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Your Life Filtered through Love by Shelly Dressel

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    February 20, 2016 4:23 AM PST

    Your Life Filtered through Love

    Shelly Dressel

    a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    Sunday, 7 February, 2016

    This channel is filled with such an amazing amount of love.  It’s presence that just permeates the words, the place, each person and the Goddess.  Throughout our lives we’ve had one experience after another.  These experiences create a filter through which we see the world or even that creates an impact on our lives.  If life has been tough and we expect that nothing comes easy; nothing will.  If our experience is that people lie and you can’t trust them; you’ll manifest the reflection of that.

    During this channel we step into the place of love; universal love, divine love, unlimited love, unconditional love……. and on and on.  We have the option to create changes in how we see the world and this channel can help you in letting go so that the primary perception comes to you through love.  This can change everything in your life!

    Once the Goddess finished speaking about love in our lives, the 3 Universal Light beings from: Pleiades, Arcturus and the Omniverse spoke of how their energy work creates greater structure and greater balance. 

    So too, this was channeled right before Valentine’s Day and the beauty of the love in regards to that is amazing.  Open to feel and see the difference in your life as you look at the world through love~~~ 


    Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

    I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out inviting you to come and join me in this time of togetherness, in this time of joining in love, in energy, in celebration for you being the human that you are and for I being the Goddess, but also bringing in the universal light energy. 

    There is so much that is taking place both upon the earth and out in the universe.  People are becoming more aware through numerology, through Astrology, through conscious awareness such as these Channeled mediations or other guidance that people may have; that there is just an immense amount of potential available to each one of you.  

    This potential may be about you expanding in your light so that you see, know and become aware of what’s happening.  This potential may represent that greater flow to universal light energy so that it may support you.  This potential may simply be that every day you wake up you have the intention that this day I will move through it with ease.

    Anything that is taking place within your life is that reflection of who you are within. 

    As the consciousness of the earth continues to expand that means that you have greater alignment first and foremost with your divinity, but then through that with your lightbody energy.  Lightbody energy is that crystalline vibration of who you are.  It comes from a very high vibration out within the universe.  So too it is an alignment with you as your divinity so as to support you directly within your life.  It feels good, it’s an awareness; it’s an opportunity to support you in ways that you may sometimes forget.

    Look around.  Ask yourself about love.  How much love is there in your life?  Are you open to receive love?  Are you open to send out love?  Love is a two way street with you as the conduit receiving and sending so that it moves through you on many levels.  The more love you allow within your life the more love there is. 

    I invite you to take a moment and let your energies just flow, moving into the earth allowing your focus, or your awareness, to create that deeper alignment within Gaia, so that as you anchor yourself and your consciousness.  It allows for even more of you to be released, you allow your consciousness to move upwards until you find your alignment with your higher self.

    As you move within this space you automatically are within the alignment.  Here’s a good time to look around and if there is anything that no longer serves you ~whew~ clear it out.  Clear it out, letting it go, releasing it. 

    Your higher self is not only a place of your consciousness it is a place where your divinity merges with you the human in this lifetime bringing with it the energies of your divinity.  Let your awareness stream out even further.  It is as if you follow that cord of light or that cord of energy.  It expands until you find yourself within your divinity or your I AM presence.  Really feel the expansion of what that means to you.  Really feel your energies as it is moving out or moving in different directions. 

    Your divinity is your access to the universe.  It is your access to past lives.  It is your access to the universal light beings.  It is your access to the part of you that flows within and around the energies of the universe.  Pick up those pieces.  Allow yourself to feel.  Allow yourself to know who you are.

    I the goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so we merge our energies.  As our energies blend it is a way of expanding into the All That Is.  Here within the All That Is allow yourself to find the balance that is you.  We are in that place of creation that is assisting all with moving into the higher vibration. 

    Within this space allow your own consciousness to know the unconditional love of source.  As if you allow your eyes to close and you are just floating suspended in this pure love energy.  Feel that deep inner knowing of who you are.  Feel that alignment of God and Goddess.  Accept that you the human in this lifetime are this very energy in which you are aligned. 

    My intention so far during this year has been to assist people with raising their vibration in such a way that you will feel a greater flow of potentials within your life.  Within this space I seek to focus upon that which will enhance your life.  I seek to create a place in which you may feel, sense, know, communicate what that is for you. 

    Allow your focus to open up to love.  What is love?  For most people it is a feeling that you may associate with a partner, family members, friends, a job, an experience.  Love is something that is intrinsically within every part of your life.  Therefore allow it to be the reflection of everything that you are doing. 

    You are walking down the road there is a love for being alive, a love for feeling the earth beneath your feet, a love for feeling the energies that are around you.  Everything that you do within your life is filtered by the human that you are.  For some that filter may consist of fear, frustration, anger, lack and minimalism.  You have the opportunity and the potential to create a change so that the primary filter within you is from love. 

    Take a moment to close your eyes.  Allow your focus or your consciousness to go within you as if you breathe down into your heart center once more.  You may find that your heart is the focus of where love begins within you. That is indeed the representation that love is something that you feel. 

    Love has a belief system associated with it; love is within your mental body, your thoughts.  As we are here in the All That Is I invite you to just open up for all the many ways in which you feel, see, sense and perceive love in your life.  Okay for some it is as if you see images of when you feel loved the strongest.  For others it is just that flow of love that is undefined.  It is just simply moving through you. 

    These are all varied ways in which you receive information.  As you open to that perception or that awareness you then kind of let it move off to the side so to speak.  I the Goddess and the other energies and light beings here are creating an immense ball of energy and light that has as its foundations love and this ball, this energy, is sent to you so that you may receive it within your heart.

    Energy can be shifted, expanded, transformed through many different intentions.  You have the ability to tap into love so as to create that expanded foundation.  There we go, I am now feeling each one of you getting bigger and bigger as if to push out the boundaries, allowing your expansion to further move into every level of consciousness. 

    Allow yourself to recognize love that is here from the universal light.  Recognize that the love that is here from your divinity, the love from I the Goddess with God and there might be something that is unique unto you.  Feel whatever that may be so that you are just wide open allowing love to move through you.

    As this moves through have the intention that if anything at all is outside of love within your consciousness it then merges bringing whatever that might be into the vibration of love. 

    As you look around through these eyes of love become aware of perhaps a change in your perception.  Consider something within your life in which you are seeking a new perspective.  Let it come up within you.  You may see images or have a feeling of just a thought about what that may be.  Perhaps you already have an answer just simply being here within the All That Is. 

    If you are still seeking an answer then infuse love into whatever that situation may be.  It may be that you infuse a color that represents love.  It may be that you infuse the energy without any specific dynamics.  It may be that you simply feel love and then you consider the situation.

    Are you open to receive love?  It always makes me smile because the immediate answer I hear from people is ‘Oh yes of course, why wouldn’t I be’.  In reality people within their life they have defenses.  Perhaps they have been hurt.  Perhaps they have been frustrated; whatever it may be.  Ask yourself the question.  Am I truly open to receive love in my life? If need be, take a deep breath in feel that as it moves through you. 

    Let it fill in those places inside of you that may have fear, frustration or anger so that the forefront of energy is love that you are receiving.  Not just love coming from a tiny filter, but love from this universal light energy that has a vibration that rises to a level that allows you to feel good in every aspect of your life.  Consider now that same question.  Are you open to receive love in your life?  There is a much greater flow of energy that now moves through everybody.

    I would therefore encourage you from time to time to have that intention that you would take a breath or two, open up that column of light and let love flow through you so that the primary filter or the primary energy from which you see the world is love. 

    It’s powerful.  It has the ability to move even that which is the deepest seated energy within you.  There is only love.

    I know every time I say that I hear back from you, “Oh no that’s not true” and you have all those many excuses about why or the examples of how there is not enough love either in your life or in the world.  Those examples are true, I see it. But there’s a big difference when you look at those same exact situations through the eyes of fear, frustration, anger, resentment, or when you look at those same situations through love. 

    Indeed you are human.  Indeed it may be challenging at times to always be in that space of love.  The key is that if ever you find yourself outside of that you recognize it and you circle back around coming into balance where you are filtering everything through the energy of love. Take a Deep breath in and enjoy that feeling. 

    The three universal light beings that you met in the past wish to make themselves known as they kind of step to the front you may have a sense of people gathering around.  Again they represent Arcturus, Pleaiades, and the Omniverse and they also gather as a group to also speak of love.

    The Universal Light Beings Speak:

    Greetings our beloved friends and for some of you our family. 

    We are very pleased to come forward during this time of communication where the message is about love.  This is one of the subjects that is at the forefront of our focus with the intention of bringing through the new higher vibrations or energies into the earth. 

    When you tap into the vibrations of various parts of the universe you may feel or sense different energies, but the overriding energy is always love.  When people reside within primarily the 6th dimension and above love is that foundation.

    This is also been true for the fifth dimension, but as the earth itself has been integrating into the 5th dimension it is creating a variety of energies that is shifting the predominance of the love within of the love in that dimension.  This is in some ways to be expected.  It is also another reason why we three are choosing to come in as we represent this new energy. 

    We represent creating changes in your life so that you manifest that which you seek.  We represent a vibration of oneness so that there is not a separation between one of the three of us nor is there a separation between us and you. 

    All are linked through various threads of energy that have been woven within and upon the earth many millions of years ago.  The threads of this tapestry continue to transform as the vibration of the collective consciousness also continues to transform.  We infuse the energy of balance into that vibration.  We infuse the energy of love into any situation that may be occurring upon the earth. 

    We seek to assist with changes howsoever that may be reflected within your life. 

    It feels good.  It feels expansive.  It feels transitional and we are very excited to be able to speak with this group so as to be a part of a specific transformation taking place within and around the earth.  There are other planets out within the universe experiencing changes to their reality.  Some are similar to the earth others are quite different. The importance is to know that what happens upon one planet affects another and if there is one planet in a greater need, then the rest of the solar system surrounds it shifting the intrinsic balance that finds itself in every situation. 

    Our message and our intention is first and foremost about love, but right directly on the heels of that is balance.  Finding balance within your life is ultimately how you will have that unconditional love, that rampant joy, and the ability to thrive to the best that is your potential.  You also recognize that as you arrive at any particular place you create new potentials, you create new opportunities.  This is how all is limitless around you. 

    We feel such love.  We feel such light. 

    Speaking of which the lightbody energy is the crystalline vibration that we work with so specifically.  It is already there.  It is around you.  It is here within the All That Is as a part of your intention for being in this flow of love and this expansion of love.  Feel the vibrations of your light body as they transition into new opportunities for you.

    We are becoming more and more acclimated and therefore we will speaking more and more as time passes, but for now we share with you that we are available for you when so ever you desire to reach out to us. 


    The Goddess of Creation returns:

    It is I the Goddess.  These energies represent the change that is taking place upon the earth and within the universe, but that change can be even more enhanced through each one of you that choses it for yourself.  When you choose to have the primary perspective at how you look out at the world.  When you choose for that to be love you are creating opportunities and potentials that move out from you.  When you recognize that the ways in which you live your lives are reflected in the choices that you make it opens up the door for limitless potential. 

    It is here.  It is available for you.

    I invite everyone to come together.  Bring forth the energy of who you are and as you create somewhat of a group call up within you the hologram of the earth.  As this hologram moves up within you I invite each one of you to infuse into it your own energy of love.  Your energy that has been reflected within the All That Is.  Infuse into the hologram your intention of how to see the world through the eyes of love.

     So too the Light Beings are also infusing their intention.  So too all the other energies that are present infuse their intention so that the hologram itself begins to sparkle balanced integration of love energy. 

    As a group you let go the hologram and it flows moving through the energies and levels in these dimensions.  It gets to that place where it aligns with the vibration of the crystalline grid.  There is that part that moves out into the universe and that part that moves into the earth.

     Follow the energies of the hologram as it moves into the earth.  As it does so it anchors within the center.  It aligns with the crystals.  It aligns with Gaia.  It aligns with all that is there and it moves through all the layers of the earth.  It comes up through the crust.  It moves through the grass, the trees, the rocks, the rivers, the waters, the oceans.  It comes up through each one of you.  Moving up through your physical body and then moving up through your nonphysical energies. 

    Take a moment to integrate what that is to you.  You may also have a sense as you are here within your physical body once more of reaching out from this space of your human self opening up that connection and your alignment to your divinity letting everything from the All that Is flow down, coming back down from that column of light.  It moves through your divinity, your higher self and it washes down into and around you.  As the human just be open and feel that energy.  It’s here.  It’s available.  It is yours.  You are connected to the earth and the All That Is.  Allow all of that to easily move through you. 

    Beloved family as you allow your energies to flow through this moment, as you allow your energies to be setting out in the days and weeks to come remember to bring in that love, that expansion, that awareness from within the All That Is.  Each one of you are specifically aligned with that energy already.  Each one of you have that flow from your divinity.  It’s about are you aware of it.  Are you listening to it?  Are you allowing it to assist you as you move through your days? 

    Beloved allow your perception of light to come through that filter of love.  Allow yourself to feel it first and foremost as your divinity filling up within you and then send love out to everyone and every situation around you and then feel love as it comes into you in every moment of every day.

    Beloved family I am always with you and within you.


    This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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    February 20, 2016 4:10 PM PST

    I never actually thought about life as having filters, let alone that love could be one of the most amazing ones I've ever known even though I feel it is true. this is very informative thank you.

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    February 20, 2016 11:58 PM PST

    Elshara, I believe many of mankind's filters are in the collective unconsciousness of human things that our society has taught us from an early age that we believe or accept, and rarely question...for example, a few of these beliefs that are very powerful and we may not even realize we hold are the belief that we have to live a life of suffering....or of poverty, which stems from mankinds belief in lack, (there's never enough for everyone...and the belief that we are all separate from each other.

    These and others like them are of course false, for all of creation is based in Unbounded Love & Cosmic Creative Intelligence...and when we bring our consciousness & whole being into alignment with the Creator's Unbounded Love & Creative Intelligence in us, then there will no longer be any suffering or lack of any essential... there will always be peace & joy & abundance. And in a prayer treatment of meditation we can call upon God's Love & Light into any situation we may find ourself where we are no longer experiencing the Creator's Peace & Love in us to heal & release all fear and false beliefs both conscious & unconscious we may hold.

    Blessings of Unbounded Love & Light,


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    February 21, 2016 3:18 AM PST

    I agree with you. I'd like to point out that there's a saying which goes along with this concept i think you'd enjoy. "Be strong in who you are, to be the strength in what you do." I agree with you about people taking the whole suffering thing way too seriously, by imposing limits on people they have trouble meeting just because life in the material world is built upon a price structure, not a heart felt one which truly makes up for all the difference in the world. Why suffer when you can be at peace so long as you accept the fact it's possible by enjoying the person that you are.

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    February 21, 2016 3:50 AM PST

    I can totally relate to the poverty comment because I live below the poverty line. I take as much time as I can out of my day to ensure that I can create a peaceful place online for people to enjoy, the money I spend I don't have every month which goes towards that, just reafirms my belief in the fact that it is needed and that I won't give up on something, just because it may cost a lot to keep it up and running. I feel like Jesus, but unlike the Christ like reason for requiring people to worship me, I just want to have happiness and the best way for that to happen, is to have people feel happy with me, rather than because of me. I'm someone who doesn't feel responsible for what I do, but happy in the fact that it is either done for pleasure, or not done at all. I'd rather have it be an optionn to who ever I reach out to, than them not being able to use it at all, the reason why I take this job to heart out of love for everyone who comes here. You especially bring me and everyone pleasure, I am sorry to see not more people comment on these posts. It may look like spam to some, but to me, it is another reminder that we are love and that love is us. Just because the message is shared and few take it seriously, doesn't mean it goes to waste. I love what you post and find it very valuable to the experience of life that is us sharing a moment together. I believe the mission of a leader light bringer love barer life healer strength wielder empath starseed etc, is to show this planet and other places like this, to know the meaning of true life. Unfortunately, everyone has their own definition of it, and it doesn't always equal that of something that is pleasurable. Humans accept this all too easily, when they don't have to. It bothers me that so few people who relate to us, would rather express a need to take advantage of us than help us to do the work we do. It takes dedication to be someone no matter who you are, so to just be is a reward that should not be in my view, private. It should be public and available for all, even if it is found in things people take to heart at unexpected times. Humans must learn to love for the sake of being someone they enjoy, not because they survive off of whatever life hands to them. The ego is desireable only when it feels it is fulfilling a purpose people latch on to while they are taught all the rules of how to suffer in life from a young age, instead of what pleasures are involved in having a successful one while they are interested in becoming someone where that emotion is most often expressed. I find it hard to relate to the world outside, simply because my life changed for ever once I realized and became aware of the fact that a society made up of love, was being masked as aliens in our world, so I naturally gravitated towards it particularly because I felt like I was lacking in the world. I stil feel this, because a lot of people in the leadership position like myself, care to use responsibility to make people accountable for feeling love, instead of honoring them for doing so. I will never be the type of person to allow any harm to come to anyone, but I will always stand back in a fight, I figure if people want to fight, who am I to stop them. This world is so used to fighting, I have a hard time hardening my heart while watching it, over the most silliest of concepts that make me realize I don't understand everything that I figure people would want. This is why I am so forward the mission of unconditional love, hell I bought a domain for a friend of mine with that express purpose to share that. It seems this world looks for any excuse to revert back to a predator prey situation and it disgusts me to think that all we are doing as people of love, is gravitating to others who have our same mission, but nothing ever gets done about it. I don't trust in channelings for this reason, I do however, trust in a mutual feeling of acceptance I know people take personally once they realize it is okay to relax in such a position around anyone because they are comfortable in themselves. Some people can never do that because they don't know where to position their other emotions, rather than getting rid of them, they use them on others, most likely innocents. this also bothers me, but I'm willing to help others if they are willing to help themselves. Otherwise, I stick to the shadows, try not to bother everyone and survive as best I can. I won't be reincarnating on this world if I can't find a reason to stay here when the only love we give, is not being recognized, but rather filtered out. I really really want this to not be the case, you make me want to open any closed door to you so that it can be brought into the fold of love. that is how much you inspire me Steve. You are amazing, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I am learning this by trusting in love, few people know how to do this, I wish it could be taught to them as a strength, not a private matter between people who use material things to assume they are happy, but who have hearts that feel empty inside, closed to people who would admire them for being strong in who they are. The truth is, I love you, I love all, and no matter how cowardly I may be at times, I always believe in allowing a balance of my inner child and my adult understanding of the world which is constantly being updated, to help others find their path in life. It is a steady focus I know would help others in an ideal world, so why not make it a reality. It will ultimately by interacting with humans, speed up what some people call the ascension process. But if I were to admit this publicly to people in a position of leadership over their own comunities, they'd ban me for saying that, even though we work on the same side. I can't stand the attitude of Ning and their community leaders anymore, because they think they're better than everyone else, who get scared if they have to deal with the act that too much change causes them to harden their hearts while losing faith in who they are. That has always bothered me, but it just became apparent last year when I had to constantly relocate not only to fit what I could afford on my own, but because of the fact that I was the only one doing it. I wouldn't question it, I'd immediately help someone else out in my position, if I thought for a second they would welcome me being around them. If people take the time to understand someone, their heart is searching for peace. Knowledge should not be used against itself by humans who have the capability to turn information into a purpose for them, it should be something we all work towards because we feel it from within, inside us. If Bhudism tells us anythin, it is to be strong in who we are and to remember we are not alone. i care about you and always will find a place in my heart to do so. You matter to me. Life should matter to the world for its own sake, not because the wild is a place where people survive to feel accepted in society once they realize they can gain from it while being the ones to filter out peoples experiences by ultimately putting themselves before someones own truth. The biggest lesson I've learned in life, is never trust someone who has a closed heart, they must learn to open it themselves by caring about who they are as they do something, not because they do it to care about the heart of someone other than themselves, particularly if they see themselves as playing a role as an actor would of the ideal person, rather than taking it on as their mission of sincerity. This is something I do with an open focus, and this hits home a lot. I feel guilty for taking this personally, but as I can relate to it so well, it is exactly my motivation in life to continue being who I am. Thank you so much for sharing this.