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Embodying Your Ultimate Relationship With the Creator

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    January 28, 2017 3:56 AM PST

    Here are two more uplifting messages to enjoy with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Abundance, Steve

    Embodying Your Ultimate Relationship With the Creator - Mary Magdalene Through Natalie Glasson... and ... Access The Net Of Love/Light & Violet Ray Grid Of Freedom - By Sonja Myriel

    Embodying Your Ultimate Relationship

    With the Creator - Mary Magdalene Through Natalie Glasson

    I, Mary Magdalene, come forth with immense love for you and all of humanity. Love is my role, purpose and gift that I wish to give to humanity, inspired by my connection and divine relationship with the Creator. As Ascended Masters upon the inner planes, our service to humanity and the Earth is inspired by our personal connection with and experience of the Creator. Everything that we are and do is inspired by our remembrance of the integration of our soul with the Creator.

    As I bring forth to you my love, I place bouquets of the most beautiful and serene flowers, shimmering and glistening with light, at your feet. While this is a symbol of the love I share with you, it is also a portal or gateway of light that encourages you to explore my synthesis with the Creator as well as your own.

    Many a lifetime you have walked upon the Earth journeying to remember your true and eternal embrace with the Creator. These journeys have shared numerous insights into the limitations of humanity as well as the abundance of Creator truth. Whether you realise it or not, you already see through the illusions of the Earth. You already know all you feel you need to, and you already are everything that you wish to be spiritually.

    Now is the time to realise that your journey continues. However, it is awakening into a new stage of awareness, a time when you no longer seek, no longer try to achieve and give away your power. You are existing in a period of your ascension which has been long awaited, a time when all that is needed is for you to recognise yourself in your full beauty and the blissful nature that is your truth, power and natural existence.

    This is a time when you allow yourself to become everything you know yourself to be. I, Mary Magdalene, can share with you that you are a being beyond limitations, a heart which has the capacity to love fully and eternally, you are a soul which has full understanding of all that is the Creator, as well as being able to recognise yourself as not existing as a being, person or even form.

    You are light, love and peace, yet even these are labels and forms which distract you from your truth. As I share with you all that you are, I will say that it is only you who can truly access and understand your truth. Discovering who you are on a limitless scale can be accessed and experienced when you explore, recognise and consciously embody your relationship with the Creator, your true and ultimate relationship with the Creator.

    Every part of your ascension now is leading you to remember your ultimate relationship with the Creator. You are allowing yourself to see, sense and acknowledge your truth, which is the synthesis of the Creator, because you understand and have explored fully all that is the Earth, especially the habits of humanity.

    Many of you observe the habits of those around you and yourself with a sense of familiarity. You may even feel that you can predict what will occur in a person’s life even from the small actions or habits they continue to make. You have studied many human beings, you have gained an expansive and compassionate understanding of the limitations, lack and suffering that humanity fall into.

    Most importantly you have studied and observed yourself. You understand what needs to be let go of and what requires to be embraced, whether your spiritual awakening feels new in this lifetime or not. In truth, everything about the Earth feels familiar to you, whether you are conscious of this or not. You are able to recognise that everything that encourages you to experience limitations, lack and suffering is a pattern, a distraction and a familiar experience which hinders you from recognising your truth.

    These experiences hold you back from remembering all that you are,  while propelling you forward and offering tools to access deep-seated knowledge that allows you to understand humanity fully, which is your sacred and ultimate relationship with the Creator.  Your ascension now invites you to recognise that you already understand the nature of humanity. You already experience a divine relationship with the Creator, there is simply a need for both to become a conscious and continuous presence in your physical reality upon the Earth.

    Understanding Your Relationship with the Creator Through Mary Magdalene

    Through receiving my energy, Mary Magdalene, you will support yourself in remembering your own sacred relationship, union and synthesis with the Creator.

    ‘Mary Magdalene, please come forth and surround me in your truthful, loving energy. As I breathe in and accept your presence with me, I know that I am ready, willing and able to connect with my true self, to remember my truth and to become fully conscious of my synthesis, merging and integration with the Creator.

    I allow myself to access my truth now. In doing so, I assist myself in accessing the vast knowledge I have gained by observing myself and humanity through numerous lifetimes. My heart chakra and higher heart chakra are open channels bringing forth all the understanding and embodiment I require to aid my ascension and self-realisation at this moment. Mary Magdalene, I know that as I commune with your energy, so I connect with and understand my own truth with greater depth, knowingness and faith. Thank you.’

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    Identify and Explore Your Relationship with the Creator

    Recognising and experiencing the eternally compassionate loving nature of your soul present in your heart chakra, entire being and even in those around you encourages you to identify and explore your relationship with the Creator. At this time your heart chakra wishes to expand more than you could possibly imagine, while memories of limitations, lack and suffering held within your heart wish to come to the surface of your heart chakra so that the truth they hold can be accepted fully by you.

    Memories of limitations, lack, suffering and fear are often acknowledged by you as being or creating pain, distress and anguish. This may have been the case at one stage, however, you have retained these memories in your heart chakra for a very specific reason. Each memory is a key that allows you to unlock and remember your compassionate observation and study of yourself and others.

    Each memory offers vital information to fully understand the habits of the Earth and her humanity, to see through illusions and to realise the patterns that are present. Patterns which seem to be negative experiences or situations, however, hold wisdom which allows you to accept your power and to remember your eternal union with the Creator.

    Currently, it is as if you have accepted a perspective which encourages you to recognise illusion rather than truth. When you allow yourself to see beyond the patterns of limitations, lack and suffering that occur in your life and others, you allow yourself to gain a new perspective. This new perspective, we could say is the ultimate perspective. You have been waiting to reunite with this perspective through numerous lifetimes; it is your perception of yourself as your expansive form in complete union with the Creator.

    Let your heart be as loving as it wishes to be, allow memories of pain, suffering, fear and limitations to rise recognising the truth and divine wisdom they remind you of. The synthesis of these two experiences will prepare you for exploring and remembering your divine relationship with the Creator.

    Contemplating Your Relationship with the Creator

    Take time to explore and contemplate your relationship with the Creator. I, Mary Magdalene, share with you some questions which you can use as points of exploration and self-observation during meditation:

    What is the Creator?

    What do I feel or think about my connection with the Creator?

    What do I feel, sense or think the Creator’s connection with me is or is like?

    Am I truly deserving of having a relationship with the Creator?

    What do I experience, sense or acknowledge when I focus upon my synthesis/merging with the Creator? Alternatively, when I repeat the affirmation, ‘I am synthesised as the Creator.’

    There are no right or wrong answers to these questions; they are simply portals of exploration to encourage you to access that which limits you and the expansive truth of yourself as the Creator.

    Meditation for Enhancing Your Awareness of Your Relationship with the Creator

    During meditation allow yourself to invite the Creator to surround you completely in the purest Creator frequency of light available to you now.

    As you feel the Creator embracing you, recognise that within you is a beacon of light so profoundly beautiful, this is also the Creator. 

    Let the beacon of light within you merge with the embrace of light of the Creator that surrounds you. Observe the energy, light, wisdom or knowingness that forms from this simple synthesis.

    Imagine, sense or acknowledge that within your being and through the beacon of light within you there is a higher, purer presence of the Creator. Allow yourself to merge your energies and light with this aspect of the Creator. Observe what occurs as this will allow you to recognise the qualities, feelings, sensation and even words or wisdom that express and explain to you your relationship with the Creator.

    I, Mary Magdalene, am present to be of service to you in realising your relationship with the Creator, it is an essential aspect of ascension now.

    We are one eternally,

    Mary Magdalene

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    Access The Net Of Love/Light & Violet Ray Grid Of Freedom With Your 'I Am Presence' - By Sonja Myriel

    Dearly beloved light- and lovegrid family,

    Indeed, lightgrid is evolving! From tomorrow onwards our daily connexions will be synchronized by our personal grids of LOVE and LIGHT!

    The lines are established, the net finished and woven, ready to be accessed by all who sincerely wish to contribute to the global - galactic - universal - multidimensional NET OF LOVE AND LIGHT! Our focus is on the dawning age of LOVE and no longer shall we be restricted by the bonds of courtesy and blandness!

    What must be said, shall be voiced,

    what must be released, be severed,

    what's meant to be left behind now, be lifted and shifted to LOVE!

    So BE it and so it IS!

    As one voice we speak:

    I AM God's Will in Action

    I AM God's Love in Action

    I AM God's Wisdom and Creative Intelligence in Action




    I would like to invite you to CELEBRATE this New Moon, as new tidings are truly upon us! 

    Find your time, become ONE with the universal FLOW of LOVE and join in the circle of CONNECTEDNESS beyond the veils of forgetfulness! We are not our bodies, we are not our feelings, we are not our thoughts, we are not our words, we are not our actions, we are not our deeds - WE ARE PURE LOVE LIGHT ENERGY! No more - AND NO LESS!!!

    In the knowing that I AM not who I seem to be, in the knowing that I AM not that which other's see in me, in the knowing that I AM not a body bound to space and time, but a soul to whom was gifted the exoerience of LIFE in a body on Earth, who I know as my Mother whose name is GAIA TERRA SHAN VEJ, I invite you to explore the vastness of your I AM EXPERIENCE with a new awareness of WHO YOU REALLY ARE and to JOIN US beyond the veils of matter and time, of forgetfulness and desaster - to CREATE FROM THE POINT WHICH IS NEITHER WITHIN NOR WITHOUT you- but rather NO-WHERE at all ... you know what I mean!

    What I have found out during the last few days is that everything begins in SOURCE, has its origin in LOVE, is destined to help us see MORE of the bigger picture, of what is truly important. Sometimes we play roles because we are used to them, sometimes we put on masks in the hope to be SEEN - yet, how should anybody SEE us for who we really ARE, if we ourselves do not recognize the bountyful BEAUTY which we emanate when we reMEMBER ... 




    reMEMBER the LOVElight you ARE!




    reMEMBER the bountiful, boundless BLESSINGS you not only deserve, but are destined to demand!




    reMEMBER that it's YOU who must ask

    who must ask and knock on the door 

    which shall open so YOU can stride through.

    Pace directly into the unknown, the undescribable VOID,

    where no-one is waiting

    where no-one is paving the way anylonger for you!

    WELCOME tp sovereignity!

    WELCOME to the world of FREEDOM in SPEECH ACTION and DEED!

    WELCOME to express now the eternal frequency, the unique vibration of your innermost BEING,

    who does no longer see itself reflected in masks!

    It's safe now to sail the ocean of LIFE.

    It's time now to leave the buzzing hive.

    Time to strech out your hand now through action and deed,

    as through word and through action we creatively SEED.

    And as we are growing, evolving from harm,

    we find a new pleasure, and gain a new charm.

    The charm of deliverance, untouchably NEW,

    is the result of surrender to SERVICE - unpredictably TRUE!

    And thus we shall celebrate these new tidings announced by the MOON,

    letting go of old structures to renew it ALL!

    Connected we are ETERNALLY, dear soul family and gridworking team,

    may we know it or not - our frequency is determined, chosen WITHIN!

    LOVE ETERNAL, my dear dragon brethren,

    LOVE ETERNAL to the family of the VIOLET FLAME!

    On Imbolc, the 2nd of February, the new moon energies will tangibly set in and together as ONE shall all who resonate to lightgrid's proposal be lifted out of structures which are already scrumbling away! And as they are falling apart now the beauty of our true inner BEING shall rise to the forefront, and INNER KNOWING shall replace the doubts of uncertainty which so often accompany change! 

    Be prepared for new beginnings, as new tidings set in.

    The time to step forward has come now!

    Are YOU among those who answer the call?

    The decision is yours - it has ALWAYS BEEN!

    May we EVOLVE - and the world around us WAKE UP!

    I'm seeing it happening ... not "some day" - but happening around me: ETERNALLY NOW!

    In deep heartfelt GRATITUDE to all my friends here at lightgrid - those who have found their way here already, and those still outside there who at their own divine timing shall READ this and KNOW NOW: indeed, she means ME!

    You perfectly well know who you are, as your frequency defines you and it rises with the words which you know are written for YOU: THANK YOU FOR THE LIGHTWORK YOU ARE DAILY PERFORMING, FOR SPREADING THE MESSAGE OF ANOTHER NEW COSMIC DAY which is dawning!

    With all my LOVE I greet you NOW: from heart to heart, from soul to soul, spirit in SPIRIT we are evolving as ONE!

    May you know it or not - your soul family is waiting for you to sail the course you yourSELF destined four yourself - that's all that is needed ... and the rest is OUR-STORY - not HIS-TORY anymore!


    Sonja Myriel RAouine LIGHTGRID - Lichtnetz - REDDELUZ at: "Emmanuel Dagher's Holiday Gift To Us - Release Self Sabotage &

    Be All You Can Be ! - width="560" height="315" src="">