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Two FRom AA Gabriel Through Shanta Gabriel:

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    March 4, 2017 2:12 PM PST

    Whether You are Tuned In or Not

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week's issue, our message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that God's Love is always with us and all we have to do is remember to open and receive it.

    The Gabriel Message Card for this week

    You Are Always Receiving God's Love Whether You Tune In or Not.

    We live in an Ocean of God's love. I was told that you can come to the Ocean of All That Is with a teaspoon, or a bucket or a tanker truck, the Ocean does not care. The Ocean of God's Love is eternally available. You can take as much as you need.

    This is the Divine Substance in which we live, move and have our being. We swim in this Ocean like a little fish, so much a part of Divine Love that we forget that it is all around us. And yet if we only turn a small part of our attention toward this Infinite Source, our entire being is illuminated with the Light it radiates. What a gift!

    I spent years feeling alone, alienated and cut off from love. I tried to fill myself with many things that did not satisfy that deep need within me. I went after all that I was brought up to believe would make me happy. I found out very early that all that the world considered to be successful proved to feel very empty to me.

    It then took years for me to know how to live a spiritual life in a country that considered that to be less than important, in fact too weird, to even consider. And when I was trying to receive love and approval from outside myself, I experienced rejection and felt even more separate.

    The good news I discovered was that those experiences were my soul's requirement for sending me within myself to find the love that I truly needed. In this way I was coerced into continuing to focus on my spiritual practice, which then became a rich source of inspiration and deep abiding love.

    It seems as though many people are feeling bereft of the love they so want to experience in life. If sharing my process assists one person in opening to the Divine Nourishment available to all of us, the struggles that I experienced become more worthwhile.

    Receiving this message encouraged me and created a new deep awareness that even in those moments when I was not focusing on my spirit, God's Love was continuously working to keep me nourished. I know I can trust that Divine Love is available for me always. All I need to do is open my heart and allow it to be filled to overflowing.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for holding me and blessing me with your Love. I AM now opening my receiving channels so I can fill my heart so full of your Love that it overflows into the hearts of all in the world.

    May I become more aware that your Love is always with me, guiding me and protecting me, even when I am not paying attention. With every step I take may I, and all of humanity, know truly within the heart that we are not alone and that Love always exists for us. And so it is.

    February 26, 2017

    The Gabriel Messages #2

    You are always receiving God’s love whether you "tune in" or not.

    Dear One,

    God’s love is the energy that permeates the universe. It is the essence in which you live, move and have your being. There is no time when you are separate from Divine Love, whether or not you are aware of this fact. Divine Love is always there for you.

    If you do choose to be aware that you are basking in the Light of the Universe in every moment, your life can change for the better. When you remember that you are always receiving God’s blessings, you know that you are supremely loved. No matter what you have done, or not done, you are loved. No matter how imperfect you feel, you are loved. You are the beloved child of a benevolent God who wants you to be happy, free, wealthy, and filled with love. This is what you deserve because you are you.

    You have come to this place and time to hear this message. You need to remember how much your life is worth to the Creator of all that is. Bask in this possibility for a moment. Breathe in the Divine Light and know, really know, how much you are loved.

    There is no one else in the world with the gifts, talents and abilities that you have. When you realize this, you can give thanks, knowing the way is now open for you to use your God-given talents and abilities to expand and enrich your life. For this you came to earth.

    You also came to earth to learn the lessons your Soul has chosen to learn. These lessons may feel difficult. You may see no way to accomplish your dreams. You may not even feel as though it is okay to have your dreams. Yet within you there is a spark of light that knows that you are always receiving Divine love.

    This love, which you are continuously receiving, holds the energy that can carry your dreams into the world. This love can heal all that causes you pain. This love brings hope and carries the seed of truth within its light-filled energy. It’s here for you now. Breathe in Divine Love.

    The Angels are messengers of God. They carry Divine Love to those who will listen and receive all that is available to them from the Universal Presence. So ask to receive this love. You are worthy to have the love of God in every area of your life.

    Remember as you go through this day, no matter what you are doing or where you are:

    You are always receiving God’s love, whether you "tune in" or not.

    Shanta Gabriel for

    Archangel Gabriel
    February 26, 2017

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    Align With The Flow of The River Of All Creation & Create Light Fields for Life in the 5th Dimension By Shanta Gabriel

    Dear Ones,

    Divine Light has blasted the foundations of your past programming leaving you feeling untethered to all that you have known. It is now time for creating a practical grounding for the base of your new reality.

    This moment in time is brought to you by the Letter A.

    You have been asking to live in Abundance. Abundance includes living with a sense of pure Beauty using specific tools that raise your vibrational frequency so that your heart and mind are uplifted. From this place you are inspired to create a new foundation that grounds you into a fuller sense of Wellbeing. The Light Field of Abundance can then bless every area of your life with more Freedom and Expansiveness.

    Abundance can playfully create the base chakra connection that allows you to be dancing in the pure flow of joyful awakening - A-Bun-Dance - as you stabilize the new foundations that will serve you as you move forward into new life. This playful attitude helps to bring you into the Light Field of Alignment with your Highest Soul’s Reality.

    Whatever the question, Alignment is the answer.

    Alignment is a powerful sense of being connected to the Source of All Life. Alignment gives you an empowered anchoring system that helps you ground all your old, worn-out patterns into the Earth as compost for your new life. Alignment give you a foundation that can be likened to the spreading root system of a massive tree, anchored and safe in the Winds of Change. You can stay in balance when you are in vertical Alignment with the Light of Source energy working in and through your life.

    From this place you can Allow yourself to flow with the changes
    that life brings you on the Path of Mastery.

    Allow the flow of the River of All Creation to work through you. In this flow of Light you are connected to the Divine Feminine energy and can Allow new levels of receptivity to open you to the Law of Grace working in your life. You Allow yourself to wait in your heart for the inspiration that spurs you into Alignment with action that is in perfect Divine Timing. Allowing saves you from trying to row upstream in the River of All Creation. Instead you are able to relax and receive as you Allow the flow of Grace to work in and through you.

    At this time you and all humanity, are in an Awakening process that is like nothing you have experienced before. You are learning to co-create a new life in every moment with your choices.

    As you Allow yourself to be grounded in a new foundation of Wellbeing, you become a Sacred Vessel to hold the frequencies of the Light of Abundance flowing through you. Your grounded foundation empowers you to stay in Alignment from Heaven and Earth within your physical body.

    From this place of Alignment you can Allow yourself to be loved and supported in new ways and be blessed with the Benevolent Outcomes you desire to create in life on the new Earth opening within you. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
    February 21, 2017

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