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Daily Video to Make You Happy! Stuart Wilde - Edited by Geezart

I created this video / audio from a wonderful speech by the late Stuart Wilde years ago in Las Vegas Nevada. I have the full lecture / seminar on my iPhone ( it's a podcast) and I listen to it daily. I trimmed out some things and re-positioned some of the original format so that not only others may feel these words and learn from them but for myself... To remind myself of the truth. Listen to this upload daily and try to incorporate these concepts for a happy life. This is really a mental freedom guide and it can help anyone and everyone. If you have been being cold to people, you can change yourself instantly. If your heart can ever fill with joy and happiness is should be around Christmas Time! Even if you don't celebrate, use it as a reason to feel warm inside! A simpler life. Everything is Zen my friends. A better life. Taoism is observing nature and it's cycles as well as developing a detachment from things. It is said by many to be the 'last honest religion' although I wouldn't classify it with the R word. To me it is the way, it is everything and nothing at the same time. If you would like to let go of things in your life that are beyond your control or bringing you down... YOU CAN! We don't all have to be special, chosen, etc. Get rid of your religious pomposity and learn to accept people and love them for what they are... A sparkle of the God force. I recommend the movie Fight Club for it's spiritual overtones (to me the actual fighting is the undertones). I made a montage of the movie with an awesome song to it. Here's the link - This is a Geezart vid and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more random videos and I will check your channel out, too I edited together for you all to enjoy and hopeful benefit from. If you got any worth out of this information please leave a comment and/or a thumb up for some good karma Video I made that I suggest you check out/like/comment/WHATEVER mainly I'd just like it if you watched them because I want my videos to touch the part of you that no-one sees or knows. The deep part that is the only thing that matters. Click the links if you want/are bored/love meh... *My most popular video*, Croc versus Electric Eel - *Keys to Optimal Health* - *Panic Attack* - If you would like to contact me outside of YouTube please send me an E-Mail -
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