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Accepting Your Incredible Differences By Shanta Gabriel

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    January 27, 2016 12:40 AM PST

    Accepting Your Incredible Differences

    By Shanta Gabriel - Spiritual Support For New Life Awakening

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives. For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is showing us one way to find freedom.

    The Gabriel Message card for this week

    Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.

    Growing up in the military, it was never cool to be different from everyone else. Try as I might however, I could never blend in as was required of me. Even though I acted like a chameleon trying to change my color to please everyone, it never worked. For most of my life, I felt as though I was strangely different than other people.

    The awareness that I could not fit into other people's agendas, and that I did not think or feel like others, plagued me and lessened my self-esteem. I wanted so much to be loved and accepted as I was. Underneath it all, I was the one who was judging myself the most harshly for being different. In the wisdom of my soul, the separateness of this experience drove me to the spiritual path.

    When I first started being coached by Archangel Gabriel in 1990, I was flooded with a new kind of love in my heart. It helped me to feel that it was my own acceptance and love of myself that could change the course of my life. I was shown that the qualities that I felt others dismissed in me were, in fact, the ones that allowed me to bring my gifts and talents forward to empower my life.

    Many highly sensitive souls are especially aware of the incredible ways that they are different. It often causes severe issues with confidence and self-esteem, and yet it is these very unique and incredible qualities that the Earth needs right now.

    Only you can offer your special gifts to the symphony of all life. Those aspects that may have most embarrassed you throughout your life are the ones that life is calling you to bring to the world. These qualities are your soul gifts that you have developed for lifetimes.

    No matter what it feels like, you have beautiful qualities and inspiration to offer to the world. With patience and an open heart, these gifts are springing into your awareness. Do your best not to judge yourself right now. This is a time when the innocent being within you is asking for your loving acceptance.

    With your own loving-kindness and compassion for yourself, trust opens within you and more gifts are able to surface. All is in Divine Timing. Your support system is coming together on all levels to assist you now. It is an especially important time for you to relax and receive. Know that all is well. And so it s.

    Divine Presence,

    May I know in my heart and mind the special gifts my soul has brought into this life for me to use. I ask for greater Trust in myself and Faith that I am being inspired and guided in every moment. Help me to receive the inspiration within me at a deeper level than ever before. I ask for the strength and the courage to use my soul's gifts as a blessing to the world.

    Please assist me to hear the song within me that makes my heart sing, and give me the confidence to share it with others in appropriate ways.

    I ask to see the Beauty that is opening within me. I want to be a radiant Light to the world and use my gifts and talents to serve in beautiful ways. May all that I do be in harmony with my Soul's purpose.

    Bless me so I remember that it is safe to expand into new levels of Love, Success and Abundance in every area of my life. For these and all my gifts and blessings, I say thank you God. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel
    January 24, 2016

    The Gabriel Messages #30

    Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.

    Dear One,

    You have all been trained on this earth to fit in, to be a part of the way things are, to not go out of your way to change “what is.” This is the training and yet, deep down most people know the truth — that it is only by being different that great changes can occur. Creativity lies in not being the same as everyone else. It results from listening and moving to a different tune — the one within, not outside, yourself.
    So many people go through life feeling like an outcast, as if there is something wrong with them because they are different from other people. We are saying that these incredible differences are your gifts to give to the world. It is time to accept these differences and follow the lead of your creative self. Trying to fit in stifles your spirit. Freedom comes from knowing that those parts of you that are different from others hold the key to the joy and success that you desire.
    It is in the acceptance of all of yourself that you will grow. You cannot love only that which you consider good and reject the other parts of yourself. Those other parts have purpose also. Understanding this will lead you to the place of wholeness that you long for. Wholeness means feeling total joy and love within yourself, feeling connection with your God Source and all of life. This is only possible if you can love and accept all the different parts of your personality and human make-up.

    Self-criticism is one of the biggest factors in causing personal pain and slowing growth. So it would seem helpful to find a new role for your inner critic. There are many situations where this type of voice can be useful. Simply tell this side of your personality that you do appreciate its efforts to make you a better person, and keep it busy by sending it to work in those areas where you need more order and organization in your life. When you set judgment aside, you will begin to feel an expansiveness in your mind that allows inspiration and creativity to enter. You do have these creative parts of your personality. These are the parts of you that strive for expansion and are linked to your Higher Power and to the Angelic energy.


    If you call upon the Angel of Inspiration and Creativity to show you ways to expand and enrich your life, a powerful focus of energy will begin to work in this direction. As you begin to use this new creative flow, it will become stronger and stronger. Creative Solutions will appear where they were not apparent previously. You will begin to break through old patterns of thought that hold you back, and doors will open to bring more joy, prosperity and originality into every area of your life.

    When you can accept all parts of yourself as unique and special in their own way, there will be a sense of peace within you. There will be less fear in following your inner guidance and intuition. You will begin to trust yourself and to express your uniqueness. Remember that all the humans who are revered and considered great by the world, are highly valued for their differences, not for their sameness.

    Keep this as your intention. Choose freedom and expansion instead of fear and contraction. Ask yourself what you would do if you could do anything. What would make your heart sing? Then ask for assistance from the Angels to create your vision for the good of all, and know all things are possible. Miracles are the natural order of the universe. Be willing to have things change in your life for the better. Be willing to see the good within you and accept the incredible differences that make you who you are. And always remember that you are greatly loved.

    Your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:
    Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.

    Shanta Gabriel for
    Archangel Gabriel
    January 24, 2016

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