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Secrets for Ascension by Nara Merlyn by Natalie Glasson

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    February 14, 2016 3:35 PM PST

    Secrets for Ascension by Nara Merlyn

    Free Audio Download: through Natalie Glasson – 12th February 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

    Greetings to all light beings upon the Earth, especially those who incarnated into the period of Atlantis and are present continuing the true purpose of Atlantis at this brilliant time of ascension. You have been a constant glowing beacon of light throughout so many of the major stages of Earth’s ascension, you are in service bringing light to all areas of the Earth, however long the planet takes to transform. I honour you for being on the Earth now, please know that the growth and wisdom you will gain from your current lifetime is immense and will accelerate so many beautiful experiences on the inner planes once your service upon the Earth is complete.

    I wish to invite you daily to recognise within you and further cultivate your love for Mother Earth. This simple process allows you to fulfil your purpose on the Earth, letting your healing vibrations flow as well as grounding you into the beauty of Mother Earth. In my lifetime upon Atlantis I realised a very beautiful understanding which to me seems like the secret of the Earth. If you love Mother Earth, expressing and sharing your love daily not only do you enhance your connection with Mother Earth to understand the ascension shifts taking place, you actually allow all forms of illusion to fall away. When you love Mother Earth unconditionally, it is akin to an activation taking place within you which means you see beyond and through the illusions of the Earth accesses a higher consciousness of clarity and truth. Such a simple process and yet a valuable experience which allows you to take responsibility for your spiritual and physical reality, further guiding others. I hope you will experiment with my sharing as it is immensely powerful. There are so many keys and activations which can take place within your being when you allow your soul and intuition to guide you.

    Another key or secret of the divine that I recognised in my Earthly incarnation was that if you hold a very honest intention to allow yourself to transform, akin to a willingness to transform, change and alter with faith that the outcome will serve and fulfil you, then you accelerate at great speed through ascension. Your willingness to transform in your current reality is essential, it signifies that you are open to receive, accepting of letting go of attachments and cultivating trust in your worthiness to experience the goodness of life. You may wish to focus upon each of your chakras from your root to your crown in turn stating this affirmation while feeling its truth anchoring and awakening within each chakra. ‘I am willing to transform.’ It is such a powerful and potent statement, because it allows you to leave all of your attachments to the Earthly reality and your e go behind you, entering into the brilliant truth of the Creator. Through this practice you will notice the speed and ease of your ascension manifesting.

    There are so many secrets that I wish to share with you in this moment. During my lifetime upon Atlantis, I felt immense loneliness. I presumed this was because I simply wished to return to the Creator, my home, releasing myself from the Earthly reality. I later realised that I yearned for a person or companion in my life who understood me in the way that the Creator recognises all that is my truth. I believed that a partner to share my life with would fulfil the loneliness within me. Later I recognised that my loneliness was of my own making, my own focus upon resisting the Creator and resisting a soul in my life who would recognise my truth. My resistance was a conflict within me which demonstrated both that which I wished to experience and that which I did not. I desperately wanted to recognise the tender Creator truth of my being and yet resisted seeing, sensing and acknowledging my inner truth for myself. Instead I wanted another to verify my inner truth and connection with the Creator for me, which in turn caused me further pain when this did not happen. Thus not only was I resisting myself and the Creator I was also hindering Creator aspects entering into my life as companions and partners.

    In order to attract a partner or friends into your life that support your spiritual evolutions, even wisdom, abundance or healing, there is a need to be truthful with yourself. When you are truthful and honest with yourself then you allow the truth to rise from within you. It is important to recognise your powers as well as evaluating patterns and perspectives that hinder you. Thus when you are able to face yourself, observing and knowing yourself with honesty then it is far easier to heal, dissolve resistance and accept the Creator in all beautiful forms that are available. When you observe yourself, the process of letting go of the perspective you recognise is immensely important as it will encourage you to create a truthful perspective and observation of yourself.

    I encourage you to recognise your powers, abilities and beautiful qualities, honouring and loving yourself for bringing forth these aspects of yourself. Then invite your soul and your angels to energise and amplify these aspects of yourself. I invite you to observe the thought patterns, emotions, beliefs and even unconscious or subconscious affirmations you create daily. Observe them with love and patience then invite your soul and your angels to heal, dissolve and erase your revelations perfectly in accordance to the divine will of the Creator. Experience yourself being energise and cleansed.

    The more you are willing to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator, free from ego, within you, the easier you will attract all you desire into your reality as well as erasing feelings of loneliness.

    Did you know that one of the many purposes of the Earth is to encourage you to share the Creator? The Creator does not belong to you, nor does it belong to another. The presence of the Creator is equal within all. Your purpose is to share your aspect of the Creator in your reality while simultaneously graciously receiving the aspects of the Creator which are shared with you from others. It is not to give your power away to others and their opinions. More so it is to realise that whatever a person is expressing verbally or physically, there is a beautiful and pure aspect of the Creator emanating, often without the conscious aware of the person. This is an energy you can receive, accept and nurture your being with. No longer is it the time for you to hide yourself away and commune with the Creator privately, discarding all aspects of life. While this serves you and is required sometimes when deep healing and self-recognition is taking place. It is time to realise that you can explore your truth through your willingness to share, give and express the Creator within you appropriately. This is not to force your views upon others, it is to realise that every moment energetically is a moment of connection with the Creator, both within your being and through connection with those around you.

    Many of you will discover that in the present and coming time of ascension that souls will enter into your reality where deep sharing, receiving and giving of the Creator can be experienced within each and between you. An entwining of Creator energies within both of you will lead to a climaxing and further awakening of the Creator. These souls may be guides on the inner planes, physical partners, new friendships or even the communion of your soul with your physical being. Be ready to share, give and receive the Creator as this will be a vital shift to further your ascension. A communion of souls, a communion of the Creator.

    In order to share, radiate and emanate the Creator aspect within you there is a need to release all old patterns that have dissuaded you in achieving this in the past. With this simple understanding we begin to realise the current process of ascension for all.

    ‘With the powerful and loving support of my guides, angels and the Creator, I allow myself to dissolve, heal and cleanse all energies within me that hinder me from sharing, experiencing and receiving the Creator truthfully, purely and fully within my being and reality. I am willing to commune with the Creator within me, I am willing to commune with the Creator within others, I am willing to transform.’

    Acceptance, acknowledgment and compassion for yourself and others is a powerful process of communing with the Creator. Communing with the Creator firstly is to create shifts within your own perspectives more so than any outward expressions, while positive outward expressions can support your deeper connection within.

    The Creator and all soul involved in ascension at this time are encouraging you to move deeper into the truth within your being, preparing for divine expression.

    In constant love and support,

    Nara Merlyn

    Who Is Nara Merlyn?

    By Natalie Glasson

    Nara Merlyn is my past life self, she is an aspect and an expression of my soul who existed upon Atlantis during the period of its decline. My soul has incarnated into Atlantis many times for different reasons and purposes which aid the evolution and expansion of my soul. I am also aware of my soul having many lifetimes upon the Earth throughout its history, none of these seem as powerful, real and familiar to me as my lifetimes as Nara, which seems to have interlaced itself with my current reality as Natalie.

    Nara was deeply connected to her soul group, which is also my soul group, the Celestial White Beings. The Celestial White Beings are a source of light, they are one unity and yet they show themselves as many formless beings of light signifying the diverse qualities of the Creator. They exist at a celestial and cosmic level which means their energy is profoundly pure and quick in vibration. The Celestial White Beings supported the Creation of the Earth and continue to aid the ascension of humanity. The Celestial White Beings placed Nara upon the Earth during Atlantis as a reprehensive of their energy, I, Natalie, am now the reprehensive of the Celestial White Beings upon the Earth.

    Nara is an aspect of my soul’s journey, she feels so familiar to me, we are one and the same and I see many likenesses between myself Natalie, and Nara, I accept and love her completely seeing her like my sister. I know we are from the same source, my soul, and yet we feel like individuals so similar and yet so different.  She is an aspect of me and yet I feel we are both working to support ascension upon this Earth right now, however on different dimensions and pathways.

    Nara’s purpose was to oversee a temple in Northern Atlantis which was the home of the Celestial White Beings. She acted as a Guardian of the Temple, a High Priestess, Healer and Channel of the Celestial White Beings’ energy. Nara has shared her story and I have documented it because she has a purpose of healing the patterns in our current reality born from Atlantis, as well as awakening humanity to the similarities between our reality now and the reality of Atlanteans to bring forth a shift of emergence.

    You can read Nara’s story as a twenty two year old woman and High Priestess living upon Atlantis during its fall from high vibrations, connecting with her energies and receiving her spiritual guidance in my new book, ‘White Beacons of Atlantis.’ Nara’s story is exhilarating, enlightening and filled with the love of the Creator even though it speaks of the most challenging period of Atlantis.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to allow Nara to guide you in connecting with the energies of Atlantis, discovering and exploring your own past lifetimes upon Atlantis as well as bringing healing to the aspect of your soul that experienced Atlantis. Nara’s purpose is to create completion so that any negative patterns or programming from Atlantis no longer are projected by you into your currently reality and the consciousness of humanity. You are being invited to support the healing of Atlantis and the current reality of the Earth and Nara is ready to guide you.

    Read Nara's Story in the White Beacons of Atlantis