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  • Extraterrestrials On Earth Extraterrestrial
  • Earth is not alone in the cosmos when it comes to intelligent life from beyond this world. this group is designed to show you how this is being played out and how ancient and or post modern technology has influenced us to where we are today as a...  more
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  • Josie Brown Happy Valentines Everyone.  May Love and Joy find all of you.  Sending love out there. 
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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska PLANETA, ŻEBY POSTAWIĆ NA NIEJ DOM Był raz człowiek, który był zajęty budowaniem dla siebie domu. Chciał, żeby to był najprzyjemniejszy, najcieplejszy, najprzytulniejszy dom na świecie. Ktoś przyszedł do niego prosić o pomoc, ponieważ płonął świat. Lecz on był zainteresowany swoim domem, a nie światem. Kiedy w końcu zbudował swój dom, nie miał planety, na której by mógł go postawić. Modlitwa Żaby Anthony de Mello
  • Leigh Anne Radcliffe  Look at life as a journey and enjoy the ride ,,,  Get the most out of the detours and realize they're sometimes necessary ,,,

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Extraterrestrials On Earth

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    February 24, 2017

    What Planet are you from?

    In as much as all life forms originated somewhere else and developed here in the earth atmosphere, what planet do you feel you are from?
    What world or system are you attracted to?
    Please share with us here   ,what you feel are you origins.
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    Last Post by Elshara Silverheart
    November 13, 2015

    Sixteen Ways You Can Prove Ufos Are From Space

    1. When a ufo is seen, it is usually from a distance. Any close up experiences reveal only the outer craft for a few miliseconds and then it is gone. A ship required to travel long distances in space would need to use a powerful porpulsion system to let i...
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    November 12, 2015

    Basic Understanding Of Modern Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    As current knowledge stands, there are a few different but highly related projects going on that involve extraterestrial life on Earth. More specifically, such projects involve missions or purposes in which such extraterrestrials communicate with us as a ...