ann...

    Messages from Ann

    Hi Everyone,

    Happy New Year... again! I feel very inspired this year. I had time to go within during my week off and both celebrate the things that work in my life and take a good look at what isn't. It is easy, when you see those areas in life that don't work, to feel upset at yourself or others. It is easy to pretend we're victims. It takes effort to create. But oh how much more fun it is to know that we're in the driver's seat in our lives than to have our feelings bumped about by the words and deeds of others!

    Not a single soul called me on Christmas this year. My family is going through some challenges. My friends were all busy with their own celebrations. I didn't go anywhere this year. I decided I was not going to feel sorry for myself. I decided to create a Christmas immersed in the energy of the Christ. Upon awakening, when I do my daily intentions, I created the "most loving, magical Christmas possible" and then I let go and listened to my guidance. What a joy to create in streams of grace... I knew I was in for something wonderful!

    Traditional or not, after eating a huge meal, I took hiking. The day was gloriously crisp, with a sapphire sky and white puffy clouds. I was enjoying my version of a White Christmas on a white quartz boulder in the middle of the desert, when I started to feel the "inner call" - a tugging sensation on my third eye that I meant I was in for some in the other dimensions.

    It was then and there that I received the best Christmas present of all! In the waking dream, there were all my guides, including Jesus. In my body, I felt the love coming up from Mother earth, down from the heavens, coursing through me like rivers of bliss. I sat in silence in the midst of this powerful love, in a prayer without words. If there were words they would have said simply, "Dear God let the earth and all of humanity feel the peace, joy, and the light of the Christ light every day of the year!" As I write this I still feel the power of that love and my body is shaking with it. Bliss! We are SO loved!

    That would have been enough to make my entire year, but it got better. At home I had the crazy urge to Google "Ice Skating Arizona." Seriously! I didn't realize we had ice rinks right here, in the desert. One of them looked as if it came straight out of a Hallmark Romance - with colored lights, music, and a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of the city! I had to go!

    Happily I dug out my ice skates only to find they were so old they had disintegrated!!! After 3 decades off the ice, I had dust skates! That wasn't enough to stop me. Laughing, I got in the car and got lost on the way because I was too busy singing Christmas Carols to pay attention to the roads! Finally I got present, surrendered to guidance, found my way, and remembered how to skate! Bliss. Total heavenly Christmas bliss! I taught a young woman to skate, watched a couple get engaged, and somehow managed to merge into that mystical oneness where there was only love sailing around the rink in a myriad of different shapes and colors... #feelingblissed


    Here are a few tips to take your joy back when life doesn't offer it the way you think it should...

    1. View every complaint as an opportunity to create!

    When something doesn't look as you wish, ask what you do want? If you don't like your job, what kind of job do you want? If your relationships are not loving, what type would you want to create? If your health isn't where you'd like it, what would you like?

    Take one complaint, right now. Flip it! What do you want?

    2. Loose the limitations!

    Just because we don't know how to create something doesn't mean a thing. The angels remind us...the power that lives within us is more powerful than anything outside of us. Don't know how to create a new job? God does. I've been there. Relationships looking bleak? God knows 7billion people and the hearts of the ones that trouble you... not to mention your own. Don't know how to heal? The Divine informs your body and mind with every deep breath. Start there, in-spire yourself with conscious breathing.

    Not knowing how to have your desired life is no excuse not to focus on it. As the angels say frequently, "You can risk dreaming success or guarantee your own disappointment." 

    3. Commit!

    Commit to what you want. You don't have to know how but you do have to stop complaining about its opposite. You have to start spending time focusing, feeling, and believing in the dream. Had I chosen to focus on being "alone on Christmas, forgotten, blah, blah, blah" my day would have been horrible! I chose to focus on God's love, magic, and joy, and experienced better than I would have ever asked for. This is true in all areas of life.

    I was a disgruntled young engineer and when I finally started believing God could offer something more and focusing faithfully on what it would feel like to "wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living doing something I loved, this is where I ended up! It wasn't even on my radar!

    So, try, this year, to flip your complaints, lose the limits, and commit your thoughts and feelings to what you want. Sure, it IS work! But I'd rather do inner work any day, and call up the love that lives within us, than give my power to be happy to outer circumstances that I can't control!


    I wish for you a magically, powerful, loving, abundant New Year!

    Love you all!



    Video: "Ascension 2017 Angel Card Reading ~ Angelic Guidance to Support Your Spiritual


    Ascension Path







     photo 01_HeroineDetail_2_edited-1_zps6shzqkco.jpg

    Soul Transitions - The January 2017 Vibe Report By Nancy Leilah Ward 


    Rise and Shine

    A new day has dawned, new pathways have opened up and You are on it moving forward – sometimes in bewilderment, sometimes in wonder. Allow for the unfolding of the divine plan that We – Humanity – have created as you go about your life with a new awareness and clarity.

    What new awareness and clarity, some of you may be asking. Here’s what I’ve found; if I keep looking outward and leaning my head into the whirlwind of chaos, opinions and collective fear, I’m too caught up in the mayhem to be open to new awareness and clarity. So if we step back, breathe into our center and find our inner still point, we will be able to listen to our heart’s guidance and tune in to our intention for our life. I bring myself back to my center by tuning into the Vastness of my Being, affirming that I am divine light, I am much more than my thoughts, my things, and even my experience as my self in this life. By tuning in to the bigger picture, I feel spacious and centered. Some people us such phrases as, “I am the Light, the Light I am” to help them find their center.

    We chose to be here in this timeline for a reason. We each have our personal divine template that we hold within, which carry the codes of our intentions for birthing onto planet Earth. These codes come through our inspirations, our propensities, our interests. Follow the energy that enlivens you and you will be aligned with your life’s intentions. All the answers you need are within you.

    We are Creators

    Change happens to align us onto new pathways that carry us forward to the truth of our being and assist us in releasing beliefs and patterns that are not in harmony with our truth. When the tectonic plates of our lives shift, it may initially seem dire, but within all changes there exists the gift of transformation. When we are clear with our intentions, we can line up our energy to create the outcome that is for our highest good. When we do this, we are also creating for the highest good of Humanity and Earth.

    Surges of high frequency energy coming from the sun, the earth and our inner connection to the life force is expanding us and providing the impetus for creative expression. Human beings are divinely creative. It is our nature. If you feel you haven’t an ounce of creativity within you, look to the one thing you tell yourself you can’t do and you will find there a longing for expression of some kind. Creativity is calling us and, like the headlights on our vehicles that shine forward into the darkness, we create as we go along, often feeling that we don’t know where we’re going. It’s like tapping into a vein of energy and following the flow. We are being called to express in new ways. Do things you’ve never done before. Use new tools. Each choice we make moves us forward on our trajectory to the truth of our being and lights our path along the way.

    Our Presence is Required

    Letting go of expectations allows us to be in the moment, aware, alert, paying attention to the rhythm and flow within and without.

    If your daily experience consists of being within a structure around an organization, see if you can tap into the malleability of that structure and how you can adapt it to your heart’s rhythm. Yes this is possible, but if you are telling yourself it is not possible to affect positive change within the structure, you are making it so by your belief in the impossibility. Do you need to change your environment or do you need to shift your beliefs about it?

    In these potent times of manifestation our presence is required. We may be finding that it is practically effortless to be focused in the moment of now. As we go about what we might consider the mundane tasks of daily activity, staying focused in the moment is a meditation, which allows us to really be aware of what is arising within and around us. The smallest focus of attention has the power to shift our trajectory towards where we most want to go. Contemplate where you would like your life to go and know that you are consciously moving towards that expression.

    As you intend to love yourself deeply, or to continue releasing the poison of the past – of the old paradigm – you will rise up shining into the integrity of your being, shining your Soul’s radiance out into your life, and shifting the structures that surround you into a more harmonious expression.

    All is energy

    We are living our lives mostly focused on the outer world and yet there is a further outer world that is made up of the energy of our intentions, heart frequency and thoughts. I used to think that this energetic realm that I see (and paint) was the “inner” world but I have come to realize that it is actually a little further “out” from physical density. It is the realm of probability and possibility. This realm is less dense than the 3D physical realm and it is through our awareness of this realm that we create our experience in the outer 3D world.

    We actually send rays of light/energy/frequency from our hearts out into this realm of energy, creating what we see and experience around us. We do this all the time, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Now, in this time of acceleration, change and heightened awareness, we are being gifted with the responsibility of conscious co-creation of our world in this new timeline and paradigm.

    Detail Telluria Pink Light Flower photo 01TelluriaPink_zpsujjj7kbv.jpg

    Detail: Tellurian Dreams

    Oil on board, 2015 ©Nancy Ward

    The shift has finally shifted!

    We recently underwent a shift of timeline, which sent a shock wave throughout our collective consciousness and now we are wobbling forward, like toddlers learning to walk, however we are learning quickly and getting our bearings as we move forward on the fast flowing sea of energy. It is of great importance to be present and aware of our thoughts, beliefs and patterns and discern what is our truth and what isn’t. Many of us have been practicing this for years and we have released so much of the untruths held within ourselves and the collective consciousness, as well. From time to time, we still have to deal with the last vestiges of fear arising from deep within us as we bless it and love ourselves out of the clutches of self judgment, criticism and regret. This was especially noticeable in the last two months of 2016.

    This is the time we came here for. As we move forward in conscious clarity, the energies of the old paradigm reach out like wisps of dark mist, perhaps triggering a buzz of old fear, but our receptors to these fears are dissolving and the mist of darkness can no longer take hold as we continue to strengthen our love for ourselves and realization of our Divinity.

    The light of awakening is coming to everyone. The unprepared may feel like they are losing their minds, and indeed they are, as the mind is no longer in the driver’s seat. Those who have been preparing have left behind a trail of light and energy for others to find and follow.

    Sometimes we may feel tired, uninspired, clueless and lost. We have just crossed a threshold into the unknown. Rest when you need to, allow your body to recharge as you continue to integrate the energy. Sometimes the body feels cumbersome and heavy. Stretch, dance, walk, move with mindfulness and rest with mindfulness. We are a non-physical awareness of divine life force with unique vibrational frequencies living within a physical body. Let us be conscious of the miracles that we are.

    Joy is the new frequency

    Well, joy isn’t really anything new but we are now being invited into experiencing true joy within us. Experiment with choosing joy as your “go-to” vibe and see how it lights up your path as you interface with physical reality. No matter what is going on around you, see how it feels when you make the choice to have joy be your foundation as you shine your life essence into the world.

    I remember there was a time when I didn’t know what joy felt like. I think the lack of joy is rooted in disappointment and loosing one’s connection to divinity. As babies and young children we are pure innocence and are filled with wonder for this world. If you have trouble accessing the vibration of joy, ask your guidance team for help in finding joy. When I did this, a memory surfaced of when I was a baby and saw a butterfly for the first time. I feel that we have all felt the sparkle of joy at some time in our lives, and we just need to remember.

    When you lean into the play of life – the outer goings on in the arenas of time and space – you may feel the pull downwards into various shades of helplessness and despair. As you experiment with joy, you will find that leaning into the chaos is like diving into story lines – literal lines of energy that pull you into deeper, darker waters where it is difficult to see your path. Back and forth we go, being pulled into the depths and then remembering our Soul essence, tuning into love and joy, and floating upwards again into clarity. It is our choice.

    Soon, instead of feeling how cumbersome the current physical reality is, we will feel the buoyancy of mirthful bliss. Oh, yes, from joy into bliss is possible as we continue to consciously shift frequencies, like rising up from the mire, through deep, dark waters, into lighter and lighter realms, finally bursting out like a flower of light, radiant with our own Soul essence – the truth or our being in full expression of who we are.

    Detail: Pyramids of Sirius Light Flower photo 01LightFlowrHeroines_zpsdza0jhye.jpg

    Light Flower (Detail: Heroine’s Journey)

    oil on canvas, 2015 ©Nancy Ward

    Each of us is a flower of light in the sea of consciousness growing more and more aware of our true reality as beings of light birthed from divine source.

    Have fun, thrive in creativity and joy as we co-create our new Earth together. What may look dire, is only the churning from the muck at the bottom as the poison of the past is experienced, truly felt, then loved and released. For many years we have been going through this experience of release on an individual level as well as on the collective level. We are collectively undergoing an initiation that, in the process of loving and letting go, helps us to rise above into the bright, new dawn.

    Shine On,

    Nancy Leilah Ward

    Join me for my bi-monthly Monday Guided Meditations. The next one will be Monday, January 16th at 8:30pm EST. For more information, click on this link:

    Copyright © 2017 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved for IMAGES and written material. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as it is kept intact and the author’s name and website style="background-color: transparent;"> are included.


    Video: "Open Portals of Love Meditation - Archangel Metatron -






    Healing Ancient Soul Wounds By Nora Yolles-Young

    I love the way the text below covers the same topic as Natalie's video, but the text is from: Nora Yolles-Young, C.Ht, PLR. Visit Nora at: Vasana: Ancient soul wound emerging from the human energy body as a 

    traumatic flash back, rage, anger, fear, physical pain, exhaustion, sadness, sorrow


    If you're reading this, it's likely that you're familiar with the 

    term and concept of vasana or ancient wound. My goal in this article is 

    to provide a practical tool to assist and empower those who feel 

    side-tracked or troubled by these soul wounds.


    Firstly, you're not alone. All awakening beings are experiencing 

    vasanas on some level. Because they're a natural part of the Ascension 

    process, it's important to understand that we resolve these ancient 

    wounds for our soul's evolution. We absolutely CAN learn how to cope and

    release these wounds.


    Because our souls live forever, we can do the work now or later, 

    quickly or slowly. There's no time frame. The work will indeed get done;

    it's just a matter of whether or not you want to do it now.


    Because of Ascension, there's added "support" energetically for the processing of 

    these wounds, making them more noticeable in our daily lives; often 

    distracting us and draining our internal resources.


    Because so many of us are light workers eager to be of service to the

    planet at this time, it can be discouraging when an ancient wound rears

    up and forces our attention away from our service work.


    Please trust and know that this is part of the work, and we have to 

    decide to roll-up our sleeves and get through it if we are going to 

    actualize our true potential as light beings. However, the choice is ours.


    When experiencing an ancient wound it's essential to look internally 

    to the mind and make an intentional connection with our higher self.


    Because we are spirit beings having a human experience we're more vast 

    than the human biological organism has the capacity to access. Imagine 

    fitting all of the light of the sun into a jar and closing the lid, that

    just about gets at how vast we are. Yet here on Earth, we lose the 

    sensation of that knowing. The good news is the higher self is 

    accessible by way of our mind.


    Trusting without scientific proof may be a stretch for some; yet I 

    suggest that that is as easy as a decision to be willing. Trust that our

    higher self is as close and accessible as our index finger is to our thumb.


    While experiencing an ancient wound, however we experience it, we can

    all agree that it feels lousy. These old yucky, painful, often ugly, 

    tucked-away aspects of ourselves can take our breath away. Here's 

    something to try. It can be done anywhere with eyes open or closed, just

    make sure you're seated or near a chair if you need to sit during the process.


    Agree and acknowledge that you're having this experience, and breathe.

    Decide and trust that you have the courage to get through it.

    Reach out to your higher self. Simply think or state out loud "Higher self, please be with me now."

    Notice where in your body, and how you're experiencing your wound.

    Ask your higher self to assist you in becoming the 

    observer to your experience while extending Love to it.

    See yourself in your mind's eye standing to the side of your experience viewing it in it's entirety and without judgment.

    Allow the wound to tell you what it needs. You might ask "Wound what are you showing me"? or "How can I help you heal?"


    Imagine the higher self/observer aspect of self giving the wound what 

    it needs with unconditional love. It could be healing light, sound, a 

    prayer, whatever feels most appropriate to you.


    Ask the wound if there's anything else that can be done at this time to assist in its healing. If so, repeat steps 7 and 8.

    Now ask that all aspects of self be combined and integrated into a new more whole and healthy you.


    Releasing our wounding comes in layers. It's important to be patient 

    and kind with ourselves as we traverse the terrain of this wild and 

    truly awesome journey of life as human beings on glorious Terra Gaia.


    Affirmation: I am open to love, to growth and to the light of my spirit.